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My little inner world I. The Dorian Chronicles: A place to let the imagination run wild…

  • Miss Sibyl, February 6, 2021

In my little inner world today would be Sunday and we would wake up at a perfect time, not too early and not too late.

It would feel our hot bodies glued together refusing to start the day. My hair would fall down your bare chest and my thin neck would start to complain.

I would watch how you wake up while before doing it you are already looking for my waist, you would force me to turn around and you would hug me tight, your arms would cross my chest and for a moment I will forget everything, I will suddenly silence my cell phone alarm, I will not want to miss this moment, but incessant when we come to life, it will again mistreat our ears from one moment to the next, this time we will be good and we will listen to it, not so much because we are good boys but because our bodies demand a dose of coffee.

I will get up. Today as a rule it’s my turn, I will be able to wake up to the touch of water on my face, I will reach the kitchen and starting our day, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee will flood every corner of our home in a desperate search to find you.

Eager for that coffee you will get up and in a desperate act to wake up you will wet your face with the coldest water you can find, you will go out in my search and you will only stop when your lips eager for the most passionate kiss find mine that will wait for it. I will fill our cups with the black nectar of the gods and as I do so you will brush away the hair that falls down my back and my neck will be visited by your moist lips.

Your pelvis will find my curves and in a plea not to stop I will delay the falling of the liquid in the cups, I will take an arm to the sky and I will lower it to meet your neck that I will surround, managing to stick a little more, I will turn my face just enough so that our breaths collide, and my lips warn yours, I will let your hand surround my waist while the other slowly goes down my shoulder and like a stealthy thief you will seek to brush my breasts while the one that surrounded my waist now does not do it anymore and, determined To make his way, he will manage to go further, to in a determined way also awaken that lustful little girl that lives inside me only to realize that your last action has warmed us too much, but the coffee gets cold and with a small mischievous smile I indicate you that it’s time to stop.

We walk together to the large sofa and like countries at war each one will take a corner to enjoy the delicious cigar that I will light later and then be imitated by you.

— Exquisite coffee — you will comment to me while you eat me with the look up and down and you draw me in your mind without the nightgown that I am wearing.

— Delicious — I will answer you by nodding, while I take a breath of air and my own hands without hardly being aware of it caress my legs that subtly open, more than as an invitation, as a challenge which will not go unnoticed for you who delight and you enjoy the situation, hardly being aware of it.

Even the aroma of freshly brewed coffee is felt, while I enjoy the first sip I will remember our little discussion yesterday, now I do not remember how it started but it seems so far away that I will inadvertently burst out laughing and then again when without understanding what I’m laughing at face of a curious incomprehension, and knowing that my imagination lacks innocence you will close your eyes a little, perhaps trying to guess what crazy thought has crossed my mind.

We have almost consumed our cigarettes and when we share an ashtray your hand will catch me, leaving it aside, you will approach me, you will kiss every millimeter of my face and neck, giving me to understand that the game will begin again and by how you touch me intimately it will be a sweet sensation like honey, when with your hands they open me over you, I will run my hands through your hair losing myself in them, while you let out a funny smile and I feel how your excitement grows at every moment, your hands that do not want to stay Still they will lift my nightgown a little more to reach the center of my desires and find you with the spring that flows from me, then something more than your eyes will fix on me and with a penetrating look you will invite me to dance … I feel that my breath it breaks from so fast it is.

— You like? — You will ask me eager and excited to know the answer.

— Much! — I will manage to murmur while I satisfy my wishes.

Your hands have me trapped, I have no escape. I don’t want her either. I drive you crazy. I will beg you not to stop, but you do it while you calm me with the odd kiss, I despair, I tremble, you put your hand on my chest and then take it back to the pack of cigarettes from which you will take one, you will light it … far from not feeling you Now I feel you much more, you will give me a drag and I will accept it and, while I do it, you will go through me and feel so calm it will be a punishment, our dance will become slow and you will force me to enjoy that slowness.

I obey…

You will put out the cigarette and without asking permission you will lean me back, your hands surround my neck and I feel you like never before, the heat runs through me, I scream, I gasp, I drive you crazy, and when I warn that asking for more in the morning would be unfair, we let ourselves go in a deep rub.

I will try to know if it will always be you. I will wish it that way. You will kiss me, you will look at me and when I look at the cup I will know that I am craving another coffee, I will get up shaky, I will go for the next one.

Today is Sunday in my little world, but tomorrow will be Tuesday, I will go out and who knows if today I will find you, and with a little luck it may be that next Sunday the aroma of fresh coffee will flood our home in a desperate search for find you.

My little inner world I. The Dorian Chronicles: A place to let the imagination run wild…

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