Leting know my Secrets!

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Leting know my Secrets!
The Dorian Chronicles: A place to let the imagination run wild…

BAM !!! A punch came from between his bare hands finding my nose, making me lose my balance a bit, maybe it wasn’t as strong as I didn’t see it coming, it’s true! I had my eyes somewhere else …

— And who are you? Where is Erick. She asked hastily.

— Erick is the past, today I am, and I am the present. —I said still without taking my eyes off him — Thank you for that reception a little strong but I loved it.

Because of how you just shouted, I don’t think you liked it very much. And stop touching your nose, which was not so much either, you will not get blood from anywhere! I just brushed you. — He replied without the slightest drop of regret as he hurried to put on some clothes.

Despite the fact that this was totally true, he was planning to get as much out of it as he could.

— Is this some routine you have? Do you get naked and then hit your work crew? Who follows him? The cameraman? The Journalist? … you can also stay as you are, it would actually work better.

— You were looking at me shamelessly …

— Of course I just looked at you, if you undressed in front of me, what do you want? I don’t understand what you expected me to do.

— Well, not what you did, I also thought it was Erick, and when I saw that you were the substitute, I misinterpreted.

— Look, you know what, if you want, I’ll go, and let them find someone else if you don’t feel comfortable, but I remind you that your interview starts in two hours and we’ve already wasted half, I’ll have to do miracles to make your skin look radiant.

— Radiant? Do you use words like radiant and at the same time …?

— What, what is it? — I interrupted a little overwhelmed and immediately began to doubt, but when I saw her gesture I understood …

— I can not believe it! I know what happens here! You thought I am …That’s why you had no qualms about opening the door naked— I’m telling you and you don’t believe me!

— He was surprised at what was happening, and at the same time by that thought of hers knowing what she represents for society.

— This coming from you is a hard blow for all women, you have the thought of a person from two decades ago, you need to modernize your mind!

— Didn’t you just say that you need time to leave me … Radiant !? So why are you delaying? — She interrupted me as if wanting to end that conversation that had embarrassed her somewhat, (there was a tint of blush on her face).

— Let’s start at once, and forget what happened. And if you feel better, I offer my apologies — he said in a somewhat low voice.

— Look, you know what? You are absolutely right, we are going to forget this event and don’t worry, I will not denounce you for the punch you just gave me, with the image that has been engraved in my head is more than enough. I’ll take it as payment for the mishap my nose has suffered. — I said laughing with a friendlier tone and continued— You better sit down and let’s start, will you? I still have a lot of work …

I began to unpack my few and few tools, they all fit in a small case … I didn’t need much to do my thing, I believed that “less is more” and that was applied daily in my work and in my life, while I pointed to the little sweetness that was in front of the chair where she was supposed to sit.For my part, I was sure of what I wanted to achieve and I was willing to achieve it— Let’s see where do we start? How horrible!” The exclamation came out of my mouth at such speed that I could not contain it.

— Excuse me? — Asked a bit moody, — what is a horror?

— Mmmmm … On your face, yes … — I replied and continued pretending to ignore her completely while trying to concentrate ..

— “I’ll start with your face, it’s undoubtedly the worst one,” I continued saying aloud, while she put her hands to her cheekbones, examining them in detail.

— Thank God it’s beautiful — I started to tell him — and fortunately with very seductive lips, and appetizing! which helps us a lot … but the skin as such is in bad condition … it looks tired and dull, but when I’m done with you you will look great, trust me!

— Please don’t leave me like a clown. — He begged me — It’s not going with me.

— Of course not beautiful, you do not need it, I am pro of the natural, it is more sensual and beautiful, and that is how you will see yourself! But yeah, you need a few tweaks, right now you look awful.

— You stumble between the beauty of my face and the horror that it causes you — he replied raising an eyebrow with the face of few friends, without preventing a slight smile from appearing at the end — what should I believe, that you find me beautiful, or do I look like a disaster?

— “You prefer that I find you beautiful, don’t you?” I whispered softly, approaching her ear.

