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March 6 – A Day as Today - European Speech Therapy Day!

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March 6 – A Day as Today – Dorian’s Secrets

Table of Contents:
In the Gregorian Calendar, March 6 is the 65th
(sixtieth – fifth) day of the year.

There are 300 days left until the end of 2021!

Quote of the Day…

I love limitations, because they are the cause of inspiration.

— Susan Sontag

Events that Happened “A Day as Today”

A Day as Today - Events - Dorian's Secrets
Events that Happened “Such a Day as Today” / Image Credit: Gerd Altmann

March 6 – A Day as Today – Events

  • 1447: Nicholas V takes over as pope.
  • 1479: the Treaty of Alcáçovas is signed, in which Portugal delivers the Canary Islands to Castile in exchange for possessions in West Africa.
  • 1521: in the Pacific Ocean, the Portuguese navigator Fernando de Magallanes arrives on the island of Guam.
  • 1537: on the maritime coast of Peru, 12 km from Lima (which was in the interior), the Spanish Diego Ruiz obtains the license to inaugurate a dairy in the port, thus founding the Villa del Callao.
  • 1593: in Colombia, the municipality of Tópaga (Boyacá) is founded
  • 1665: in London, the first secretary of the Royal Society, Henry Oldenburg, publishes the first number of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society.
  • 1714: the peace treaty is signed that puts an end to the struggles between France and Austria in the War of the Spanish Succession.
  • 1728: in Madrid the Agreement of El Pardo is signed, which signifies the failure of the Spanish alliance with Austria and the acceptance, again, of the Treaty of Utrecht.
  • 1788: the group of British ships called the First Fleet arrives at Norfolk Island (1400 km east of Australia) to found a penal colony.
  • 1812: in present-day Venezuela, the forces of the Spanish captain Domingo de Monteverde take Caracas.
  • 1831: at the Carcano Theater in Milan (Italy) the opera La sonnambula, by Vincenzo Bellini, is premiered.
  • 1834: in Havana (Cuba) the Cuban Academy of Literature is officially constituted.
  • 1836: in Texas the siege of the Alamo ends, surrounded by 1,400 Mexican soldiers. All 187 Texan volunteers die, including Davy Crockett and Colonel Jim Bowie.
  • 1845: in Ecuador there is a civil revolution with a nationalist tendency that will depose Juan José Flores and take Vicente Ramón Roca to the presidency, responsible for a new constitution.
  • 1853: the opera La Traviata, by Giuseppe Verdi, is premiered in Venice.
  • 1854: slavery is abolished in Ecuador.
  • 1857: in the United States, the Supreme Court decides the case Dred Scott v. Sandford, which deprives all inhabitants of African descent – whether slaves or not -, the right to citizenship, and takes away from Congress the authority to prohibit slavery in federal territories of the country.
  • 1862: During the Second French intervention in Mexico, the explosion of the San Andrés bus station occurred, in which more than a thousand soldiers and civilians were accidentally killed.
  • 1862: in Spain the Alcázar de Segovia, headquarters of the Artillery Academy during the reign of Carlos III, burns down.
  • 1869: Dmitri Mendeleev presents his first periodic table to the Russian Chemical Society.
  • 1882: the kingdom of Serbia is re-founded.
  • 1882: in Havana, the American company Edison Telephone Exchange inaugurates the first telephone service in Cuba.
  • 1899: In Germany, the pharmaceutical company Bayer registers aspirin as a trademark.
  • 1900: the Canarian archipelago is declared a free port, after a declaration about it in 1852 was ratified by law.
  • 1901: in Bremen (Germany) they attack Kaiser Wilhelm II.
  • 1902: in Madrid, the Real Madrid Football Club, born in the late 1900s, was officially legalized.
  • 1905: Colombia and Costa Rica sign a treaty that definitively establishes the limits between both countries.
  • 1912: in Janzur ―35 km west of Tripoli (Libya) -, the Italian army uses two airships at a height of 2000 m to drop bombs on the Turkish camp. This is the first use of air force in a war.
  • 1913: in Baltimore (United States) 100 people die as a result of the explosion of a dynamite deposit.
  • 1916: the ocean liner Príncipe de Asturias sinks in Brazilian waters; 338 passengers and 107 crew members perish.
  • 1920: the Cervantes room is inaugurated in the National Library (Madrid).
  • 1921: in Portugal the Portuguese Communist Party is created as a Portuguese chapter of the Comintern (Communist International).
  • 1926: in Barcelona the Board of the Bar Association is dissolved by royal order and a new one is appointed.
  • 1929: a theatrical premiere is broadcast by radio for the first time from the Spanish Theater in Madrid, that of the play Las hogueras de San Juan (by Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena).
