Twenty Nine

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Twenty Nine.
The Dorian Chronicles: A place to let the imagination run wild…

Tic tic, tic tic — the alarm clock rang — He opened his eyes and a number “28” came to mind.
He had a long way to go before he could pronounce that number, which now seemed so far away. She got up a little lazy, reached the mirror and found herself beautiful.

— It is a pity! — She thought as she undressed to take a hot shower. When she left she got tangled up in her bathrobe and made a strong coffee, sleeping for just a couple of hours put her in a bad mood.

— If I could only sleep two more hours, that would be great. — That wish crossed his mind every day, without ever realizing it. Well, to achieve the number 28 she could not grant it. It was a luxury not to be noticed, or rather not fit in, much less now that a few months had passed and she would only have to wait for a new vacancy to be available, and for someone to accept her that way. It would no longer be the new one, rather it would be past water.

There was a lot of pressure he felt, between work and society, he was not able to burden himself more by breaking the unwritten rules that today’s society implements. Trading two hours of sleep for 28.

She walked to her wardrobe and took out the coat rack with the perfectly combined outfit for the present day, she took it near her dresser, to see if she was inspired for her next couple of hours which had started a few minutes ago when she showered. . Now the road began. She had to dry her hair and iron it, the most difficult part was approaching.

At the point, she began by cleaning her face, which she had to take care of, hydrate, protect from the sun, put foundation, concealer, and sealing powder, and then proceed to her eyes.

— It’s simply exhausting — she sighed — after so many hours in front of the mirror practicing, after so many “YouTube” videos in search of tips to improve or perfect the technique, and now, now that she had learned how to do it,.

I remembered the first days of work, those that come after you finish your studies and start working, they were simply terrible, being the new one and the last one is never pleasant, and if they call you the weird one, then that ends up putting a target on you. her forehead, so in search of a desperate solution, she found that one of her colleagues had a YouTube channel where she taught things that … “Every woman should know” or … “super easy tips to delineate the eye in 1 minute”, but that in reality and for you, they ended up becoming about 20, to make it look perfect, then maybe and hopefully if you woke up with a good pulse you could end up in just 10.

He placed the smaller mirror next to the dresser, moving it to the back at the higher magnification. – The eyebrow fixing mask is running out, I must buy as soon as possible, this “Step” is very important, I should not skip it – she murmured as she held the bottle in her hands and noticed that it hardly weighed as it hadThen she delineated them with the pencil, put “Eyebrow Shadow” and finally a “Fixing Mask”.

— Ufff! — She exclaimed — At this point I need another coffee, so I let a few minutes pass for all the products put on my face to finish drying. She slipped into the kitchen and poured herself her second cup of coffee. — My second coffee of the day, what a delight — he thought while savoring. But more than savoring, he needed it. She needed strength and energy to stay on her feet, this was her second coffee, but she would have a few more before dark.

Still holding the coffee in his left hand, he spotted his next step from afar, and without much thought, he went to meet him, like someone who wants to get out of an undesirable but inevitable greeting. He applied “Eye Shadow Base”, prioritizing the inner corner, and another “Eye Shadow” in the folds accentuating the outer corner, combining them slightly with his wardrobe of the day, a combination already pre-designed for special occasions, schedules, events.

He breathed deeply, and taking a large breath of air, he held it to be able to outline his eyes without mishaps, he did not want to see himself in the trouble in which he found himself the day before, that without seeing himself and almost out of breath, he tried to breathe, causing his Outlined was imperfect and messy, managing to make it totally different from the other eyelid, almost forcing her to take a few steps back.

It was almost over, after the “Eyelash Curler” I would put on the “Eyelash Mask” and continue for the next segment. She had already finished the most difficult, the next, although there were still many steps left, they made her feel more relieved — What’s new in the networks? — She was encouraged to take her cell phone in her hands — Hmm, new photo of Ihan! He is so handsome! What a beautiful photo to put, if you just woke up like this, I want to sleep next to you every day of the week — she thought as she delighted in the photo in front of her, where Ihan was seen having breakfast with her brother

When reading that, she really smiled feeling discovered and exposed – It’s a shame that things between us are cold – she thought as her face darkened – I imagined that something would happen between us, our eyes I don’t think were confused, when trying to find us, they ran the meeting room over and over again. You must continue, do not delay now – she reconsidered, dropping the cell phone on the dresser, returning to her daily routine – As I always have to put base, everything today has a base – she analyzed a bit perplexed, she instantly realized that she had run out of that he had in use and hurriedly opened a small dresser drawer, where he had some spare products, took the new base that came in a gift wrap, with a small dedicated label, where you could read “welcome to the club” – Oh! ! … now I understand, the club of the moody, this is how all my colleagues and friends from work are, moody for not being able to rest, sacrificing their sleep for this tedious and interminable routine, that all it does is add one more step every month – he replied aloud, as if he had them all in front of him. After laying the foundation that Brenda had given her so amiably, the girl who had the YouTube channel, the one who had introduced her to this world, stating that she needed some arrangements. She continued with the “lipstick” and then with the “lipstick” applying “concealer” and finally “sealing powder”.

