Flat Belly: Exercise to Burn Abdominal Fat - In 10 Minutes!

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Flat Belly: Exercise to Burn Abdominal Fat (Everything you need to know to burn localized fat, lose weight and strengthen muscles in 10 minutes)

The Magic Wand: Does it exist?

Nothing falls from the sky, we are aware of that ā€¦ but although it is not necessary to spend hours of your time in exhausting routines, 10 minutes a day of an easy practice that you can do at any time will be enough to achieve the desired objective.

Today I bring you two modalities of a routine that although it is easy to perform, the physical effort you make in the abdominal area is so great that the second you are executing it, you will begin to burn fat from this very problematic area.

The first asana:

It is precisely the one that you have just seen in the image of the article, and corresponds to the modality that beginner users should practice. This posture, or asana, will work effectively in the entire area of ā€‹ā€‹your abdomen, focusing mainly on the sides, an area victim of the hated accumulations of fat called by many: love handles.

The second asana:

It is the one that I show you below and responds to more advanced users with much more control of balance, in which, in addition to working the entire abdominal area in the form of a circumference in a much more aggressive way, it includes work with the glutes, quadriceps and femoral.

It should be noted that this asana is also effective in strengthening your shoulders and back, and with continuous practice in addition to burning fat in localized areas, you will achieve stronger muscles and, as if it were not enough, a slimmer figure as it works in the posture of your body.

I always say in my post that there is no posture or complete exercise if we do not know how to connect our mind with the Universe and transmit the necessary energy to achieve all our purposes.

The key in this pose is to keep your eyes up as if you were trying to reach all the details of the sun, the moon, the stars and even the smallest particle that inhabits our Universe. The hand you extend should be kept as stretched as possible as if you wanted to touch something that is not yet within your reach and that you have just a few millimeters left to grasp.

In that moment of pure concentration is when all the positive energy that surrounds you will penetrate your body starting with the tips of your fingers and going through each cell with a sensation of heat and tingling: That energy is just what you need, the energy that you it will become stronger, more powerful, and it will place itself at your feet accepting every order you send it.


Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, you should stay in that pose for approximately 30 seconds with each hug, and alternate each movement no more than 10 times.

It does not matter if at first you do not achieve the imposed goal, remember that one of the important secrets for your body to function perfectly is not to stress it with movements, postures and a time beyond what it accepts by nature.

We are Nature!

We are part of a Universe full of mysteries and we cannot go against it, because although this expression may seem controversial, we are also the Universe.
Our mind and our body is one more particle in this Infinite Galaxy that has been working for centuries and centuries because it maintains a balance that human beings try to break day by day, that is why it appears to be stronger and more powerful than us, because we do not know how to be part of that balance to be that strong, invincible, almost perfect ā€¦

And this is it for today dear friends of Dorian’s Secrets! I hope you liked my article: Flat Belly: Exercise to Burn Abdominal Fat and, above all, to have contributed a grain of sand so that we all enjoy more knowledge, wisdom and control over our body.

Remember to leave me your comments and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. Share this information with all your loved ones since in The union is strength, and together we can change the course of our lives to be more complete, happier every day!

A hug with all my love and I wish you a very nice day!

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