  • 1929: the Cuatro Caminos-Tetuán metropolitan line is inaugurated in Madrid.
  • 1930: throughout the world, at the initiative of the Comintern (Communist International), the International Day of the Unemployed is celebrated.
  • 1933: in Greece, General Plastiras – upon learning that the elections granted him a reduced majority – gave a coup d’état and implanted a dictatorship.
  • 1933: Anton Cermak, mayor of Chicago, dies in the United States from injuries received on February 15 in the attack against President-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt.
  • 1934: in the United Kingdom, the Labor Party wins for the first time in the general elections.
  • 1938: in Cartagena (Spain), the republican squad sinks the warship of the Balearic Francoist side. 788 men of his crew perish in the shipwreck.
  • 1940: Finland and the Soviet Union sign an armistice in the framework of the Winter War.
  • 1943: In the United States, Norman Rockwell publishes “Freedom from want” in The Saturday Evening Post magazine with an essay by Carlos Bulosan.
  • 1945: in Germany – within the framework of the Second World War – the US Army occupies the city of Cologne.
  • 1946: Hồ Chí Minh signs an agreement whereby France recognizes Vietnam as a “free” state within the French Community (higher status than a mere colony).
  • 1951: the treason trial against Ethel and Julius Rosenberg begins in the United States.
  • 1953: in the Soviet Union, Georgi Malenkov takes over as successor to Iósif Stalin.
  • 1959: in Havana, the Cuban government approves a 50% reduction in housing rents.
  • 1957: Ghana becomes independent from the British Empire.
  • 1957: Israel withdraws its troops from the Sinai Peninsula.
  • 1964: The leader of the Nation of Islam group, Elijah Muhammad, officially renames boxer Cassius Clay with the name “Muhammad Ali.”
  • 1964: in Greece, Constantine II assumes the title of king.
  • 1965: In South Australia, Prime Minister Tom Playford loses elections after 27 years in power.
  • 1967: in New Delhi (India) the Soviet writer Svetlana Alilúieva Stálina (1926-2011), the only daughter of Iósif Stalin (1878-1953), takes refuge in the United States embassy (a country where she will live for several years). She will return to the Soviet Union in 1984 and regain her citizenship.
  • 1970: in the United Kingdom, The Beatles publish their penultimate single, Let It Be.
  • 1972: in Barcelona (Catalonia), an explosion takes place in a building (on Capitán Arenas street at the corner of Santa Amelia) that causes the death of 19 people. It was initially attributed to a natural gas leak, but later reports from the Official College of Engineers of Barcelona denied it.
  • 1980: in Paris, the writer Marguerite Yourcenar is elected a member of the French Academy.
  • 1983: in Germany, Helmut Kohl and his party regain power.
  • 1986: last sighting of Halley’s Comet in the vicinity of Earth’s orbit; The next visit is estimated to be in the year 2061.
  • 1987: the British ferry Herald of Free Enterprise sinks in Belgian waters; 193 passengers perish.
  • 1990: Pope John Paul II accepts the resignation of the Bishop of the Diocese of Estelí, Monsignor Rubén López Ardón.
  • 1994: in Oracle (Arizona) the second quarantine (which will end in failure) of a year begins for a team of eight scientists within the millionaire Biosphere 2 project, built as a self-sufficient ecosystem.
  • 1994: in Mexico, Luis Donaldo Colosio gives a famous speech at the Monument to the Revolution as a PRI candidate for the presidency.
  • 1997: in Quito (Ecuador) the University Sports League Stadium is inaugurated.
  • 1999: in a forest on the outskirts of Denver (United States), Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold record on their video camera a shooting practice with some friends (they do not know that it is a dress rehearsal of what would happen a month later in the Columbine massacre.
  • 1999: in Chile begins the transmissions of the radio FM Dos.
  • 2000: PS2 goes on sale
  • 2002: in Spain, the Real Club Deportivo de la Coruña wins the Copa del Rey on the centenary of Real Madrid.
  • 2005: Bolivian President Carlos Mesa announces his resignation.
  • 2008: in Jerusalem (Israel) a Palestinian shoots and murders eight Israeli students in the yeshiva (religious school) Mercaz HaRav.
  • 2011: In Hays County (Texas), the Indian Krishna guru Prakashanand Sáraswati escapes from the United States with the help of some female disciples. Two days earlier he had been convicted of molesting minors in the 1980s and 1990s.
  • 2020: the first case of coronavirus is confirmed in Peru.
  • 2020: the first case of coronavirus in Colombia is confirmed.

