January 6 – A Day as Today - Holy Kings Day!

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January 6 – A Day as Today – Ephemeris in Dorian’s Secrets.

There are 359 days left to finish the year and 360 in leap years!

January 6 is the sixth day of the year on the Gregorian calendar.

I will never have compassion for those who did not know how to die in time.

Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, the Cid Campeador
Spanish gentleman (c. 1050-1099).

Events that Happened “A Day as Today”

A Day as Today - Events and Happened - Dorian's Secrets - https://dorianssecrets.com
Events that Happened “A Day as Today”

January 6 – A Day as Today – Events

  • 1233: Ferdinand III of Castile begins the siege of the city of Úbeda, which culminates in his capitulation.
  • 1416: King Ferdinand I of Aragon abandons obedience to the Avignon popes.
  • 1492: in Granada (Spain), the Catholic Monarchs enter triumphantly after the surrender of Boabdil.
  • 1494: in the current Dominican Republic, Christopher Columbus founded La Isabela, the first Spanish town in America.
  • 1503: on the Caribbean coast of Veraguas (present-day Panama), Christopher Columbus founded what would be the second Spanish settlement on the American mainland: the village of Santa María de Belén. Three months later it will be destroyed by the natives.
  • 1535: in present-day Peru the city of Lima (called at that time City of the Kings) by Francisco Pizarro is founded and it becomes the new capital of the Government of Nueva Castilla, after the Viceroyalty of Peru. It is currently the capital of the Republic of Peru.
  • 1537: Duke Alessandro de Medici is assassinated in Italy.
  • 1540: in England, Enrique VIII marries Ana de Cleves.
  • 1542: in Mexico, Francisco de Montejo founds the village of Mérida, today the capital of the State of Yucatán.
  • 1550: in Colombia, the village of Valledupar is founded.
  • 1641: in the current province of Cautín (Chile) the Parliament of Quilín meets, from which the first peace treaty between Spaniards and Mapuches (Araucanians) emanates.
  • 1763: in Uruguay, without a declaration of war, 11 British and Portuguese ships attack Montevideo, but they cannot take it.
  • 1782: the city of Mahón (Menorca), in the power of the British, capitulates after seven months of siege by Spanish-French troops.
  • 1809: in the town of Fontioso (Spain), priest Merino (Jerónimo Merino Cob) begins his activity as a guerrilla attacking a courier and escorting him.
  • 1838: Samuel Morse makes the first public demonstration of the electric telegraph.
  • 1839 (between 6 and 7 January): in Ireland, this night happens “The Night of the Great Wind”, storm with winds of 185 km / h, which caused destruction of houses throughout the country and in Dublin, and many hundreds of deaths. It was Ireland’s most damaging storm in the last 300 years.
  • 1848: General Serrano lands on the Chafarinas Islands.
  • 1871: in Peru, the town of Mollendo is founded.
  • 1875: Alfonso XII leaves Paris for Madrid to occupy the throne of Spain.
  • 1876: treaty between Paraguay and Argentina by which this country remains with the province of Misiones and with the strip of the Bermejo and Pilcomayo rivers.
  • 1901: The Philippines rejects American “tutelage” (Philippine-American War).
  • 1910: the Governments of Argentina and Uruguay sign a protocol regarding the waters of the Río de la Plata.
  • 1911: in Buenos Aires (Argentina) the Almagro club is founded.
  • 1911: the German-Russian agreement is signed for the construction of a railway line that will link Persia with the Berlin-Baghdad axis.
  • 1912: New Mexico becomes part of the United States as the forty-seventh state.
  • 1914: The Merrill Lynch Company is founded in the United States.
  • 1914: In the United States, Henry Ford reduces the assembly time of the Model T automobile to an hour and a half and establishes the 8-hour day in his factories.
  • 1915: in England, the River Thames experiences a spectacular flood.
  • 1916: in the United Kingdom, the parliament votes the law on the introduction of compulsory military service for single men.
  • 1918: Germany recognizes the Republic of Finland.
  • 1918: in Costa Rica, in the midst of the uprising against the dictator Pelico Tinoco, the Irazú volcano erupts, filling the entire central Valley with ash.
  • 1919: a communist (Spartacist) uprising led by Karl Liebknecht, Rosa Luxemburg and Georg Ledebour fails in Germany.
  • 1924: in Estella, Navarra, Spain, the Izarra Soccer Club is founded.
