My little inner world II

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My little inner world II. The Dorian Chronicles: A place to let the imagination run wild…

  • Miss Sibyl, February 6, 2021

In my little world today would be Saturday and I would smile when I knew that I found you, now it’s just a matter of not letting you go, I knew it since I saw you when I had you in front of me even though I never looked for you, after knowing that you are I would touch your long hair and at the slightest touch the confirmation that you have come into my life makes my skin crawl, but you don’t know this and I won’t tell you. I will talk whatever you want on the phone in order to see you again, I would do it for three hours in a row and when I hang up I will be more eager for you.

I would invite you to my house, which is also yours, but you don’t know yet, and I won’t tell you. I would cook for you, I would serve two glasses of wine and while you toast to an excellent night I toast to the future together, but you don’t know this either, I keep it to myself. We will take a sip and I will continue cooking, I will make an effort in the preparations, I will look like a haute cuisine chef in your eyes even though I am not, I will take another sip of wine and when I look at you I will notice that you feel scared and alone, my world It is new for you and you are lost, I will put everything aside and extend my hand to you, I will hug you and kiss you for the first time, I like how you know, how you smell.

My hands will surround your waist and at the end of our first kiss you will smile somewhat embarrassed, but inside I am burning, I will continue cooking, you are standing in the middle of the kitchen without knowing what to do, you do not know how to cook, but I will teach you, you look at everything around you, for me it is not your first time, you have always been here and I can not stop looking at you, whenever I can I will approach and kiss you again just to feel that it is not a dream and that our journey together has begun. Even if you think that for me it will be just a night of pleasure and you think that tomorrow you will continue alone, but you still don’t know this. And I won’t tell you.

The food would be ready even though it is almost midnight, we will set the table and let you try the menu you will be overwhelmed by that completely new flavor for you. From time to time I will take your hand and caress it, we will finish dinner and our glasses will be filled again, I will hug you from behind while trying to prevent you from noticing how much I like you, I will invite you to see a movie and thus delay what you have come to look for.

— What movie do you want to watch? — I’ll ask you while I get to know you a little more.

— One of terror — you will respond without realizing that you are falling into my game.

We will sit together, our glasses will not stop coming and going and my hands beg for control, but from time to time a caress will escape and it will be difficult for me to achieve it, but I will … I will not fall for your game, you will fall for mine, You think my game lasts until tomorrow and it’s not what you want and neither do I, but you don’t know this yet and I won’t tell you yet.

I will look for the most terrifying movie that I have and when I warn that you are terrified and that it will cost you to sleep, you will only like me more. At the end we will walk together down the long corridor and in an impulse that I will not be able to control I will corner you while our glued bodies want to explode, I try not to look at the tiny dress that you just put on to be more comfortable, I will invite you to my room … — just to sleep — you will respond and thus without further ado we will be playing our first game of a game that without you knowing I will already be winning.

You are hugging me, I feel your whole body stuck to my side and it is a divine punishment that I will endure with pleasure if we wake up like this every day. Your hands run over my chest, you will drive me crazy, it will be difficult for me to maintain control, you move, slow and fast you want to give me what you think only interests me but I behave indifferent to you and your body. It interests me much more. You get desperate. You will turn on your back and I will follow you, I will attract you to me and I will surround your waist, perhaps you have decided to fall asleep after not getting what you think I want. I confuse you. I make you fall in love This game I will win. We will wake up together and hugging as if it had not been our first night together, we will go to smoke a coffee and drink a cigarette, my second and third vice, you have just become the first, the day passes, the hours fly by your side , It is almost time for your departure, I kiss you once more as if I had not done so until now, you have beaten yourself, you have lowered your guard, these are my first victories, you already know me more than you think, we still There is time left, I see in your eyes that you don’t want to go, however I want you to do it so that you want to return and not go again.

I see you enjoying coffee, it is a perfect vision, I draw your silhouette and your curves I will hug you and I will take you by the hand and you will feel that I want more from you, I will kiss you once more, I will not get tired of doing it, I will feel how you tremble and you You will know that I have reached my limit, I will take you in my arms and take you to our room, but still for you it is only mine, I caress you, I bite you completely, I consider you mine and you will soon too, I drive you crazy, you scream and I love it.

Your lips taste delicious, my excitement grows every second with the image that the mirror returns, you offer yourself completely in body and soul to me … I am interested in both, I am also yours, you have already begun to feel it, your hands they run down my back, I’m lying on you and you give in to that hard and tempting desire, you compress me, you feel me, you kill me and you enjoy doing it, I taste you and I enjoy it every second, something more than our thoughts come and go in a dance without Finally, our bodies collide and unite as one in that game of pleasure where we both win, you bite my lips and the pleasure that my face returns is a lot for you and with a sweet moan you encourage me to follow you.

I’ll just lie down while I still feel you, I’ll buy you one last coffee, it’s almost time for you to leave, but now neither of us want to separate, so I will know that I have won the final game.

Today is Saturday in my little world but tomorrow will be Tuesday and who knows if I will find you, if I do, on Saturday you will sleep in my arms and while you enjoy and toast a night of pleasure I will be toasting a future together, but this you You don’t know and I still won’t tell you

My little inner world II. The Dorian Chronicles: A place to let the imagination run wild…

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