Who was Born “A Day as Today”?

A Day as Today - Births - Dorian's Secrets
Who was Born “A Day as Today”? / Image Credit: Susanne Jutzeler

March 6 – A Day as Today – Births

  • 1340: Juan de Gante, English aristocrat (d. 1399).
  • 1405: Juan II of Castile, Castilian king between 1406 and 1454 (d. 1454).
  • 1459: Jakob Fugger, German banker and merchant.
  • 1475: Michelangelo, Italian painter and sculptor.
  • 1481: Baldassare Peruzzi, Italian painter and architect.
  • 1492: Juan Luis Vives, Spanish humanist, philosopher and pedagogue.
  • 1508 – Humayun, Mughal emperor.
  • 1619: Cyrano de Bergerac, French writer.
  • 1714: Jean-Baptiste Marie Pierre, French painter and printmaker.
  • 1716: Pehr Kalm, Swedish botanist and explorer.
  • 1779: Antoine-Henri Jomini, French general.
  • 1785: Karol Kurpiński, Polish composer (d. 1856).
  • 1787: Joseph von Fraunhofer, German astronomer.
  • 1798: Jasmin, French poet.
  • 1803: José Víctor Jiménez, Mexican politician (d. 1885).
  • 1805: Guillermo Schulz, Spanish-German engineer (d. 1877).
  • 1806 – Elizabeth Barrett Browning, British poet.
  • 1839: Olegario Víctor Andrade, Argentine poet, journalist and politician.
  • 1862: Guerrita, Spanish bullfighter.
  • 1866: Mariana Álvarez Bollo Carretero, Spanish educator and writer.
  • 1870: Oscar Straus, Austrian composer (d. 1954).
  • 1871: Udón Pérez, Venezuelan writer, playwright and poet (d. 1926).
  • 1881: María Blanchard, Spanish painter (d. 1932).
  • 1885: Rosario Bourdon, Canadian conductor and cellist.
  • 1885: Ring Lardner, American journalist and writer.
  • 1891: Victoria Kent, Spanish politician and activist.
  • 1900: Lefty Grove, American baseball player.
  • 1900: Gina Cigna, Italian soprano (f.2001)
  • 1900: Abraham Shlonsky, Ukrainian-Israeli poet and editor (d. 1973).
  • 1902: Germán Vergara Donoso, Chilean lawyer and politician.
  • 1903: Kōjun, Japanese empress.
  • 1904: José Antonio Aguirre, Spanish politician.
  • 1905: Enrique García Sayán, Peruvian politician (d. 1978).
  • 1905: Bob Wills, American singer and actor (d. 1975).
  • 1906: Lou Costello, American actor.
  • 1910: Eduardo Caballero Calderón, Colombian novelist and politician.
  • 1910: Ejler Bille, Danish artist.
  • 1913: Ana María Barrenechea, Argentine writer, linguist and literary critic. (f. 2010).
  • 1917: Will Eisner, American cartoonist and graphic novelist.
  • 1917: Samael Aun Weor (Víctor Manuel Gómez Rodríguez), writer and Colombian Gnostic leader.
  • 1917: Frankie Howerd, British actor (d. 1992).
  • 1920: María Maluenda, Chilean actress and politician (d. 2011).
  • 1920: Víctor Humareda, Peruvian painter (f. 1986).
  • 1924: Ottmar Walter, German footballer (d. 2013).
  • 1925: Wes Montgomery, American jazz guitarist.
  • 1926: Alan Greenspan, American economist.
  • 1926: Andrzej Wajda, Polish filmmaker (d. 2016).
  • 1927: Gabriel García Márquez, Colombian writer, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982 (f. 2014).
  • 1928: Zoe Ducós, Argentine actress (f. 2002).
  • 1930: Lorin Maazel, French-American conductor and musician (d. 2014).
  • 1930: Fernando Quiñones, Spanish writer.
  • 1931: Everett Rogers, American sociologist.
  • 1932: Bronisław Geremek, Polish historian and politician (d. 2008).
  • 1932ː Gladys de La Lastra, Panamanian composer and educator (f. 2005)
  • 1933: Mariano Arana, Uruguayan politician.
  • 1933: Héctor Luis Gradassi, Argentine motorist (d. 2003).