  • 1927: the United States Marines invade Nicaragua.
  • 1928: Pope Pius XI rejects any type of ecumenical proposal from the evangelical churches, considering them “dangerous intrigues.”
  • 1929: in Yugoslavia, Alexander I suspends the constitution, dissolves the National Assembly and establishes a dictatorship.
  • 1932: in La Paz (Entre Ríos, Argentina) a frustrated attempt at radical revolution is made.
  • 1936: in Europe the Franco-Russian trade agreement is renewed, which for the Soviet Union means a credit of 800 million francs.
  • 1937: in the United States, Congress establishes an arms embargo for both belligerents of the Spanish Civil War.
  • 1939: in Spain the last issue of the weekly L’Esquella de la Torratxa is published.
  • 1940: in the Winter War, General Semión Timoshenko assumes command of the Russian army.
  • 1942: in the Buchenwald concentration camp the first Nazi experiments with human beings on the exanthematic typhus begin.
  • 1945: in Spain, the writer Carmen Laforet receives the first Nadal Prize for her novel Nada de ella.
  • 1945: in Poland – in the framework of World War II – Soviet troops occupy the Auschwitz concentration camp and release more than five thousand prisoners.
  • 1947: in the United States, George C. Marshall is appointed Secretary of State.
  • 1947: the remains of the composer Manuel de Falla, who died in Alta Gracia (Argentina), arrive in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
  • 1947: Miguel Delibes receives the Nadal Prize.
  • 1953: in Rangoon the conference of the socialist parties of Asia is inaugurated.
  • 1957: the Soviet Union, Romania, Czechoslovakia and Hungary publish a statement on the “betrayal” of Imre Nagy.
  • 1963: in Brazil the presidential system is returned through a plebiscite and João Goulart is elected president.
  • 1967: in Venezuela, President Raúl Leoni inaugurates the Angostura Bridge, over the Orinoco River. At the time of its completion it was the ninth suspension bridge in the world and the first in Latin America.
  • 1968: The United States launches the Surveyor 7 space probe.
  • 1968: in Argentina the Revolutionary Communist Party of Argentina is founded.
  • 1973: in Managua, capital of Nicaragua, after two weeks of hard work, the last fires caused by the earthquake of December 23 of the previous year were put out.
  • 1974: the United Kingdom introduces the three-day working week, due to the energy shortage caused by the strike in the mining industry.
  • 1983: the band Red Hot Chili Peppers is founded in the United States.
  • 1985: pressure on Sudan forces Israel to suspend “Operation Moses”, through which it secretly carried out a massive rescue of Ethiopian Jews.
  • 1986: in Liberia General Samuel Kanyon Doe is inaugurated head of state.
  • 1991: in Mali a peace agreement is signed with the Tuareg.
  • 1992: in Georgia (Asia), President Zviad Gamsajurdia is overthrown by a military junta.
  • 1994: Paraguay enters the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) as the 115th member country.
  • 1998: in Algeria, during the first week of the holy month of Ramadan, armed fundamentalist groups murder more than five hundred people.
  • 1998: in Ecatepec (State of Mexico) the construction of the Cathedral of Ecatepec begins.
  • 2002: in Argentina the convertible peso is devalued.
  • 2004: the Coriolis earth observation satellite is launched in the United States of America.
  • 2016: North Korea detonates a 6 kiloton hydrogen bomb at the Punggye-ri atomic test base (in the northeast of the country), at 9:00 am (local time). The bombs used in the atomic bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki (in 1945) were 13 and 22 kilotons.
  • 2020: In South Korea, K-pop group X1 (in Hangul: 엑스 원), created in the survival show Produce X 101 (In Hangul: 프로듀스 X 101), the largest and most popular program in South Korea Produced by Mnet, it is separated due to rumors about vote manipulation, this decision being made in 10 minutes by the Entertainment agencies (Oui Entertainment, Brand New Music, Play M Entertainment, DSP Media, Top Media, and Woollim Entertainment, Starship Entertainment , Yuehua Entertainment, and MBK Entertainment.) Consequently leaving millions of broken hearts for the group’s fans.
  • 2021: There is an assault on the United States Capitol, similar unprecedented in its almost two and a half centuries of history, by a group of supporters of then President Donald Trump, opposed to the ratification of Joe Biden to succeed the mandate .