My closeness tied to my tone made him swallow a little and, trying to relax, he tried not to notice his unease.

— You are not going to answer me? — I said while looking into her eyes, holding her chin as I caressed her lips with my finger — Leave it, no need, you just did it!

I turned slowly leaving her behind my back to keep saying:

— You seem like a beautiful disaster to me — I concluded continuing with my work, unable to avoid seeing how when looking at me he bit his lips, revealing part of his most basic instincts.Seeing her make that small gesture that revealed so much to me, I couldn’t help but smile, and even if it was just to see more of those gestures, I asked:

— Do you mind if I take off my jacket, I’m not very comfortable in it?

— No of course, work as you wish, make yourself comfortable — he replied with his voice cut off — And without much thought and in a single gesture I unzipped my jacket and threw it to a small chair that I had at hand.

I took a few steps to the chair and holding her delicate neck I helped her recline as much as possible, leading her to lie fully on the back.

— I’ll start by applying some of my recipes, which are secret of course — I commented smiling — to give a little hydration and light, it’s a shame that you don’t enhance all that beauty, I think I could help you with that! And with the other … if you wish.

— Can you? And … how would you help me? — He added, getting up from the chair, making me take a few steps back, getting closer, and closer, managing to expose me.Fleetingly through my mind the image I had when I got to the dressing room crossed, the one that did not paralyze me before was doing it now, making me lose the horizon of who was conquering whom, invading my personal space, approaching my body in a mischievous and daring way.

— Now are you the one who doesn’t answer?

— Well, look, I can make you discover much more than you think you know. To start, it would help you expand your mind, you have it a little closed and that works against you, you can disappoint more than you think, and to continue I have just what you need for your face and your skin, I plan to cover all your needs, of course if you wish … I’ll tell you my secrets!

— “Am I really that bad?” He exclaimed, bringing his face closer to a mirror, taking a leap to reality.

— Oh no, you are perfect — I whispered positioning myself behind, sticking my body to his, taking her by the waist — you are sexy, daring, with a beautiful body and a bit rude, something that many of us appreciate from time to time. But you don’t take advantage of everything you have! And I can help you …

— Well maybe I do have a bit of dark circles and my skin is a bit dry or as you would say: dehydrated … and now that I notice a few lines of expression marked, and also … It’s true, you’re right, I look terrible!

— Everything has a solution in this life.

— And what can I do then? He asked me, wasting his primary and jungle sensuality.

— Give me a night? Let me show you a different world, you are very tense and stressed … I will take you on the path I know, I will give you a taste of me, and in the end you will find a renewed and fresh woman, wanting more …

— “And when will you have time for me and my skin?” She added, turning around, so that I could feel the proximity of her breasts.

— If you want, when you finish today’s interview, I’ll wait for you and show you all of me …

— Today?

— The changes are not thought: They are made .. They are tested … I will also clarify your doubts, those that you had when I entered the room, and that made you confuse and think something about me, “nothing is further from reality” … Unless you want us to clarify that question now … — I said as I took her by the waist and hitting her I approached her lips …

— You want?

— No! Oh my God! She responded nervous but complicit …

— You do not want?

— Not now! Not here! When I finish my work, you can teach me what you want …

— When I finish then … I’ll give you approval of all my secrets!

To continue .. Let’s welcome our next guest: Trainer, Professional Boxer, Mixed Martial Artist, and 2020 WBO Featherweight Title Winner… HOPE HARDY!

— Hope, it’s time, they are announcing you — the stage manager hurried her, who continued on without stopping.

Hope stood in front of the mirror meeting for the first time, seeing that strong, determined and successful girl that she had always been, only now she was much more, her delicate radiant face took her away from the world …

— Wait! —he yelled at me, seeing me walk away …

— You will wait for me?

— I’ll wait for you, don’t hesitate!

— What is your name? I dont know your name?

— I will find you, but if you look for me .. ask for Dorian.

  • Leting know my Secrets!
    The Dorian Chronicles: A place to let the imagination run wild…

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