  • 1936: Angelino Fons, Spanish screenwriter and filmmaker.
  • 1936: Choummaly Sayasone, president of Laos.
  • 1937: José Francisco Peña Gómez, Dominican politician.
  • 1937: Valentina Tereshkova, Soviet cosmonaut.
  • 1939: Canelita Medina, Venezuelan singer.
  • 1939: Margarita de Borbón, Spanish aristocrat.
  • 1944: Kiri Te Kanawa, New Zealand soprano.
  • 1944: Mary Wilson, American singer, of the band The Supremes.
  • 1944: Luis González de Alba, Mexican writer, essayist and politician. (f. 2016).
  • 1944: Elsa Cross, is a Mexican poet, literary translator and essayist.
  • 1944: Mary Wilson, American soul singer (d. 2021).
  • 1946: David Gilmour, British guitarist, of the Pink Floyd band.
  • 1947: Dick Fosbury, American athlete.
  • 1947: Rob Reiner, American actor and filmmaker.
  • 1951: Gerrie Knetemann, Dutch cyclist.
  • 1953: Carolyn Porco, American planetary scientist.
  • 1954: Harald Schumacher, German footballer.
  • 1956: Jorge Nisco, Argentine filmmaker and television director.
  • 1957: Juan Domingo Roldán, nicknamed “Martillo”, Argentine boxer (f. 2020).
  • 1957: Yoshiyuki Matsuoka, Japanese judoka.
  • 1959: Lobo Carrasco, professional soccer player.
  • 1959: Tom Arnold, American actor, screenwriter and comedian.
  • 1960: Walter Giardino, Argentine guitarist, of the band Rata Blanca.
  • 1962: Ignacio Santos, Cuban journalist, nationalized from Costa Rica.
  • 1964: Madonna Wayne Gacy, American musician.
  • 1964: Sandro Rosell i Feliu, Spanish president of the Barcelona Football Club.
  • 1967: Julio Bocca, Argentine dancer.
  • 1968: Moira Kelly, American actress.
  • 1968: Carlos Mac Allister, Argentine soccer player and politician.
  • 1968: Michael Romeo, American guitarist, of the band Symphony X.
  • 1969: Andrea Elson, American actress.
  • 1969: Álvaro Fernández Armero, Spanish filmmaker.
  • 1970: Chris Broderick, American guitarist, of the band Megadeth.
  • 1971: Darrick Martin, American basketball player.
  • 1971: Sean Morley, Canadian professional wrestler.
  • 1972: Shaquille O’Neal, American basketball player.
  • 1973: Michael Finley, American basketball player.
  • 1973: Peter Lindgren, Swedish guitarist, of the band Opeth.
  • 1975: Aracely Arámbula, Mexican actress and singer.
  • 1976: Kenneth Anderson, American professional wrestler.
  • 1977: Ernesto D’Alessio, Mexican actor and singer.
  • 1977: Paquillo Fernández, Spanish marching runner.
  • 1979: Klovis Herboso, Bolivian singer.
  • 1979: Tim Howard, American footballer.
  • 1981: Ellen Muth, American actress.
  • 1983: Andranik Teymourian, Iranian footballer.
  • 1984: Daniel de Ridder, Dutch footballer.
  • 1985: Alaska Thunderfuck 5000, American drag queen.
  • 1986: Jake Arrieta, American baseball player.
  • 1986: Nahuel Pérez Biscayart, Argentine actor.
  • 1986: Francisco Cervelli, Italian-Venezuelan baseball player.
  • 1987: Kevin-Prince Boateng, Ghanaian footballer.
  • 1988: Paloma Bloyd, Spanish actress.
  • 1988: Agnes Carlsson, Swedish singer.
  • 1989: Agnieszka Radwanska, Polish tennis player.
  • 1990: Clara Lago, Spanish actress.
  • 1991: Rodrigo Moreno Machado, Hispanic-Brazilian soccer player.
  • 1993: Kevin Holtz, Luxembourg footballer.
  • 1994: Marcus Smart, American basketball player.
  • 1996: Timo Werner, German footballer.
  • 1996: Antonino La Gumina, Italian footballer.
  • 2000: Jacob Bertrand, American actor.
  • 2001: Milo Manheim, American actor and singer.