Who was Born “A Day as Today”?

A Day as Today - Born - Dorian's Secrets
Who was Born “A Day as Today”?

January 6 – A Day as Today – Births

  • 1367: Richard II, English King (d. 1400).
  • 1412: Joan of Arc, French heroine, canonized by the Catholic Church (d. 1431).
  • 1500: Juan de Ávila, Spanish monk and mystical writer (d. 1569).
  • 1587: Gaspar de Guzmán (Count-Duke of Olivares), Spanish aristocrat and politician (d. 1645).
  • 1634: Hugo de Omerique, Spanish scientist (d. 1705).
  • 1655: Eleanor Magdalena of Palatinate-Neoburg, Austrian aristocrat (d. 1720), wife of Emperor Leopold I.
  • 1659: José Brasanelli, Italian architect and artist (d. 1728).
  • 1702: José de Nebra, Spanish composer (d. 1768).
  • 1714: Percivall Pott, British physicist (d. 1788).
  • 1745: Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier, French pioneer of aviation (d. 1799).
  • 1766: Gaspar Rodríguez de Francia, independence leader and Paraguayan president (d. 1840).
  • 1775: Auguste Jean Ameil, French brigadier general (d. 1822).
  • 1795: Anselme Payen, French chemist, physicist and mathematician (d. 1871).
  • 1799: Jedediah Smith, American hunter, trapper, fur trader, and explorer (d. 1831).
  • 1803: Henri Herz, Austrian composer and pianist (d. 1888).
  • 1806: Christian Eduard Langethal, German botanist (d. 1878).
  • 1808: Marie Josephine Mathilde Durocher, Franco-Brazilian midwife (d. 1893).
  • 1815: Francisco González de Prada, Peruvian jurist (d. 1863).
  • 1820: Juan Zuazua, Mexican military (d. 1860).
  • 1822: Heinrich Schliemann, Prussian businessman, millionaire and archaeologist (d. 1890).
  • 1832: Gustave Doré, French painter and sculptor (d. 1883).
  • 1838: Max Bruch, German conductor and composer (d. 1920).
  • 1847: Ricardo Zamacois, Spanish actor and singer (d. 1888).
  • 1850: Eduard Bernstein, German politician (d. 1932).
  • 1858: Albert Henry Munsell, American painter (d. 1918).
  • 1861: Victor Horta, Belgian architect (d. 1947).
  • 1870: Gustav Bauer, German politician, chancellor between 1919 and 1920 (d. 1944).
  • 1871: Regina Pacini, Argentine soprano born in Portugal, wife of President Marcelo T. de Alvear (d. 1965).
  • 1872: Aleksandr Skriabin, Russian composer and pianist (d. 1915).
  • 1873: Joaquín Mir, Spanish painter (f. 1940).
  • 1877: Rodolfo Lehmann, doctor and governor of the province of Santa Fe (d. 1936)
  • 1878: Nicanor Piñole, Spanish painter (d. 1978).
  • 1878: Carl Sandburg, American poet, novelist and historian (d. 1967).
  • 1880: Tom Mix, American actor (d. 1940).
  • 1883: Yibrán Jalil Yibrán, Lebanese writer, painter and thinker (d. 1931).
  • 1897: Anton Lopatin, Soviet military man (d. 1963).
  • 1900: Pierre-Octave Ferroud, French composer (d. 1936).
  • 1905: Mariano Castillo, Chilean chess player (d. 1970).
