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Himalayan Pink Salt. (All Tips and Routines you need to know to rejuvenate the skin of your Face and your Body in Dorian’s Secrets)

  • Dorian, September 2, 2020.
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Attractive for its beautiful pink color, it catches our attention when we see it at the Super, although we usually end up buying the common salt that we all know.

Today I want to share with you the main properties of Himalayan Pink Salt, both for use in your daily kitchen and the benefits it can bring you for the beauty and care of your skin.

Originally from the Jherum Mine in Pakistan, it is called by many “The White Gold” although this is not exactly its color. It is the purest salt and free of contaminants that can be found in the market, so its use in the kitchen provides you with a healthier lifestyle.

Procedure 1:

But going to what concerns us, which are its wonderful benefits for our skin, the pink Himalayan salt is an excellent exfoliant that we can use regularly by adding just a handful in two tablespoons of warm water ā€¦

After having cleaned our face as we usually do, we apply it and let it rest and absorb through our skin for approximately 15 minutes.

Himalayan Pink Salt

Once the moisture has been absorbed, and after the 15 minutes that we let it rest, we proceed to rub gently and in ascending order as we already know, subsequently removing all the excess with plenty of warm water.

Immediately we will obtain a more illuminated and revitalized skin, cleaner due to its exfoliating and smoothing action, and a delicious softness to the touch due to the hydration that will remain as a result of its application.

Thanks to its rich composition in essential minerals and, very importantly, free of chemical substances, it is not only a fundamental ingredient in our beauty routines for the skin of our face, but it also acts as a powerful anti-cellulite that we can use to get rid of the hateful orange peel, without spending money in the world of expensive creams on the market.

Procedure 2:

For this you are going to mix two tablespoons of Himalayan Pink Salt with a little mentholated cream (it can be Vick Vaporub or whatever you have on hand) and once dissolved you are going to apply it on the most vulnerable parts of the body such as the buttocks, thighs, legs and abdomen.

With massages on these areas in a circular shape, once you feel that the skin has absorbed the cream, you can stay with it for 20 or 30 minutes, and then you will take your usual shower or bath.

The menthol will help the salt to penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin, achieving 100% of its effectiveness.

In addition to contributing to the elimination of the so-called orange peel skin, it will also help us prevent the appearance of varicose veins in our legs.

Himalayan Pink Salt
Did you know?

As additional data that you may not know, Himalayan Pink Salt is a natural hypnotic, so its daily consumption, unlike common salt or sea salt, helps you fall asleep better.

In the treatment of hypertension, it is the perfect ingredient to avoid being forced to eat unsavory, since due to its minerals and natural elements, it does not represent a negative factor for this condition.

Finally, and perhaps the latter is the most curious fact, it also helps us maintain libido, so, after having read this post, for both men and women, this precious White Gold will become an essential element to have in our kitchen and make use of its wonderful benefits.

I say goodbye to you with a “See you now”, to continue sharing knowledge and experiences for the care of your skin.

If you liked this article, do not hesitate to add it to your beauty routines and tell me what you think šŸ™‚

I send you a big hug and I wish you a very nice day!

Himalayan Pink Salt. (All Tips and Routines you need to know to rejuvenate the skin of your Face and your Body in Dorian’s Secrets)

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