Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a MASK  and he will tell you the TRUTH.

— Oscar Wilde.

The Chronicles of Miss Sibyl: A space to let your Imagination fly ...
My little inner world II - Dorian's Secrets

My little inner world II

In my little world I would invite you to “have a coffee and a cigarette” and, when finished, my little world would become ours…

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Love with all your strength the person you want to become:

It is the beginning of a New Life!

The name Venezuela means Little Venice - Entertainment - Did You Know That - Dorian's Secrets: The Eternal Youth Magazine

The name Venezuela means Little Venice

Did you know that: The name Venezuela is a diminutive of Venice, that is to say little Venice, and has its origin in the lake constructions of the indigenous people in Lake Maracaibo.

Dorian foreses a week conducive to social and family relationships. He recommends to the Signs of the Fire Element to control his ego and try to listen to others. The Air Element Signs should pay attention to their mental health, they could be worrying excessively about things that do not deserve so much importance.

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Because loving with all your might the person you would like to become: It is the beginning of a new Life!

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