  • 1912: Celso Emilio Ferreiro, Spanish poet (d. 1979).
  • 1913: Edward Gierek, Polish communist politician (d. 2001).
  • 1913: Loretta Young, American actress (d. 2000).
  • 1915: Alan Watts, British philosopher and writer (d. 1973).
  • 1916: Mario Cabré, Spanish bullfighter (d. 1990).
  • 1920: John Maynard Smith, British biologist (d. 2004).
  • 1920: Sun Myung Moon, Korean evangelist, leader of the Moon sect (d. 2012).
  • 1922: Eusebio Tejera, Uruguayan soccer player (d. 2002).
  • 1923: Santiago Grisolía, biochemist and Spanish aristocrat.
  • 1923: Jacobo Timerman, Argentine journalist (f. 1999).
  • 1924: Kim Dae-jung, South Korean politician, President of South Korea, Nobel Peace Prize in 2000 (d. 2009)
  • 1925: Enrique Carreras, Peruvian-Argentine film director (d. 1995).
  • 1925: John De Lorean, automobile entrepreneur (d. 2005).
  • 1925: Alfonso Grosso, Spanish writer (f. 1995).
  • 1926: Kid Gavilán (Gerardo González), Cuban boxer (f. 2003).
  • 1926: Mickey Hargitay, Hungarian bodybuilder and actor (d. 2006), father of actress Mariska Hargitay.
  • 1926: Gaspar Henaine, Mexican actor and comedian (d. 2011).
  • 1926: Armando Silvestre, Mexican actor.
  • 1930: Melido González, general of the Dominican army (d. 2000)
  • 1931: Enrique Hormazábal, Chilean soccer player (f. 1999).
  • 1933: Justo Tejada, Spanish soccer player.
  • 1934: Tassos Papadopoulos, Cypriot politician, president between 2003 and 2008 (f. 2008).
  • 1934: Sylvia Syms, British actress.
  • 1935: Margarita Gómez-Acebo, Bulgarian queen consort.
  • 1936: Julio María Sanguinetti, Uruguayan lawyer, historian, journalist and politician, twice President of Uruguay between 1985-1990 and 1995-2000.
  • 1936: Alejandro Maldonado Aguirre, Guatemalan politician and lawyer, president of Guatemala between 2015 and 2016.
  • 1936: Antonio López, Spanish painter.
  • 1937: Paolo Conte, Italian singer-songwriter.
  • 1937: Lou Holtz, American football coach.
  • 1937: Doris Troy, American singer, of the band The Sweet Inspirations.
  • 1937: Harri Holkeri, Finnish politician (d. 2011).
  • 1938: Adriano Celentano, Italian singer and actor.
  • 1938: Mario Rodríguez Cobos, Argentine writer (d. 2010).
  • 1939: Valeri Lobanovski, Ukrainian footballer and coach (d. 2002).
  • 1940: Van McCoy, American musician and composer (d. 1979).
  • 1942: Aleksandr Beliáyev, Russian writer of science fiction.
  • 1942: Rosa María Mateo, Spanish television presenter.
  • 1943: Osvaldo Soriano, Argentine writer and journalist (f. 1997).
  • 1943: Gregorio Badeni, Argentine jurist and constitutionalist (f. 2020).
  • 1943: Terry Venables, former British football coach and player.
  • 1944: Rolf M. Zinkernagel, Swiss immunopathologist, Nobel laureate in Medicine in 1996.
  • 1946: Syd Barrett, British musician, founding member of the band Pink Floyd (d. 2006).
