May 2 – A Day as Today - World Tuna and Scrapbook Day!

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May 2 – A Day as Today – Dorian’s Secrets

Table of Contents:
In the Gregorian Calendar, May 2 is the 122th
(hundredth – twentieth second) day of the year.

There are 243 days left until the end of 2021!

Quote of the Day…

Dancing is moving sculpture.

— Walter Sorell
American writer and theater critic (born May 2, 1905).

Events that Happened “A Day as Today”

A Day as Today - Events - Dorian's Secrets
Events that Happened “Such a Day as Today” / Image Credit: Gerd Altmann

May 2 – A Day as Today – Events

  • 693: in present-day Spain, Égica orders the conclusion of the XVI Council of Toledo.
  • 1027: in the Yucatan peninsula (Mexico) the Mayapán League is formed between several Mayan regions (which will last until 1194).
  • 1198: in Austria and Bohemia an earthquake is registered.
  • 1212: 75 km north of Eilat (Israel) 30, 35.2, at 5:00 a.m. (local time) an earthquake occurs with an intensity between 8 and 9 on the Richter scale, which leaves records in Al-Karak (Jordan, 140 km north-northeast), Jerusalem (Israel, 180 km north-northwest) and Cairo (Egypt, 380 km west) and a balance of “many” dead. (Maybe it happened the day before).
  • 1482: in Granada (Spain) there is a feint of rebellion carried out by the Abencerrajes, which makes King Abu-l-Hasan Alí ―convinced of the complicity of his wife Aixa and his son Boabdil―, the enclose in the tower of Comares.
  • 1492: on the outskirts of the Villa de Madrid (Spain) the town of San Sebastián de los Reyes is founded after the flight of some residents of the town of Alcobendas.
  • 1568: an earthquake happens in Shanxi (China). Possibly the same one that was registered two weeks later.
  • 1598: the King of Spain (Philip II) and the King of France (Henry IV) sign the Peace of Vervins, one of the treaties that served to end the Wars of Religion in France.
  • 1620: the city of Panama (8000 inhabitants) suffers an earthquake that leaves many dead and injured and structural damage.
  • 1672: the town of Itapé is founded in Paraguay.
  • 1808: in Madrid (Spain) the uprising of May 2 against the French army of Napoleon Bonaparte, and as a result of the news of its failure on the same day, the Bando of the mayors of Móstoles initiates the War of Spanish Independence.
  • 1812: breaking of the Site of Cuautla, in Morelos, Mexico.
  • 1816: the Naval Battle of Los Frailes is fought in the surroundings of the Archipelago of Los Frailes, Venezuela.
  • 1820: the Chilean port of Talcahuano is occupied by the royalist forces of the guerrilla Vicente Benavides, within the framework of the violent incursions of the so-called War to the Death.
  • 1826: in Portugal, Pedro IV resigns from the throne.
  • 1866: Naval combat on May 2 in Callao, the last action of Spain against the forces of Peru in the Spanish-South American War. After this combat, Spain withdrew its naval forces from the Pacific coast.
  • 1874: in Bilbao (Spain) the Carlist site is raised.
  • 1879: in Spain the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) is founded.
  • 1885: Good Housekeeping magazine is founded in the United States.
  • 1902: In the United States, 200,000 miners go on strike to obtain better wages, reduced working hours, and recognition of their union (Labor Day corresponds to May 1, 1886).
  • 1913: the Ottoman general Toptani proclaims the autonomy of Albania, under Turkish protectorate.
  • 1915: in Galicia, Austria and Germany they carry out an offensive against the Russians.
  • 1916: General Pétain leaves the command of Verdun to Nivelle to lead the armies of the center.
  • 1918: the Government of Finland, with German help, expels the Red Guards from the south of the country.
  • 1918: German troops enter the territory of Donetsk (Ukraine).
  • 1921: the opera Il piccolo Marat (by Mascagni) is premiered in Rome.
  • 1923: the German Government requests a new negotiation on war reparations and proposes to pay 30 billion gold marks.
  • 1924: the Soviet painter Kasimir Malevich publishes the Suprematist Manifesto.
