Reduce Abdominal Fat: Balasana

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Reduce Abdominal Fat: Balasana. (Everything you need to know to burn localized fat, lose weight and strengthen muscles in 10 minutes)

Hello Friends of Dorian’s Secrets!

Today I bring you a position that, like all those that I have shared with you throughout this journey full of Secrets to Beautify your Figure and Take Care of your Health, can seem extremely easy, and yes, you are not wrong, it is, the “Secret” is in, in addition to doing it correctly and maintaining it for the time that I will teach you in this post, Connect your Mind with the Universe to complete 100% of its Benefits!

For some it is “Balasana” or Child’s Posture, a very common Asana in the world of Yoga. Its name is due precisely to its resemblance to the fetal position, and it is super beneficial for health since, in addition to its tightening and reducing effect on the abdomen, it is one of the most splendid ways to enjoy a few minutes of relaxation “as if we were children free of worries ”.

This Asana does not require a specific time or place of the day. You can do it anytime you have 5 minutes. Always remember that you can combine all the exercises that I share without exceeding 30 minutes a day. It is also important that you keep in mind, in case it is your first visit to Dorian’s Secrets, that you do not need those 30 minutes to be continuous, you can distribute them in the amount of minutes that you have available during your day.

Balasana: Execution

The first aspect to take into account is that when you decide to do this Asana, do it with smooth and harmonious movements until you reach the position you see in the photo above.

When you have reached the position that the first image describes and you feel perfect comfort helping you with the support of the hands extended forward, it is then that you will exhale all the air from your lungs, you will contract your abdomen until you feel as if you were sticking to your spine, and sliding your arms along the floor, you will join them behind your body with the palms of your hands up until you touch them.

Reduce Abdominal Fat: Balasana

Reduce Abdominal Fat: Balasana
Everything you need to know to burn localized fat, lose weight and strengthen muscles in 10 minutes
The First Secret!

Despite the fact that Balasana appears to be an extremely easy pose, when you find out one of the Secrets that keeps its correct execution, you will probably change your mind.

Once all the air in your lungs has expired and your abdomen contracted, you should begin to breathe slowly without relaxing any of the abdominal muscles.

Your belly should be all the time struggling to stick to your back with each inspiration and exhalation, so you will need a lot of concentration in the first minute until you control every movement that your abdomen wants to make involuntarily or, even, any other part of your body.

The time may vary depending on whether you are a beginner or advanced. Dorian recommends that at the beginning you try to stay in this position for a minute, until you reach a maximum of 5 minutes when you have become familiar: With her, with her first Secret, and with the Second that I am going to share with you right now after the next one image.

Reduce Abdominal Fat: Balasana

Reduce Abdominal Fat: Balasana
Everything you need to know to burn localized fat, lose weight and strengthen muscles in 10 minutes
The Second Secret!

If you already know Dorian’s Secrets, you will be familiar with the phrase: Learn to Connect your Mind with the Universe! And it is that there is nothing in this world that we can achieve if we do not know how to connect our mind with that world of energy that flows around us, that energy that is there for us and that we can put to work according to our function in each purpose, be it of whatever nature, that we have in our lives.

As its name also says: Child’s Posture, this Asana is perfect to connect our mind and absorb that pacifying energy for our soul that we need so much in our lives, that peace that only a child can enjoy while sleeping, free from stress and worries.

You just have to look for it and feel how little by little it will penetrate through the tips of the fingers of your hands that will be together waiting for it… You will feel how it takes over your entire body, while you are able to continue breathing slowly with your abdomen contracted towards your back, as if you wanted to retain that energy with all your might so that it remains trapped there and can never leave you again.

The Postures or Asanas that I share with you in Dorian’s Secrets do not produce any muscle pain, but you will feel a pressure in your abdomen that will give you incomparable pleasure because you will notice it stronger, more contracted, less swollen and voluptuous, and with a lower percentage of fat and fluid retention, without the need to be sore and full of soreness as it usually happens with other sports disciplines.

And this is it for today, dear Friends of Dorian’s Secrets!

I hope you liked this article and that you are encouraged to put it into practice. I also urge you to comment on your experience and share it with your loved ones.

Although all postures are 100% healthy, effective and can be performed by people of any age and physical condition, I always recommend that you consult your doctor and, in the event of any discomfort, stop and rectify the position. Remember that you always have to listen to the call of your body and not force it to limits to which it is not ready yet: Nature is Wise, and is in Perfect Harmony with the Universe!

A big hug and I wish you: A Happy Day!

Reduce Abdominal Fat: Balasana (Everything you need to know to burn localized fat, lose weight and strengthen muscles in 10 minutes)

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