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Glutes, Abdominals and Quadriceps (Everything you need to know to burn localized fat, lose weight and strengthen muscles in 10 minutes)

  • Dorian, September 5, 2020.
    Images Credits: Pixabay

Hello dear friend, and LSDD friend! In my previous posts I shared with you some simple routines of just 3 minutes to burn fat from the abdomen and back, in addition to strengthening and shaping buttocks and hamstrings.

Today I come to continue emphasizing those problematic areas of our body, with the difference that in this article I am going to include work with the quadriceps.

Remember that with this method you do not have to incorporate all the routines together to your day to day, but you can alternate between one and the other depending on your time and above all, and pay all your attention because this is the most important point! , the routine that inspires you to do that day.

Remember that our mind is connected to the Universe, what we have not known is how to listen to it and establish communication with it, that is why we tend to fail in almost everything we propose, forcing ourselves to do what we are not supposed to do every day that we live.

Why? To what do we owe this chain of events that happen to us every day?

“To The Law of the Energy of the Universe”

Because each day we have a different role depending on the star that is visiting our house and our life ā€¦ these events are constantly happening (without us perceiving it) 365 days a year, so for each day we must have a different purpose and inspiration. .

What happens when we do not know how to listen to the voice of the energy of the Universe? What we are tired of seeing in our day to day: Tiredness, Burden, Pain, Annoyances, Bad Mood and Frustration for not being able to SEE or OBTAIN REAL and VISIBLE results.

Glutes, Abdominals and Quadriceps

This asana today, just the one you saw in the 2 previous images, is going to work intensely, much more intensely than if you loaded a lot of discs in the gym and died trying to do the 15 repetitions that the trainer requires of you, your glutes, abdomen and quadriceps.

Dear friend:

It is scientifically proven that resistance, coupled with stretching, burns much more fat and strengthens the muscle, making it grow 100% lean, than the strenuous repetitions carrying a weight that the only thing it does is make you lose your breath.

We live because we breathe, and we have always thought that we will stop doing it the day we do not breathe anymore, well, have you ever wondered how many metabolic processes in your body breathing intervenes in?

If we are short of breath, as we always do in the gym, we are putting our bodies under stress.
Ladies and gentlemen! Our lungs are not the only ones that breathe, our whole body does it at the molecular level and, consequently, the muscles too.

If we want our body to function in the full extent of the word, having at its disposal all the factors it needs to activate metabolism, increase fat burning, strengthening and lean growth of our muscles, we need to provide it, DO NOT REMOVE IT! and that is precisely the mistake we have been making for years and years.

Glutes, Abdominals and Quadriceps
We can have The World in Our Hands, and we are wasting the opportunity for lack of knowledge and instruction.

Perform that posture that I share with you today and try to hold it with each leg for approximately 10 seconds (10 with each one).
If your body allows it, you can extend it up to 30 seconds, but even if you are an athlete with an Olympic medal, do not prolong it for more than 30, nor do you perform more than 10 series ā€¦

With just 3 times, just 3 sets of 10 seconds with each leg, tomorrow you will wake up feeling and seeing the change in your body:
no stress ā€¦ no pain ā€¦ no loss of time ā€¦ and no disappointment or frustration.

Remember also that when you raise your arms upwards you are trying to reach the sun and obtain all the energy that the Universe is offering you, it is there for you:

  • You must absorb it..
  • You must own it…
  • Make it yours..
  • You are its owner..
  • You master it..
  • It works for you..
  • It has been waiting a lifetime for you and it is circulating around you without you ever noticing its presence.

Don’t let it goā€¦ We all have a Portion of Her from the same day We were Conceived in the Womb of Our Mother.

I say goodbye to you “For Now” to continue sharing with you in detail each knowledge, each secret ā€¦ and always remember this phrase: Knowledge is POWER! Never skimp on Wisdom, it is the one that will give you THE POWER TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

I send you a big hug and I wish you a beautiful day!

Glutes, Abdominals and Quadriceps (Everything you need to know to burn localized fat, lose weight and strengthen muscles in 10 minutes)

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