  • 1925: in Spain, emigration was 50,838 people higher than last year.
  • 1928: in Madrid and Cádiz, the premiere of the play El clamor (written by Azorín and Muñoz Seca) provokes loud protests from the public.
  • 1928: Pope Pius XI disapproves of the holding of women’s sports competitions in Rome.
  • 1931: in Spain it is arranged that the Hymn of irrigation replaces the Royal March.
  • 1933: in Germany – within the framework of the Gleichschaltung (totalitarian control over citizens) – Adolf Hitler bans trade unions.
  • 1933: in Madrid the National College of the Blind is inaugurated, installed in Napoleon’s palace, where it had had its headquarters.
  • 1935: the first standardization body in Latin America, IRAM in Argentina, was founded.
  • 1935: a Franco-Soviet mutual assistance pact is signed in Paris.
  • 1935: German internist Karl Kötschau, a leading spokesman for naturopathic medicine (holistic pseudoscience), is appointed head of the Reich task force for the “new German medicine.”
  • 1937: Egypt is admitted to the League of Nations.
  • 1939: Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli assumes the papacy under the name of Pius XII.
  • 1939: construction work on the Wroclaw-Brno-Vienna motorway begins in Germany.
  • 1945: Hans Krebs and Wilhelm Burgdorf commit suicide in a bunker in Berlin.
  • 1945: Berlin falls to Soviet troops. German troops also surrender in Italy.
  • 1945: French politician Pierre Laval arrives in Barcelona, ​​accompanied by his wife and four other fugitives from Vichý.
  • 1946: Six prisoners attempted to escape on Alcatraz Island, leading to the “Battle of Alcatraz”
  • 1949: Arthur Miller (for his play Death of a Salesman) and Robert Sherwood (for his biography of Franklin Delano Roosevelt) receive the Pulitzer Prize.
  • 1952: in Venezuela, the Sierra Nevada National Park is founded.
  • 1953: King Hussein I is crowned in Jordan.
  • 1955: in India, the Parliament declares illegal the discriminations of which the pariahs are victims.
  • 1957: in Nicaragua, Luis Somoza Debayle begins six years of dictatorship.
  • 1958: 18 arrests are made in Seville after finding 6 clandestine horse meat slaughterhouses and four sausage factories.
  • 1959: in Guatemala, President Miguel Ydígoras Fuentes mobilizes troops in the face of a possible Cuban invasion.
  • 1962: 110 people die in Algeria and 147 are injured in various OAS attacks.
  • 1962: at 1,533 meters above sea level, on the Kiritimati atoll, at 8:02 am (local time) the United States detonates its Arkansas atomic bomb, 1100 kt. It is the 231st bomb out of 1,132 that the United States detonated between 1945 and 1992.
  • 1962: Benfica Lisbon is proclaimed European champion for the second time after beating Real Madrid 5-3.
  • 1965: In the United States, President Lyndon Johnson claims that 14,000 soldiers remain in the Dominican Republic to prevent the country from becoming a socialist state.
  • 1966: in Madrid and Pamplona there are serious clashes between the police and the students.
  • 1968: in Paris, student demonstrations give rise to the French May.
  • 1969: Cristóbal Halffter conducts the Orfeón Pamplonés and the National Orchestra with great success, at the premiere of his cantata Yes speak out, yes, composed for the United Nations.
  • 1976: Salvador de Madariaga reads his admission speech at the Royal Spanish Academy.
  • 1975: Law 14/75 is enacted in Spain, modifying the legal situation of married women, the work of the jurist María Telo being decisive.
  • 1976: Niki Lauda wins the Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix.
  • 1980: Pope John Paul II begins an eleven-day trip to the African continent.
  • 1981: from Marinaleda (Seville) the hunger strike of the day laborers ends.
  • 1982: 354 km (220 miles) south-southwest of the Falkland Islands – that is, outside the 200-mile “exclusion zone” around the islands accepted by both parties to the Falklands War – the British submarine HMS Conqueror [[sinking of the Belgrano | sinks the Argentine cruiser ARA General Belgrano. 323 Argentine sailors die.
