Twelve Signs

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Twelve Signs
The Dorian Chronicles: A place to let the imagination run wild…

The account had just been reset … he thought as he opened his eyes. She would spend a while feeling safe, and despite having spent a terrible night barely able to fall asleep, waking up every hour with the uncertainty of whether or not she should call him, with some absurd justification. She began to come out from between the sheets in high spirits, she felt that a breath of new life was comforting her and giving her strength, it was time to move on, she had already been through a lot, she was sure she deserved it.

It’s a new life, a new house and … — she smiled Financial Idrisously, remembering how she kissed her yesterday — everything is new, including me … I smile again, how can something bad give me this smile? — She wondered as she spoke to herself in the mirror.

He prepared a coffee — A very sweet one to accompany these sensations — He thought as he held his cup in his left hand so that he could manipulate his cell phone with the one he had free — I will check the networks a little, or rather his — and while She did so, she incessantly wished not to find any fact that could irritate or annoy her so early — He is so handsome that I never tire of looking at him — she remembered his goodbye kiss from the previous night as an incalculable treasure and even more when she could feel his warmth and softness — Mmm! New photos on her Instagram and Facebook, where will they be? I think I recognize the place, yes, it is the small cafeteria at the port, but I don’t recognize those who are with her! — She said with a suspicious and doubtful tone, while the agony began to run through every muscle of her body — In a while I will review and try to discover who they are, it is strange that she did not talk to me about them,.— That question with a terrifying background crossed her mind, shading her face and turning off all her smile — Come on, you can’t think like that! — She cheered up — Don’t let anything take away your good humor, I already have it, I think I’ll go for a walk to relax — she cheered up once more, today I won’t work, I just decided.

With determined steps he walked to his closet and took in his hand his favorite dress, the one with which he had met him that afternoon by chance, or at least that was what he believed, he smiled when he thought about the subject — You will bring me luck — she pronounced as she looked up and down at the long white dress with large red and purple flowers, with wide straps that tied at the shoulders and died in a pronounced neckline at the back, she looked really charming with him, showing off her back was the detail that She was never lacking in her outfits since she couldn’t show off her legs — Although I have them very beautiful — she told herself — but not everyone assimilates scars in the same way — she reconsidered — no one thinks that behind every scar there is a beautiful story and even of love, nobody sees the father who with love taught his little one to ride a bike, they are only left with the pain that that fall could have caused, and the question on people’s faces when they noticed theirs did not It was different, on the contrary, the compassion they caused was very evident, but I did not want compassion, therefore and others, as only I noticed the love behind mine because I kept them for myself, even from those closest to me, who the slightest confidence asked me that question and how to explain that they were the result of a great love, although turbulent? How to explain to them that those scars were the only thing that I kept of the person I had loved the most in this life, and that I loved them because they had saved me, or rather, they had saved us both, they had given us the parent we needed, nobody did I would understand, they would tell me that love is not like that and I would not know how to explain to them that there are many ways of feeling love and that it sometimes makes us happy and other times miserable, ooohhh no, nobody was prepared to understand, and less prepared for my answers That’s why one day I stopped answering and teaching.

He went out into the street trying to keep his good mood — I’ll find a nice present and I’ll give it to him tonight after dinner — yes, that was a good plan for that day, in fact, the best he could think of.

She walked relaxed looking around every corner and suddenly she found it — It is the antique store she was looking for! — She opened the door and at the sound of the little bells a young man came out to meet her — Hello, good afternoon, miss, how can I help you?

— I’m looking for a gift, something very special, something that is forever, that does not change its meaning over time, it is for someone I love very much — she finished saying.

— Well almost everything you see around you is special, but join me and I’ll give you a tour.

They began to advance through one of the side corridors and when they reached a small window something small caught their attention. — This, if that’s what I think, is what I’m looking for.

Well yes miss, it is what you believe, and it also fits perfectly into what you suggested when you arrive, it teaches us something eternal, invariable and unstoppable, it will never change — The attentive and willing young man smiled at her.

