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Finally the 7 days are over! - It is time to start FEEDING the skin of Our Face!

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Finally the 7 days are over! (All Tips and Routines you need to know to rejuvenate the skin of your Face and your Body in Dorian’s Secrets)

  • Dorian, August 26, 2020.
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Hello friends from all over the world!

Until the 7 days of detoxification of the skin of your face finally passed! Yes, I know, it was a big challenge, but in my previous post I emphasized how important it is to carry out this challenge in a 100% disciplined and conscious way.

I’m sure that the first 2 to 3 days you needed to apply small taps on the skin of your face to alleviate the feeling of tightness, but how did that feeling diminish and even disappear from the fourth day?

When we wash our face, no matter how hard we put into it, we think it has been completely clean, Well No! Underneath there is a trail of remains of the products that you usually wear for years of use, that added to the environmental pollution and all the particles and substances that surround us.

Therefore, after the third day without your epidermis receiving absolutely any product or cosmetic, the congestion began to diminish, giving way to a deeper cleaning of the dermis and consequently of the subcutaneous tissue.

And now knowing this and understanding why those 7 days of deep cleansing and healing were essential, it is time to start:


On the morning of the eighth day, immediately after getting up, you are going to apply a few drops of Olive Oil, preferably Extra Virgin and if you want to be more exquisite, of organic origin (but the latter does not have to be essential)

I suggest for your convenience to get a dropper, since you will need to put 3 to 4 drops on your face, and immediately you will begin to massage your skin and neck in an upward way, as we all know, and in the same way. that I show you in the image below…

Finally the 7 days are over!

Perform your massage for approximately 2 minutes, (you can extend if you have more time), the massage heats the skin causing it to absorb the nutrient that we are applying more quickly, and the olive oil in this case is full of these , not to mention the now famous Vitamin E.

You can leave the oil for 5 to 10 minutes, while you make a coffee or prepare your bath, after that time you will proceed to wash your face with plenty of warm water, just that, WATER!

I warn you:

Do not be scared if while you wash your face either in the shower or the sink you feel that the greasy sensation never ends up disappearing … Easy! Do not worry! That’s not going to happen!

Wash your face for the same time that you have done it your whole life, which I assure you that when you get out of the bathtub and dry your skin with a clean towel that feeling will disappear, giving way to a soft, moisturizing and delicious sensation to the touch .

As well!

Your skin has already been hydrated, nourished and at the same time with pores free to perspire: You are free to apply the products or makeup that you are used to, and of which I deprived you for 7 long days, but that you can live 100 % convinced that they were worth it because the change has been and will continue to be so remarkable that it will be impossible for your mirror to hide.

Well, dear friend, if you were able to take on the challenge of the 7 days of healing your face, I already consider you a member of the LSDD Method, a method that I will share with you so that you know how to outwit the passage of time for your life years apart., a method that I will share with you step by step with all my love and putting all my knowledge and experience in your hands 100% free.


Because we are women … We all want the same things in life … Because we all want to look younger, slimmer, more stylized and more beautiful …

And because you have to say YES! to be in solidarity and share the knowledge and secrets that we know, because Life is One, and it is NOW the moment to start LOVING and CARING for yourself.

I say goodbye to you with: Until now! To continue providing you with all the details of this Wonderful Method.
And remember: the key to success in this method is to implement each step chronologically.

A big hug and I wish you A HAPPY DAY!

Finally the 7 days are over! (All Tips and Routines you need to know to rejuvenate the skin of your Face and your Body in Dorian’s Secrets)

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