  • 1982: Álvaro Magaña becomes interim president of El Salvador.
  • 1983: Australian scientists announced that they successfully implanted a frozen embryo into a woman.
  • 1983: in Spain, the Government rejects the document of the Argentine Military Junta about the “disappeared” Spaniards in that country.
  • 1985: in Móstoles (Madrid), the city council signs a symbolic declaration of peace with France.
  • 1986: Henri Toivonen and Sergio Cresto die during the Rally of Córcega.
  • 1986: The Youth Scientific Society is founded in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico.
  • 1987: the State Confederation of Student Associations is constituted in Madrid.
  • 1988: the Council of Europe awards the prize for the Best Museum of the Year to the Madrid’s Descalzas Reales.
  • 1989: Spain ratifies the European Convention for the prevention of torture and inhuman or degrading treatment.
  • 1991: in Halle (Germany), Helmut Kohl (West German Chancellor) is received with eggs and ink bags during his first visit to one of the new federal territories.
  • 1992: in the Russian Federation, Borís Yeltsin assumes the position of head of the Army by own decree.
  • 1992: the European Economic Community and EFTA agree to create the European Economic Area (EEA), a single market that will account for half of world trade.
  • 1994: In South Africa, anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela – four years after regaining his freedom, after 27 years in prison – wins the first democratic elections in South Africa after apartheid. The United States will remove it from its “terrorist list” only in July 2008.
  • 1994: 200 people die in Bangladesh due to a cyclone.
  • 1997: the Atapuerca scientific team obtains the Prince of Asturias Award for Research.
  • 1997: in the United Kingdom, Tony Blair is elected Prime Minister. He is the youngest prime minister in 185 years.
  • 1999: The three American soldiers captured by Serbian troops are handed over to the American religious leader Jesse Jackson, who personally negotiated his release with President Milosevic.
  • 1999: in Panama, Mireya Moscoso (widow of President Arnulfo Arias) is elected president after defeating the ruling candidate Martín Torrijos (son of the late dictator Omar Torrijos).
  • 2001: the movement for the liberation of marijuana begins (see World Day for the Liberation of Cannabis).
  • 2002: in the Colombian municipality of Bojayá (department of Chocó), the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) massacre 119 people.
  • 2003: in the waters of the Yellow Sea, the 70 crew members of a Chinese submarine die in an accident.
  • 2004: in Fallujah (Iraq) six American soldiers die in an attack by the Iraqi insurgents.
  • 2004: In Nigeria, ethnic violence claims hundreds of lives.
  • 2004: in Amsterdam (Netherlands), the Spanish gymnast Elena Gómez gets the silver medal on the floor at the European Championships.
  • 2004: in Germany, María Vasco wins the bronze medal in the 20 km of the Marching World Cup.
  • 2004: in Spain, the Spanish handball team Ciudad Real is proclaimed champion of the Asobal League.
  • 2005: in the north of Afghanistan, the explosion of a clandestine magazine leaves 28 dead and more than 70 wounded.
  • 2006: in Andalusia, (Spain), the Parliament approves the reform of the Statute of Autonomy with 67 votes in favor (PSOE and IU) and 41 against (PP and Andalusian Party).
  • 2008: in Chile, the Chaitén volcano erupts at 0:30 (UTC-4), being the first eruption on record. The eruption causes the inhabitants of Chaitén and Futaleufú to be evacuated urgently due to the dense cloud of ash in the place.
  • 2011: A team of US military forces claims to have located and killed Osama bin Laden, the world’s most wanted terrorist, head of the terrorist gang Al Qaeda.
  • 2016: premiere of the Nickelodeon series The Loud House.
  • 2020: The de-escalation of COVID-19 begins in Spain, allowing people to go out to the streets again to do sports and outdoor walks, with time bands established by the government.