Well, I’ll keep it — he said with a cordial tone.

Excuse me miss, do we meet? I have the strange feeling of having seen it before — asked the young man with a doubtful look.

“Mmm, let me look at it! Well, no, I don’t believe the truth. — she replied as a series of events passed through her memories, and she smiled as she said goodbye with a gesture opening the door of the store.

He left it, leaving her behind holding the recent purchase in his hand, he walked a few blocks and a small cafe on the corner captured his attention and he decided to go for one — I prefer one of the tables on the terrace — he said to the attentive clerk — I don’t want to miss the rest of the morning — she argued as if she were trying to answer something that they had not asked, when suddenly a familiar aroma floods her — You look beautiful in that dress, it reminds me of a girl who has been driving me crazy for a while — Before those words, she remained motionless in the chair and then released a small smile — Well, I think you also bring her quite crazy if that is possible — she said while preparing her lips to receive the kiss that was approaching — hello honey I loved this chance meeting — he commented as he took a chair to sit next to me.

— You did not work today.

— Well no, I woke up in such good spirits and when I saw the beautiful day that it is doing, I wanted to enjoy it, and what are you doing here? — She asked with the best of her smiles.

— I went out to do some business very early, I finished pretty quickly.

— How good! He responded knowing that half the story was missing — and you haven’t done anything else?

— Ohhh yes, I met some friends that I had not seen for some time, we had a coffee and we talked for a while in that cafe on the other street, do you see? That one on the other corner — she said while pointing her finger to help her understand her story — And when I came out of it the silhouette of a beautiful girl arriving at this cafe made me fall in love and I had to come to see who it was.

He laughed immediately, because it was what he expected him to do, however, he could not prevent the feeling of unhappiness that his response had caused him to pierce his chest like an arrow through his victim — Well now the day has really improved — he said without losing the smile on his lips.

— And what will you do next, precious? — He asks as he drew her to him in a warm and loving embrace, feeling his hand on her back rushing to caress her in a soft and subtle way provoked a sea of ​​sensations.

— I’ll do a couple of purchases, for the dinner to which you are invited. I’ll make your favorite food.

— Delicious! Sounds perfect to me, I’ll stop by my apartment and then I’ll see you. Until the night darling, I love you. — She said while saying goodbye.

She sat watching him move away from her with the feeling that she had never been close to him, she kept wondering why love is the most ambiguous feeling we experience? When you love someone, all feelings mix non—stop, something very small can make us happy, but just with a word, a gesture or a lie, from the person we love, it can make us totally miserable.

Willing to continue her day, she buried all those thoughts in the darkest and most forgotten depths of her being, when she suddenly realized that her phone had about forty messages, she had been ignoring them for days — what a bummer — she thought as she walked towards her apartment — it may be that I can’t continue with my life in solitude, my parents, my friends even from work write to me, sometimes I feel like I can’t even breathe — she murmured in disgust, and clinging to the approaching night, she continued her step — then I’ll answer everyone — he told himself, knowing he really wouldn’t.

When he got home he put his cell phone on a small table and turning non—stop felt like anxiety ran through his body to the point of paralyzing her, he thought it would be a good idea to answer those forty messages that he had been ignoring — but first I will call you to know when it will arrive — she thought, and without further ado than a fit of despair she called him, she tried to make it a quick conversation so that everything would be ready for when he arrived, while she spoke she tried not to sound obsessed and sad, but without hanging up before she could not stop a series of questions, which even knowing they didn’t make sense, he couldn’t help asking. Who were those friends you saw in the morning? How important are they to you? Will you come direct? Will you see them again? Have you never mentioned them? She decided to stop when she felt that the situation was out of control and an act of total effort said goodbye, but not before leaving everything in harmony — I made you a delicious dinner, and I have a surprise for you — she said affectionately —

They finished dinner, after hours of pampering and affection, she was watching him like someone watching the last specimen of a species — come honey, it’s time for your surprise — she said, drawing her attention — finish what you do, I bought you a gift.

