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LSDD Training: Burn Localized Fat

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LSDD Training: Burn Localized Fat (Everything you need to know to burn localized fat, lose weight and strengthen muscles in 10 minutes)

  • Dorian, August 15, 2020.
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What is the LSDD Exercises Method to burn localized fat from your body.

LSDD Training: Burning Localized Fat: A concern that all human beings have and that we can rarely achieve.

Every time we Google information on this subject, we hopefully enter pages that promise to give us the secret of how to achieve our goals, and we always end up closing the pages with a feeling of frustration, due to the endless list of long and tortuous routines that ARE NOT COMPATIBLE with our daily life.

Today I come to clarify all the doubts about this Wonderful Method, and how you can incorporate it into your life without it robbing you: No Time, No Money!

Nor will it represent you to make bigest sacrifices …

It is disappointing to start a routine with all the joy and optimism that we put forth, and the next day regret from the bottom of our hearts, since we cannot even get out of bed with soreness all over our bodies.

The LSDD Method consists of doing small stretches and postures for seconds or minutes (depending on which one is involved) while we connect our mind with the Universe and absorb its energy to, in this way, send signals to our brain OF WHAT WE REALLY WANT TO GET FROM HE.

LSDD Training: Burn Localized Fat
LSDD Training: Burn Localized Fat
We face big problems, myths and mistakes when we go to the gym or do the routines that we already know:

With the series and repetitions we compress and grip the muscle:

  • With the LSDD Method you will learn that the stretching technique strengthens and grows our muscles from the inside out 100% lean.

By contracting the muscle with so many repetitions, it is where it should not be:

  • With the stretching technique we force the muscle to expand to its entirety, rearranging its position and achieving a more attractive figure.

Strength and repetitions “encyst” adipose tissue between skin and muscle:

  • The stretching technique BREAKS fat deposits and CELLULITE, causing it to be subsequently discarded by our body through urine and sweat.

When we go to the gym we put our body under stress, so our body “defends itself” by producing cortisol, generating even more fat:

  • The LSDD Method involves very little time of your life distributed during the day to your comfort and your daily responsibilities, so your body will be 24 hours a day sending signals to the brain of “happiness”, an important key for the proper functioning of the metabolic processes of your body.

When we are forced into a daily routine for a long time, most of the time we do not pay full attention to it, or we do it automatically and without energy, so we are literally WASTE TIME:

  • The LSDD Method teaches you to connect your mind with the Universe, absorb the energy that corresponds to each one of us from the day we were conceived in our mother’s womb, and send ORDERS to our body to achieve everything. we want from him.
LSDD Training: Burn Localized Fat
LSDD Training: Burn Localized Fat

The last point, and in fact the most important, is to start each LSDD Exercise chronologically from the beginning, so I invite you to start from the beginning by reading THE FIRST POST.

  1. With the LSDD Training you can generate more 100% lean muscle mass.
  2. You will burn fat and eradicate CELLULITE achieving firmer and smoother skin.
  3. You will only need 10 minutes a day (For Beginners) and no more than 30 (For Advanced) distributed throughout the day according to your time availability.
  4. You are going to keep your metabolism activated all day through the energy that you are going to obtain, making it 24 HOURS burning calories.

Dear Friend, I hope that with this article you have learned what the LSDD Exercises consist of and how you can transform your body without great efforts, without frustration and without wasting NEITHER TIME NOR MONEY.

I invite you to know the other two parts that make up this Wonderful Method:

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I say goodbye to you with “See you now” and I wish you: The best of your days!

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