Who was Born “A Day as Today”?

A Day as Today - Births - Dorian's Secrets
Who was Born “A Day as Today”? / Image Credit: Susanne Jutzeler

May 2 – A Day as Today – Births

  • 1360: Yongle, Chinese emperor (d. 1424).
  • 1451: Renat II of Lorraine, French aristocrat (d. 1508).
  • 1458: Leonor de Viseu, Portuguese aristocrat (d. 1525), wife of King John II of Portugal.
  • 1551 – William Camden, British antiquarian and historian (d. 1623).
  • 1579: Tokugawa Hidetada, Japanese political military man (d. 1632).
  • 1602: Athanasius Kircher, German Jesuit (d. 1680).
  • 1660: Alessandro Scarlatti, Italian musician (d. 1725).
  • 1729: Catherine II the Great, Russian Tsarina (d. 1796).
  • 1737 – William Petty Landsdowne, British statesman (d. 1805).
  • 1740: Pedro Aranaz, Spanish composer (d. 1820).
  • 1754: Vicente Martín Soler, Spanish composer (d. 1806).
  • 1772: Novalis (Georg von Handenburg), German poet (d. 1801).
  • 1791: Atanasio Girardot, military man and Colombian hero (d. 1813).
  • 1806: Catherine Labouré, nun and French “seer”, creator of the Miraculous Medal (d. 1876).
  • 1806: Charles Gleyre, Swiss artist (f.1874)
  • 1828: Désiré Charnay, French explorer, archaeologist and photographer (d. 1915).
  • 1853: Antonio Maura, Spanish politician (d. 1925).
  • 1856: Matthew Talbot, Irish Catholic worker and religious (d. 1925).
  • 1859: Jerome K. Jerome, British writer (d. 1927).
  • 1860: Theodor Herzl, Austro-Hungarian Jewish writer and journalist (d. 1904).
  • 1871: Francis P. Duffy, American priest (d. 1932).
  • 1879: James F. Byrnes, American politician (d. 1972).
  • 1886: Gottfried Benn, German physician and poet (d. 1956).
  • 1888: Félix Burriel, Spanish sculptor (d. 1976).
  • 1890: E. E. Smith, American writer (d. 1965).
  • 1892: Red Baron (Manfred von Richthofen), German military aviator (d. 1918).
  • 1894: Norma Talmadge, American actress and producer (d. 1957).
  • 1895: José Azueta Abad, Mexican sailor (d. 1914).
  • 1897: Gregorio Prieto, Spanish painter (d. 1992).
  • 1899: Rodolfo Tálice, Uruguayan writer (d. 1999).
  • 1902: Eduardo Westerdahl, Spanish painter (d. 1983).
  • 1906: Aileen Riggin, American swimmer (d. 2002).
  • 1907: José García Santesmases, Spanish physicist and computer scientist (d. 1989).
  • 1908: Juan Luis Vassallo, Spanish sculptor (d. 1986).
  • 1910: Maksim Munzuk, Russian actor (d. 1999).
  • 1912: Eduardo Pisano, Spanish painter (d. 1986).
  • 1916: Raúl A. Sichero Bouret Uruguayan architect (f. 1).
  • 1921: Satyajit Ray, Indian filmmaker (d. 1992).
  • 1922: Sarah Bianchi, actress, theater director, puppeteer and Argentine author (d. 2010).
  • 1923: Patrick Hillery, Irish President (d. 2008).
  • 1924: Theodore Bikel, Austrian actor and singer (d. 2015).
  • 1925: Roscoe Lee Browne, American actor (d. 2007).
  • 1927: Víctor Rodríguez Andrade, Uruguayan soccer player (d. 1985).
  • 1927: José María Ruiz Gallardón, Spanish politician (d. 1986).
  • 1928: Horst Stein, German conductor and musician (d. 2008).
  • 1929: Édouard Balladur, French politician.
  • 1935: Faysal II, last Iraqi king (d. 1958).
  • 1935: Luis Suárez, soccer player and Spanish soccer coach.
  • 1935: Alicia Rodríguez, Mexican film, theater, radio and television actress.
  • 1936: Norma Aleandro, Argentine actress and screenwriter.
  • 1936: Engelbert Humperdinck, British singer.