— What is it? was not necessary to.

— It is not necessary, I just wanted this date not to be overlooked, today we are eight months old, I know we agreed that there would be no gifts but I could not resist, here you have it — she said as she extended her

— Wow! my life, it’s precious what’s inside?

— Open it and you will see, it is an old clock, it is a sundial.

— But darling this gift is too expensive, I can’t accept it.

— You did not like it?

— I loved it, really, but it’s a lot.

— You deserve more.

— But! A watch why a watch and sun?

Time advances inexorably, we lose it, we gain it, we save it, but we cannot treasure it, it does not change, it does not change, we cannot speed it up or slow it down, no matter how hard we try, it passes, and it leaves us. I wanted you to have something of mine, something with which I identify myself, and every time you see it you will see me and I wanted it to be like that, old, because when man invents some equipment he continues to modify it and in the end he manages to modify the result , but not time, it has only been possible to invent something that tells you where he is going, and every day they are more modern and more exclusive, but in the end it does not matter where you look at it, there will be no difference in the result either in this hundreds of years old watch or on your Apple Watch — when he finished saying those words he had to smile.

— Ohhh my poor thing that I have made him dizzy with so much romance.

— You are crazy love, haha ​​but I love your crazy things, I adore them, come here and let me kiss you.

Eager for that kiss, she let herself be carried away by that night, and guiding him to the bedroom, their bodies merge into a single caress, he took her making her his in a powerful and possessive way, driving her to madness, her body tensed and her back strained. She arched, imploring him not to stop making him give her to pleasure as he hadn’t before, and in a moan of pleasure they let go in one last gesture.

Exhausted by the last hours lived and by those to come, I get out of bed like someone waiting for death, I get tangled up in a quilt, and knowing that there is no other way, I decide once and for all to dial that number that he loved and hated at the same time.

Hi, sweetie, how are you? sorry, the time I know it’s late — I told the person who was on the other end of the call.

— Easy, it doesn’t bother me — a male voice answered me, with a totally sweet and understanding voice — how are you? Has it happened again?

— Yes — I said while holding a glass of wine and taking the last sip that was left in it.

— How long this time? — I ask, the male voice waiting for an honest answer.

— Eight months, fair, I can not continue with this situation not one more day — I replied trying to maintain my composure.

— I was expecting your call, Eric thought he recognized you, but he wasn’t sure if it was you.

— Yes, I know, I tried to hide it, I would feel somewhat discovered if I admitted being me, and in that second I didn’t know if I would have the strength to make this call.

— Another watch, right?

— Yes, I couldn’t help it, you know how it is.

— I have mine on my bedside table, I always look at it before sleeping and how has it happened, have you stopped sleeping?

— Yes, I have stopped sleeping, living, eating and I have locked myself in him again, without him I feel that I will die, but with him I know that … — My throat closed as I silenced a cry of pain.

— So, the 12 signals already?

— Yes, 12, and every day is worse.

— Then you have to stop, you know how it ends, you cannot allow it, you know how it will end, you know how we end, we cannot continue to destroy anyone else’s life, truth, tell me you know please.

— Yes, I know, but isn’t leaving him like this now is destroying his life? I know what I have to do, but I need this last push.

— No, if you stay you will, yes you will destroy your life and his once again, don’t think about it, okay, just do it, go away, disappear, don’t say goodbye, break with everything and go on your way. Promise it — the voice on the other side implored me, in a perhaps somewhat desperate way.

— I promise, I will — I replied knowing that this trip would fulfill my promise and make my withdrawal on time — and how are you, some sign.

— I’m in the fifth perhaps, the sixth is approaching.

— Do not hesitate to call me at the point — I insisted.

— No honey, I won’t, I know I’m going to need you, now go and rest, you know that I love you right?

— I know, until tomorrow my life.

— See you tomorrow honey.

  • Twelve Signs
    The Dorian Chronicles: A place to let the imagination run wild…

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