  • 1946: Claudio Levrino, Argentine actor (d. 1980).
  • 1947: Luis Hierro López, Uruguayan politician, vice president between 2000 and 2005.
  • 1948: Javier Tejada Palacios, Spanish physicist.
  • 1949: Juan Carlos Bello, Peruvian swimmer.
  • 1949: Fernando Elizondo Barragán, Mexican politician, lawyer and businessman.
  • 1950: Eloy Arenas, Spanish humorist.
  • 1950: Carmelo Cabrera, Spanish basketball player.
  • 1953: Malcolm Young, Scottish-Australian guitarist, of the band AC / DC (f. 2017).
  • 1954: Anthony Minghella, British filmmaker and screenwriter (d. 2008).
  • 1954: Pedro Olaechea, Peruvian economist, businessman and politician.
  • 1955: Rowan Atkinson, British actor and comedian.
  • 1956: Justin Welby, British Archbishop.
  • 1960: Nigella Lawson, British cook.
  • 1962: Andrea Tenuta, Argentine actress and singer.
  • 1963: Gonzalo Bonadeo, Argentine sports journalist.
  • 1964: Rafael Vidal, Venezuelan swimmer (f. 2005).
  • 1964: Yuri, Mexican singer.
  • 1965: Bjørn Lomborg, Danish writer, teacher and environmentalist (The Skeptical Ecologist).
  • 1966: Sharon Cuneta, Filipino actress and singer.
  • 1966: A.R. Rahman, Indian composer, producer and musician.
  • 1968: John Singleton, American filmmaker (f. 2019).
  • 1968: Miguel Iza, Peruvian actor.
  • 1969: Norman Reedus, American actor.
  • 1970: Leonardo Astrada, Argentine footballer.
  • 1970: Rubén Capria, Argentine soccer player.
  • 1971: Kay Rush, American presenter.
  • 1972: Nek, Italian singer.
  • 1972: Oleksandr Golovko, Ukrainian footballer.
  • 1974: Carlos Cordone, Argentine footballer.
  • 1974: Nicole DeHuff, American actress (f. 2005).
  • 1974: Tiaré Scanda, Mexican actress.
  • 1975: Josico, Spanish footballer.
  • 1975: Daniela Krukower, Argentine judoka.
  • 1976: Johnny Yong Bosch, American actor.
  • 1977: Quequé (Héctor de Miguel), Spanish humorist.
  • 1978: David García Cubillo, Spanish footballer.
  • 1978: Cédric Roussel, Belgian footballer.
  • 1979: Juris Laizāns, Latvian footballer.
  • 1981: Mike Jones, American rapper.
  • 1981: Rinko Kikuchi, Japanese actress.
  • 1981: Lyudmyla Pekur, Ukrainian footballer.
  • 1982: Gilbert Arenas, American basketball player.
  • 1982: Eddie Redmayne, British actor.
  • 1984: Guillermo Santa Cruz, Argentine actor.
  • 1986: Irina Shayk, Russian actress and model.
  • 1986: Alex Turner, British musician, of the band Arctic Monkeys.
  • 1986: Álvaro Brachi, Spanish footballer.
  • 1989: Olha Boichenko, Ukrainian footballer.
  • 1989: Sergio León, Spanish soccer player.
  • 1991: Marta Carro, Spanish soccer player.
  • 1993: Vitaliy Buyalskyi, Ukrainian footballer.
  • 1994: JB, leader of the group Got7, South Korean dancer, singer, model, painter and photographer.
  • 1996: Courtney Eaton, Australian actress and model.