  • 1938: Moshoeshoe II, Lesotho king (d. 1996).
  • 1939: Sumo lijima, discoverer of carbon nanotubes.
  • 1940: Chóforo (Raúl Padilla), Mexican actor and comedian (d. 2013).
  • 1941: Marcela López Rey (Emma Ucha), Argentine actress.
  • 1942: Jacques Rogge, president of the International Olympic Committee.
  • 1945: Bianca Jagger, Nicaraguan actress, model and activist.
  • 1946: Lesley Gore, American singer (d. 2015).
  • 1946: Bruce Robinson, English filmmaker.
  • 1946: David Suchet, British actor.
  • 1947: Gloria Cáceres Vargas, Peruvian writer.
  • 1950: Lou Gramm, American musician, of the Foreigner band.
  • 1952: Christine Baranski, American actress.
  • 1953: Salvador Vidal, dubbing actor.
  • 1953: Valeri Gérgiev, Russian conductor and musician.
  • 1955: Donatella Versace, Italian fashion designer.
  • 1958: Pello Uralde, Spanish footballer.
  • 1959: Zoé Valdés, Cuban writer.
  • 1961: Stephen Daldry, British filmmaker.
  • 1962: Miklós Spányi, Hungarian organist, harpsichordist and keyboardist.
  • 1965: Pepa Plana, Spanish clown.
  • 1967: Myriam Hernández, Chilean singer.
  • 1967: Ageha Ohkawa, Japanese mangaka.
  • 1968: Jeff Agoos, American footballer.
  • 1968: Millie Stegman, Argentine actress.
  • 1969: Brian Lara, Trinidadian cricketer.
  • 1971: David Nahón, Argentine writer and plastic artist.
  • 1972: The Rock (Dwayne Johnson), American ex-professional wrestler and actor.
  • 1973: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, German filmmaker.
  • 1974: Gonzalo Quesada, Argentine rugby player.
  • 1975: David Beckham, British footballer.
  • 1975: Eva Santolaria, Spanish actress.
  • 1976: Blanca Romero, Spanish actress, singer and model.
  • 1976: Lester Morgan, Costa Rican goalkeeper (f. 2002).
  • 1980: Tim Borowski, German footballer.
  • 1981: Matt Murray, British footballer.
  • 1982: Iván Cervantes, Spanish motorcyclist.
  • 1982: Lorie, French singer.
  • 1983: Mon Laferte, Chilean singer and songwriter.
  • 1983: Dani Sordo Spanish rally driver.
  • 1983: Tina Maze, Slovenian skier.
  • 1983: Carlos Henrique, Brazilian soccer player.
  • 1983: Maynor Figueroa, Honduran soccer player.
  • 1983: Derek Boateng, Ghanaian footballer.
  • 1985: Lily Allen, British singer.
  • 1985: José Ascanio, Venezuelan baseball player.
  • 1985: David Nugent, British footballer.
  • 1985: Federico Almerares, Argentine soccer player.
  • 1985: Aleksandr Galímov, Russian ice hockey player (d. 2011).
  • 1985: Kyle Busch, American racing driver.
  • 1986: Sani Kaita, Nigerian footballer.
  • 1987: Xavi Martínez, Spanish communicator.
  • 1987: Saara Aalto, Finnish singer.
  • 1989: Sebastián Sciorilli, Argentine footballer.
  • 1990: Albert Costa, Spanish pilot.
  • 1990: Paul George, American basketball player.
  • 1990: Kay Panabaker, American actress.
  • 1991: Valentín Villafañe, Argentine actor.
  • 1991: Jonathan Villar, Dominican baseball player.
  • 1991: Farruko, Puerto Rican singer.
  • 1992: Sunmi, South Korean singer.
  • 1993: Tao, rapper, singer, songwriter, actor and Chinese martial artist.
  • 1995: Mario Marzo, Spanish actor.
  • 1996: Mykola Matviyenko, Ukrainian footballer.
  • 1997: BamBam, singer, model, rapper and Thai dancer
  • 1997: Alejandro Moreno swimmer, coach and lifeguard
  • 2003: Helena Meraai, Belarusian singer.
  • 2015: Charlotte of Cambridge, British princess.