Who Left Us “A Day as Today”?

A Day as Today - Deaths - Dorian's Secrets
Who Left Us “A Day as Today”? / Image Credit: Katrina

March 6 – A Day as Today – Deaths

  • 190: Liu Bian, Chinese Emperor (b. 176).
  • 653: Li Ke, Chinese prince.
  • 903: Su Jian, Chinese official and chancellor.
  • 1447: Saint Colette, French nun.
  • 1531: Pedrarias Dávila, governor of Panama and Nicaragua.
  • 1606: Toribio de Mogrovejo, Peruvian bishop.
  • 1683: Guarino Guarini, Italian architect, philosopher and mathematician.
  • 1755: Pier Leone Ghezzi, Italian painter (b.1674).
  • 1836: James Bonham, American lawyer and soldier (b.1807).
  • 1836 – James Bowie, American colonel (b. 1796).
  • 1836: Davy Crockett, American soldier and politician (b. 1786).
  • 1836: William B. Travis, American Lieutenant Colonel and lawyer (b.1809).
  • 1842: Constanze Mozart, German personality.
  • 1845: Melitón Pérez del Camino, Spanish admiral.
  • 1854: Charles Vane, Irish colonel and diplomat, Under Secretary of State for War and the Colonies (b. 1778).
  • 1866 – William Whewell, British theologian, philosopher and scientist.
  • 1867: Peter von Cornelius, German painter (b. 1783).
  • 1870: José Rodríguez Losada, Spanish watchmaker.
  • 1878: Harald Jerichau, Danish painter (b. 1852).
  • 1888: Louisa May Alcott, American novelist.
  • 1899: Victoria Ka’iulani, Hawaiian princess (b. 1875).
  • 1900: Gottlieb Daimler, German car manufacturer.
  • 1902: Antonio Vico y Pintos, Spanish actor.
  • 1902: Moritz Kaposi, Hungarian dermatologist.
  • 1924: Augusto Font Carreras, Spanish architect (b. 1846).
  • 1926: Constant Chatenier, French biologist (b. 1849).
  • 1930 – Alfred von Tirpitz, German admiral (b.1849).
  • 1932 – John Philip Sousa, American Marching Composer (b.1854).
  • 1938: Pachín de Melás, Spanish writer (b. 1877).
  • 1939: Ferdinand von Lindemann, German mathematician and academic (b. 1852).
  • 1946: Antonio Caso, Mexican philosopher (b. 1883).
  • 1950: Albert Lebrun, French politician (b.1871).
  • 1951: Ivor Novello, British actor (b. 1893).
  • 1952: Jürgen Stroop, Nazi general of the SS (b.1895).
  • 1958: Teodoro Bardají Mas, Spanish culinary writer and chef (b. 1882).
  • 1964: Enrique Molina Garmendia, Chilean educator and philosopher (b. 1871).
  • 1964: Edward Van Sloan, American actor.
  • 1964: Paul I, Greek aristocrat, king between 1947 and 1964.
  • 1965: Margaret Dumont, American actress (b. 1882).
  • 1965: Eduardo Hernández-Pacheco, Spanish geologist and archaeologist (b. 1872).
  • 1967: Zoltán Kodály, Hungarian composer (b.1882).
  • 1969: Óscar Osorio, Salvadoran military and politician (b.1910).
  • 1973: Pearl S. Buck, American writer, Nobel Prize Winner for literature in 1938 (b. 1892).
  • 1974: Lucio Demare, Argentine composer, musician, conductor and musician (b. 1906).
  • 1982: Ayn Rand, American novelist and philosopher of Russian origin (b.1905).
  • 1983: Cathy Berberian, American singer-songwriter (b.1925).
  • 1986: Georgia O’Keeffe, American artist (b. 1887).
  • 1986: Carlos Vial Infante, Chilean engineer and politician (b. 1892).
  • 1986: Keith Whinnom, British historian (b.1927).
  • 1987: Ramón Andino, Argentine journalist (b.1936).
  • 1989: Harry Andrews, British actor (b.1911).
  • 1989: Agustín Millares Sall, Spanish poet (b.1917).
  • 1992: Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, French painter and sculptor of Portuguese origin (b. 1908).
  • 1994: Melina Mercouri, Greek actress and politician (b.1920).
  • 1996: José de Magalhães Pinto, Brazilian banker and diplomat (b. 1909).
  • 1997: Cheddi Jagan, Guyanese politician, first head of government between 1957 and 1964 (b.1918).
  • 1999: Dennis Viollet, British footballer (b.1931).
  • 2003: Ramón Mestre, Argentine dentist and politician (b. 1937).
  • 2003: Luděk Pachman, Czechoslovakian-German chess player (b.1924).
  • 2004: Frances Dee, American actress (b.1909).
  • 2005: Gladys Marín Millie, Chilean politician, general secretary of the Communist Party of Chile (b. 1941).
  • 2005: Teresa Wright, American actress (b.1918).
  • 2007: Jean Baudrillard, French sociologist and philosopher (b.1929).
  • 2007: José Luis Coll, Spanish humorist (b.1931).
  • 2012: Marquitos, Spanish soccer player (b.1930).
  • 2013: Alvin Lee, British guitarist, of the band Ten Years After (b.1944).
  • 2014: Oscar Osqui Amante, Argentine guitarist and singer, of the band Oveja Negra (b.1949).
  • 2016: Nancy Reagan, American woman, widow of President Ronald Reagan (b.1921).
  • 2016: María Rostworowski, Peruvian historian and researcher (b.1915).
  • 2017: Jesús Silva Herzog Flores :, Mexican politician (b.1935).
  • 2017: Alberto Zedda, Italian conductor (b.1928).
  • 2018: John E. Sulston, British chemist, 2002 Nobel Prize winner in Medicine or Physiology (b.1942).
  • 2019: José Pedro Pérez-Llorca, Spanish politician, diplomat and jurist, one of the seven fathers of the Spanish Constitution of 1978 (b.1940)
  • 2019: Carolee Schneemann, American visual artist (b.1939).