Who Left Us “A Day as Today”?

A Day as Today - Who left us - Dorian's Secrets
Who Left Us “A Day as Today”?

January 6 – A Day as Today – Deaths

  • 1275: Raimundo de Peñafort, Dominican and Barcelonan jurist (b. 1180).
  • 1361: Jean Birelle, French monk, “general” of the Carthusian order (b.?).
  • 1373: Andrés Corsini, Florentine Carmelite religious, canonized by the Catholic Church (b.1302).
  • 1492: Pedro Fernández III de Velasco, Spanish military man (b.1425).
  • 1536: Baldassarre Peruzzi, Italian painter and architect (b.1481).
  • 1567: Alessandro de Medici, Florentine aristocrat (b. 1510).
  • 1598: Theodore I, Russian Tsar (b. 1557).
  • 1611: Juan de Ribera, archbishop and Valencian viceroy (b. 1532).
  • 1670: Carlos de Sezze, Italian religious, canonized by the Catholic Church (b. 1613).
  • 1752: Pompeo Aldrovandi, Italian bishop (b.1668).
  • 1803: Franz Xaver Feuchtmayer the Younger, German sculptor (b. 1735).
  • 1827: Francisco de Eguía. Spanish military man (b. 1750).
  • 1831: Rodolphe Kreutzer, French violinist, conductor and composer (b. 1766).
  • 1840: Frances Burney, British writer (b. 1752).
  • 1852: Louis Braille, French inventor, creator of the main reading system for the blind (b. 1809).
  • 1876: Manuel María Mallarino, Colombian politician and writer (b. 1808).
  • 1884: Gregor Mendel, Austrian Augustinian botanist and monk (b. 1822).
  • 1888: Manuel Fernández y González, Spanish writer (b. 1821).
  • 1905: José María Gabriel y Galán, Spanish poet (b. 1870).
  • 1918: Georg Cantor, German mathematician (b.1845).
  • 1919: Theodore Roosevelt, American politician, president between 1901 and 1909 (b. 1858).
  • 1921: Devil Anse Hatfield, American, leader of the Hatfield family during the conflict between the Hatfields and the McCoys, in the United States (b. 1839).
  • 1925: Ferdinand Löwe, Austrian conductor and arranger (b. 1865).
  • 1925: Rafaela Porras y Ayllón, Spanish nun and founder of the Slaves of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (b. 1850)
  • 1945: Edith Frank-Holländer, Dutch citizen (b.1899), mother of Anne Frank.
  • 1947: Adolfo d’Empaire Andrade, Venezuelan physician (b. 1873).
  • 1949: Victor Fleming, American filmmaker (b. 1889).
  • 1952: José Antonio Lezcano, Nicaraguan Archbishop (b. 1866).
  • 1974: David Alfaro Siqueiros, Mexican painter (b. 1896).
  • 1976: Óscar Esplá, Spanish composer (b. 1886).
  • 1978: Burt Munro, New Zealand motorcyclist (b.1899).
  • 1979: Nicanor Villalta, Spanish bullfighter (b. 1897).
  • 1979: Giorgio Colli, Italian philosopher (b.1917).
  • 1981: A. J. Cronin, British novelist (b.1896).
  • 1981: Antonio Suárez, Spanish cyclist (b.1932).
  • 1984: Brígido Iriarte, Venezuelan multiathlete (b.1921)
  • 1990: Pavel Alekseyevich Cherenkov, Soviet physicist, Nobel laureate in Physics in 1958.
  • 1991: Antonio Blanco Freijeiro, Spanish archaeologist (b.1923).
  • 1993: Dizzy Gillespie, American trumpeter (b.1917).
  • 1993: Rudolf Nureyev, Russian dancer and choreographer (b. 1938).
  • 1995: Agustín Gaínza, Spanish soccer player (b. 1922).
  • 1995: Joe Slovo, South African Jewish communist politician of Lithuanian origin (b.1926).
  • 1999: Michel Petrucciani, French jazz pianist (b.1962).
  • 2004: Chany Mallo, Argentine actress.
  • 2004: Gastón Pons Muzzo, Peruvian chemist (b.1922).
  • 2006: Lou Rawls, American singer (b.1933).
  • 2006: Comandanta Ramona (47), Mexican military, representative of the Zapatista Army (b. 1959).
  • 2007: Frederic Etsou, Congolese cardinal (b.1930).
  • 2007: Peter Kleinow, American country music guitarist (b.1934).
  • 2008: Fernando Beorlegui, Spanish painter (b.1928).
  • 2008: Luis D’Jallad, Argentine writer (b. 1922).
  • 2008: María Victoria Llamas, Mexican communicator (b.1940).
  • 2010: Manuel Falces, Spanish photographer (b. 1952).
  • 2012: Anilda Leão, Brazilian poet, writer, feminist activist, actress and singer (b.1923).
  • 2013: Reginald Dean, British supercentennial (b.1902).
  • 2013: Enrique Meneses, Spanish journalist, writer and photographer (b.1929).
  • 2013: Bart Van den Bossche, Belgian singer and television presenter (b. 1964).
  • 2014: Aitizaz Hasán, Pakistani student victim of Islamic terrorism (b. 1998).
  • 2014: Marina Ginestà, Catalan journalist, translator and communist activist (b.1919)
  • 2014: Mónica Spear, Venezuelan actress and model, former Miss Venezuela (b.1984).
  • 2014: Todd Williams, American football player (b. 1978).
  • 2015: Vlastimil Bubník, Czech ice hockey player and footballer (b.1931).
  • 2016: Silvana Pampanini, Italian actress (b.1925).
  • 2017: Octavio Lepage, Venezuelan politician (b.1923).
  • 2019: Francisco Sánchez, Spanish physicist and economist (b. 1998).