Who Left Us “A Day as Today”?

A Day as Today - Deaths - Dorian's Secrets
Who Left Us “A Day as Today”? / Image Credit: Katrina

May 2 – A Day as Today – Deaths

  • 373: Athanasius of Alexandria, Egyptian Christian bishop (b. 296).
  • 756: Shōmu, Japanese emperor (b.701).
  • 907: Boris I, Bulgarian King (b.?).
  • 1302: Blanca de Artois, French aristocrat (b. 1248).
  • 1430: Giovanni Toscani, Italian painter (b.1372).
  • 1459: Antoninus of Florence, Italian religious (b.1389).
  • 1519: Leonardo da Vinci, Italian Renaissance artist (b.1452).
  • 1576: Bartolomé de Carranza, Spanish theologian (b.1503).
  • 1802: Vieira Portuense, Portuguese painter (b. 1765).
  • 1808: Luis Daoíz, Spanish military man, hero of the Spanish War of Independence (1808-1812) (b. 1767).
  • 1808: Pedro Velarde, Spanish military man, hero of the War of Independence (b. 1779).
  • 1813: Augustus Ferdinand of Prussia, Prussian general and military man (b. 1730).
  • 1844 – William Beckford, British novelist and art critic (b. 1760).
  • 1857: Alfred de Musset, French poet (b. 1810).
  • 1864: Giacomo Meyerbeer (Yaakov Liebmann Beer), German Jewish composer (b. 1791).
  • 1906: Carlos Calvo, Argentine jurist, diplomat and historian (b. 1824).
  • 1909: Manuel Amador Guerrero, Panamanian politician, first president between 1904 and 1908 (b. 1833) (n. 1).
  • 1915: Clara Immerwahr, German chemist (b.1870).
  • 1919 – Gustav Landauer, German philosopher (b.1870).
  • 1925: Johann Palisa, Austrian astronomer (b. 1848).
  • 1929: Segundo de Chomón, Spanish filmmaker (b. 1871).
  • 1929: José María Rubio, Spanish Jesuit, canonized by the Catholic Church (b. 1864).
  • 1930: Isidor Gunsberg, Hungarian chess player (b.1854).
  • 1941: Guillermo Stange Wetzel, Chilean politician (b. 1863).
  • 1945: Martin Bormann, German politician (b.1900).
  • 1945 – Ludwig Stumpfegger, German physician (b.1910).
  • 1955: Rodolfo Sánchez Taboada, Mexican military and politician (b. 1895).
  • 1957: Joseph McCarthy (48), American politician creator of McCarthyism (b. 1908).
  • 1964: Julia Nava de Ruisánchez, Mexican writer and activist (b. 1883).
  • 1966: Salvador Moreno Fernández, Spanish military and politician (b. 1886).
  • 1967: Robert Daniel Carmichael, American mathematician (b. 1879).
  • 1969: Robert Arthur, American writer (b.1909).
  • 1969: Franz von Papen, German diplomat (b. 1878).
  • 1972: J. Edgar Hoover, American criminologist, director of the FBI (b.1895).
  • 1977: Nicholas Magallanes, principal dancer and founding member of the New York City Ballet (b.1922).
  • 1979: Giulio Natta, Italian chemist (b.1903).
  • 1982: Hugh Marlowe, American actor (b.1911).
  • 1985: Attilio Bettega, Italian rally driver (b.1953).
  • 1986: Henri Toivonen, Finnish rally driver (b.1956).
  • 1991: José Jorge González, Uruguayan soccer player (b.1944).
  • 1993: Juana Lecaros, Chilean painter and writer (b.1920).
  • 1996: María Luisa Ponte, Spanish actress (b. 1918).
  • 1997: Paulo Freire, Brazilian pedagogue (b. 1921).
  • 1998: Justin Fashanu, British footballer (b.1961).
  • 1998: Hide (Hideto Matsumoto), Japanese guitarist, of the band X Japan (b. 1964).
  • 1998: Antonio Herrero, Spanish journalist (b.1955).
  • 1999: Oliver Reed, British actor (b.1938).
  • 2004: Samantha Dorfflinger, Ecuadorian television host and model (b. 1981).
  • 2009: Marilyn French, American writer (b.1929).
  • 2010: Santiago Carlos Oves, Argentine screenwriter and filmmaker (b.1941).
  • 2011: Osama bin Laden, Arab terrorist (b.1957).
  • 2013: Jeff Hanneman, American guitarist, of the band Slayer (b.1964).
  • 2014: Efrem Zimbalist Jr., American actor (b.1918).
  • 2015: Ruth Rendell, British writer (b.1930).
  • 2015: Maya Plisétskaya, Russian dancer and choreographer (b.1925).
  • 2015: Michael Blake, American author and screenwriter (b.1945).
  • 2016: Afeni Shakur, American pacifist leader (b.1947).
  • 2017: Abelardo Castillo, Argentine writer (b.1935).
  • 2019: Rafael Hernández Colón, Puerto Rican politician, twice Governor of Puerto Rico: between 1973-1977 and 1985-1993 (b.1936).
  • 2019: Juan Vicente Torrealba, Venezuelan musician and composer (b.1917).
  • 2020: Idir, artist and singer Cabiliño (b.1949).