What is Celebrated “A Day as Today”?

A Day as Today - Celebrations - Dorian's Secrets
What is Celebrated “A Day as Today”? / Image Credit: Sakkanan Norkaew

March 6 – A Day as Today – Celebrations

  • European Speech Therapy Day

Catholic Santoral “A Day as Today”

A Day as Today - Saints - Dorian's Secrets
Catholic Santoral “A Day as Today” / Image Credit: Peter H

March 6 – A Day as Today – Catholic Santoral

  • Saint Marciano of Tortona, bishop and martyr
  • Saint Victorinus of Nicomedia, martyr
  • Saint Quirico of Trier, priest (4th century)
  • Saint Evagrius of Constantinople, bishop (c. 378)
  • Saint Julian of Toledo, bishop (d. 690)
  • Fridolino of Säckingen, abbot (8th century) 3
  • Saint Crodegango of Metz, bishop (d. 766)
  • holy martyrs of Syria (f. 848)
  • Saint Olegarius of Barcelona, bishop (d. 1137)
  • Blessed Rosa de Viterbo, Virgin (d. 1253)
  • Santa Coleta Boylet, virgin (d. 1447)

What Sign of the Zodiac Rules those Born “A Day as Today”?

A Day as Today - Zodiac - Dorian's Secrets
Prediction your zodiac sign with Dorian / Image Credit: p2722754

March 6 – A Day as Today – Zodiac Sign

♓ Pisces:

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