What is Celebrated “A Day as Today”?

A Day as Today - Celebrated - Dorian's Secrets
What is Celebrated “A Day as Today”?

January 6 – A Day as Today – Celebrations

  • Mexico:
    • Holy Kings day.
    • Nurse day.
  • Peru: Descent of Kings
  • Nicaragua: Day of the Magi.
  • Uruguay: Three Kings Day.
  • Italy: Day of the Witch Befana (equivalent to Three Kings Day).
  • Spain: Day of the Magi.
  • Panama Three Kings Day.
  • Dominican Republic Three Kings Day.
  • Bolivia Day of the Magi.
  • Puerto Rico: Day of the Holy Kings.
  • Venezuela:
    • Mass of sport.
    • Three Kings Day.
  • Ecuador: Day of the Magi.
  • Colombia:
    • Three Kings Day.
    • Fifth day of the Carnival of Blacks and Whites, carnival in Pasto.

Catholic Santoral “A Day as Today”

A Day as Today - Catholic Santoral - Dorian's Secrets
Catholic Santoral “A Day as Today”

January 6 – A Day as Today – Catholic Santoral

  • Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord, in which three manifestations of Jesus Christ are remembered if Sunday falls, otherwise the Wedding at Cana is celebrated.
  • Adoration of the Magi
  • saints Julián and Basilisa, martyrs (4th century).
  • Saint Felix of Nantes, bishop (582).
  • Blessed Macarius of Würzburg, abbot (1153).
  • Saint Raimundo de Peñafort (1275).
  • Saint Peter Thomas, Bishop of Constantinople, of the Order of Carmelites (1366).
  • Saint Andrew Corsini, bishop, of the Order of Carmelites (1373).
  • Saint Juan de Ribera, bishop (1611).
  • Saint Charles de Seze, religious of the Order of Friars Minor (1670).
  • Saint Rafaela María del Sagrado Corazón Porras Ayllón, virgin, founder of the Congregation of the Slaves of the Sacred Heart (1925).
  • Blessed Andrés Bessette (Alfredo), religious of the Congregation of the Holy Cross (1937).

What Sign of the Zodiac Rules those Born “A Day as Today”?

Capricorn Predictions
Capricorn Predictions

January 6 – A Day as Today – Zodiac sign

♑ Capricorn:

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