Your third secret to starting the LSDD Diet - A secret as small as the palm of your hand.


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Your third secret to starting the LSDD Diet. (Everything you need to know about dieting, losing weight, increasing muscle mass and more) LSDD Method 100% Free and Effective.

  • Dorian, August 24, 2020.
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Your third secret to starting the LSDD Diet!

In my previous posts I taught you the first and second secret to start your diet with the LSDD method. Today I am going to give you the third secret so that you can implement it in your daily life, and, as I always say in all my articles, the key to this method is to gradually and chronologically implement the secrets for your body to go capturing all the signals and processing them in a favorable way for your body, in this way, the goals you want to achieve are obtained in a healthier way and, what we all want: faster!

We are tired of hearing and reading in all the health and diet articles the importance of consuming vegetables not only for good health, but also because of their low calorie content.


What is out of our lives if in order to have a slim figure according to our taste, height and age we have to live ALL DAYS with vegetables?

Is it that they are telling us that we are not human beings, with years of tradition, culture and diversity of foods that we cannot enjoy, and that we have to become ruminants to have perfect health and body?

Do we have to forget about hamburgers, tacos, rice, beans, sweets, and how much food exists in the market and that it is almost impossible for us to pass them by without buying at least one?

Where would the capacities of our palate go without being able to enjoy those flavors that we like so much?

Your third secret to starting the LSDD Diet
No, my answer is NO!

But in order to be happy in the “pleasure” plane when consuming the foods that we like the most, the key is to find a balance, and balance is nothing more than knowing the perfect tricks to deceive the body and have the best of both worlds: The health and figure we want and have no food limitations.

From now on, before each meal (remember that in my previous post I told you that the second trick was to drink a glass of water with at least 4 fingers before each meal) you are going to prepare a small portion of salad, pay attention, small , the perfect amount is what you can hold in one hand.

You can season it to your preference, don’t worry if you don’t like salads, neither do I, but that amount that I’m telling you to consume is not going to constitute torture for you because you are going to devour it in just 3 bites.

The last taste of the food you are going to consume is very important to the brain, and with this secret you are literally fooling it because as the last food you are going to eat is the one that gives you pleasure, that is the signal with which your brain is going to stay.

Now I explain why you should first drink the glass of water and consume a small dose of salad before continuing with the rest of your food.

The water reaches your stomach and cleans the remains that are left from our daily intakes, this information is important and in my next posts I will show you how essential it is for a diet to get rid of those accumulated remains and what to do to get it.


The next step, that of the salad, because when it reaches your stomach previously digested, because it remembers that digestion begins in the mouth, when it melts with the water that is still in there it will expand obtaining 3 favorable results:

1. Your body tends to absorb the first thing it gets, and since vegetables are quickly absorbed, you will get 100% quality nutrients first-hand.
2. Fooling your brain once again by giving you a feeling of fullness.
3. You already have a small part in your stomach in terms of quantity and quality of nutrients, therefore: I assure you that you will not completely consume the same amount of food that you usually serve on your plate!

What do you think of this secret? Do you think you will not be able to follow it?
Does it seem too much sacrifice to implement this tip in your diary, AS SMALL AS THE PALM OF YOUR HAND?

Tell me about your experience with this tip, and remember that I will be providing you constantly, step by step, and very important, chronologically! all the secrets of this method to lose weight while still enjoying life.

I wish you the best of your days! See you!

Your third secret to starting the LSDD Diet. (Everything you need to know about dieting, losing weight, increasing muscle mass and more) LSDD Method 100% Free and Effective.

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