What is Celebrated “A Day as Today”?

A Day as Today - Celebrations - Dorian's Secrets
What is Celebrated “A Day as Today”? / Image Credit: Sakkanan Norkaew

May 2 – A Day as Today – Celebration

  • Mother’s Day
  • World Scrapbook Day
  • World Tuna Day
  • World Day Against Bullying
  • International Day of the Struggle for the Liberation of Marijuana (1st Saturday of May)
  • Spain:
    • Madrid Community Day.
    • Caravaca de la Cruz: Wine Horses.
    • Ávila: San Segundo’s Day.
    • Pinos del Valle (Granada), continue the Fiestas de la Cruz in honor of Santo Cristo del Zapato
    • El Carpio (Córdoba): pilgrimage of Our Lord Ecce-Homo, patron of El Carpio.
  • Indonesia: “Hari Pendidikan Nasional” (“National Day of Education”).
  • Iran: “Teacher’s Day.”
  • Peru: «Battle of Callao».
  • Poland: “Dzień Flagi Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej” (“Flag Day”).

Catholic Santoral “A Day as Today”

A Day as Today - Saints - Dorian's Secrets
Catholic Santoral “A Day as Today” / Image Credit: Peter H

May 2 – A Day as Today – Catholic Santoral

  • Saint Athanasius
  • Saint Ciríaco of Attalia
  • Saint Felix deacon
  • Saint Flaminia
  • Saint Hespero of Attalia
  • Saint Longinos
  • Saint Theodulus of Attalia
  • Santa Viborada
  • Saint Vindemial
  • Saint Waldeberto
  • Saint Zoe of Athalia
  • Blessed Boleslao Strzelecki
  • Blessed William Tirry
  • Blessed Nicolas Hermansson.

What Sign of the Zodiac Rules those Born “A Day as Today”?

A Day as Today - Zodiac - Dorian's Secrets
Prediction your zodiac sign with Dorian / Image Credit: p2722754

May 2 – A Day as Today – Zodiac Sign

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