Your third LSDD Training - A simple pose does wonders!


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Your third LSDD Training. (Everything you need to know to burn localized fat, lose weight and strengthen muscles in 10 minutes)

  • Dorian, August 24, 2020.
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Hello friends from all over the world! Today I will be sharing with you Your third LSDD Exercise.
Today you will learn how a simple posture does wonders!

In my previous posts I shared with you the first and second Exercise of the LSDD method, a simple method that does not steal time from your day to day and that, precisely that simplicity, is what is responsible for sending signals to your brain to go changing the processes of your body, those processes that are “ingrained” during years of habits and customs, be they good, regular or bad, but that your mind and your body already have them ingrained by default.

The key to success is:

I never tire of repeating it, is to break with those pre-established rules that are programmed in your body, and for this it is vitally important to follow the steps chronologically, because, although these techniques seem extremely simple , and to which you are surely thinking that you are going to be spending too little time of your life, I once again honor the phrase: Less is More!

Stressing the body away from obtaining immediate results is precisely the opposite effect, it stresses, generates cortisol, “the hateful stress hormone for its negative causes in our body” and instead of burning fat what it does is accumulate it, and Worst, the little or a lot of muscle mass that you have you will lose drastically.

And do not think that because you lose muscle mass you will lose volume and measurements: NO! That space will be taken up by fat and more fat that you will accumulate as a result of muscle loss!
So you will stay with the same measurements that you have, managing to look exactly the same, weighing more on your scale and with a flabby appearance and full of fat deposits under the skin, or what is the same and we all know and hate with all the forces of our heart: Cellulite.

Today I share with you Your third LSDD Exercise, which is exactly the position you see in the photo.

Remember that you can do it at any time of the day, at the time that is most convenient for you, you do not have to link it with any other exercise, and, best of all, you only have to do it for nothing more and nothing less than: ONE MINUTE!

Before I explain the positive effects of this position, I remind you that OUR MIND and OUR BODY are CONNECTED WITH THE UNIVERSE (and with many more things that I will share with you on my Blog).

The physical effect of your third LSDD Training influences all the muscle groups of your body, and to a greater extent, those of the upper body:

  1. Rectify your posture by pushing your chest forward.
  2. Align each vertebra of your spine leading them to have a perfect straight line.
  3. Rectify the position of your shoulders and strengthen the muscles of the same.
  4. The stretching effect that it produces in your lateral zone begins to break down the accumulated fat deposits, making you achieve a smaller waist every day with this asana.
  5. Connect your body and your mind with the UNIVERSE thanking everything that is behind you and that is not visible to the human eye.
About this last section I want to share with you a secret that very few people know.

For millennia we are used to thanking or asking God (or the belief that you have or with which you identify yourself) with our hands clasped to our chest, or at least forward of our body, but what if everything in front of us is not capable of to see it because our human capacities do not allow us to, imagine everything behind us?

I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase: We have a world ahead! And we connect that phrase at a conscious and subconscious level with the future, but we are forgetting that what we carry behind is also part of that future, and if we do not “CLEAN” and “ILLUMINATE” that wake that we carry behind our backs, we will not be opening a clean and successful path for ourselves.

for this reason:

Starting today, with Your third LSDD Exercise, you will begin to do this posture that I have shared with you today, which, in addition to obtaining real results in the transformation of your body, will bring positive energy to your life, you are going to connect your mind and your body with that energy that each of us calls in different ways, but which is one: IT’S MAGIC! IT’S CLEAN! IT’S MIRACULOUS! And it makes you immediately begin to feel changes positive and real.

Well, you already know your third LSDD Training! I say goodbye to you with: Until now! to continue providing you with all the details of this wonderful method.

Remember that in this section I will be sharing each tip, each secret step by step!
Also remember to visit the LSDD Diets section so that you can combine it with these daily exercises and that together they will begin to make an amazing transformation in your life!

I send you a big hug and I wish you A HAPPY DAY!

Your third LSDD Training. (Everything you need to know to burn localized fat, lose weight and strengthen muscles in 10 minutes)

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