She needed her fourth coffee, which was more less the amount achieved since she got up so early, and as incredible as it seemed to get to work it only took her 15 minutes.

This time she filled the cup as much as she could, promising herself that it would be the last, at least until noon, in her spare time – Free! – She stopped and thought about that word, which had suddenly lost all its meaning – It’s not my free time! – She reconsidered – It was once some time ago, when I was meeting Ihan, and between laughs and stories I thought I was falling in love, and she let me be seduced by her little charms, the simple charm of feeling her hand on my

But since she was part of that “Club” to which one day she began to belong, without hardly noticing it, something began to take her away from him and herself, perhaps it was he who moved away or perhaps it was both of them, she did not remember Or maybe she didn’t know, what she did know was that after that chance encounter between Ihan and her, they had walked together, they had ended up in front of the lake, where without expecting it, but wishing for it, she suddenly took her by her hands and brought her closer to him, he kissed his lips with the most sensual kiss he had received before, while his hands surrounded his waist he could feel that fiery and passionate kiss, showing him how something so simple could awaken the passions buried deep within her femininity, which screamed to four voices wishing that it would be more. That was the last day off he could remember, after that everything had frozen between them, like a snowstorm does that arrives without warning, leaving everything frozen in its wake. She did not know when or why she had decided to give in to the pressures of society, to criticism and to what they would say, turning her away more and more each day to what made her feel good. That last thought saddened her. “Feeling good …” he murmured.

— What makes me feel good? — He asked himself silently — Look at myself in a mirror and recognize myself, enjoy the small things in life, and simple things that do not steal my time and rest unless I want to, be part of what I love and in what that I believe. ! Uff how intense I just got! — she smiled letting out a laugh, plus the end of that one revealed a truth that ran over her and paralyzed her, bringing out her fears and complexes.

She got up feeling somewhat stunned by everything that had just passed through her mind, and also, trying to remember the steps she was following and the order of them, even more with those memories that surfaced without warning from her thoughts, which she believed have abandoned forever. As he took a few steps, he observed something that went almost unnoticed on the ground, and he picked up from it the gift wrap of the “base” that Brenda gave him, it had a phrase printed: “Do not make a permanent decision for a temporary emotion.”

He returned to the dressing table reading those words over and over again, and as if it were a robot, he took the “bronzer” and then put a little “blush” on his cheekbones, and catching the “illuminator” between his fingers, he placed a lot on certain points on his face.

— It is done! I have finished — I pronounce out loud — I reached number 28, at least for today.

28 steps to be accepted in her day to day, 28 steps that made her not even recognize herself, giving in again and again, in each step she had followed she had moved further and further away from who she really wanted to be.

When he finished, he stared at the reflection that the mirror gave him back as if it were a living statue that does not feel — what I’m doing, this is not for me, I don’t like it, I don’t enjoy it, it’s not me, it makes me unhappy. So what do I win? Nothing, I gain nothing, just feeling enslaved to something that takes my life. Suddenly he got up, and in a few steps he was in front of the washing mirror — What if … I add one more step to my routine? — He said while smiling in a mischievous way, and bending his waist a little forward, he turned on the water and began to pour a lot of water all over his face, he took a little gel and began to rub, while everything fell from his face his deception, all the mask and falsehood to which he had indulged, a brown liquid dripped into the pearl white of the sink, while his broad, outlined brows disappeared, revealing a sparsely populated, less perfect eyebrows that matched with her lips not as full as a moment ago, but a small smile peeked at. Her long, hard lashes faded, along with the artificial pink on her cheeks, which had made her look flushed all the time. He took a towel in his hands on his way to the dresser and looked at himself in the mirror once more, took the default clothes for the day from the armchair and threw them in a nearby basket, went to his closet and took out some jeans a little faded with a shirt that she loved, she slid it over her body and immediately sat on the dresser, opened the drawer where she kept the “spare things” and like crazy she began to remove everything from inside — there it is — she pronounced, and at the same time She smiled and took in her hands a lipstick with a few years of wheel, a classic lipstick for a bar, it was not a “gloss” or a collection, or permanent, or with glitter, or matte, I slide what was left at the bottom of the bar and with the help of her finger put a little color on her lips — “Step 29” Only crimson lips!

  • Twenty Nine.
    The Dorian Chronicles: A place to let the imagination run wild…

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