May 25 – A Day as Today - International Day of Africa!


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May 25 – A Day as Today – Dorian’s Secrets

Table of Contents:
In the Gregorian Calendar, May 25 is the 45th
(hundredth – fortieth fifth) day of the year.

There are 220 days left until the end of 2021!

Quote of the Day…

The reason must know the reasons of the heart and any other reason.

— Leonora Carrington
English painter and writer (died May 25, 2011).

Events that Happened “A Day as Today”

A Day as Today - Events - Dorian's Secrets
Events that Happened “Such a Day as Today” / Image Credit: Gerd Altmann

May 25 – A Day as Today – Events

  • 567 a. C .: in Rome (Italian peninsula), King Servius Tulio celebrates a triumph for his victory over the Etruscans.
  • 1025: in Qúrduba (Caliphate of Córdoba) Muhammad al-Mustakfi fled, who had been dismissed as Caliph by the Cordobans.
  • 1085: Alfonso VI de León reconquers the town of Toledo from the Muslims.
  • 1420: in Portugal, Henry the Navigator is appointed governor of the Order of Christ.
  • 1521: the Diet of Worms ends when Carlos V promulgates the Edict of Worms, which declares Martin Luther outlawed and prohibits the possession and reading of his writings.
  • 1659: In London (England), Richard Cromwell (32) ―the son of Oliver Cromwell― begins a second and brief period of republican government, known as the Commonwealth.
  • 1660: in London (England), King Carlos II restores the monarchy in that country, eleven years after the execution of his father, Carlos I.
  • 1722: in Venezuela, the Villa de San Luis de Cura is founded by Juan de Bolívar y Villegas, Simón Bolívar’s paternal grandfather.
  • 1734: in Italy, the Count of Montemar defeats the Austrians at the Battle of Bitonto, and Spain reconquers the Kingdom of Naples.
  • 1751: an earthquake of magnitude 8.5 on the Richter seismological scale occurs in Concepción (Chile), which leaves 65 dead.
  • 1787: in Philadelphia (United States) it is agreed to write a new constitution, with George Washington being president.
  • 1808: the General Board of the Principality of Asturias pronounces itself sovereign, declares war on Napoleon’s army and designates, with a lag of 200 years, the Chief of Asturias and part of the foreigner who will be known as “Barbón”, rejecting the proposal “ Borbón ”, already reserved, to avoid litigation with“ others ”in Madrid.
  • 1809: in the Real Audiencia de Charcas (current Sucre, capital of Bolivia) the Chuquisaca Revolution begins, the first government meeting in the Viceroyalty of Río de la Plata, the first libertarian cry of Latin America.
  • 1810: the May Revolution happens in Buenos Aires; Upon learning that Spain had been invaded by Napoleon, a group of revolutionaries deposed the viceroy and organized the First Junta, the first autonomous government of what would become Argentina.
  • 1812: in the town of San Salvador de Jujuy (north of Argentina), the lawyer and general Manuel Belgrano once again raised the blue and white flag, the current Argentine national flag.
  • 1814: in Bolivia, General Juan Antonio Álvarez de Arenales defeats the Spanish in the Battle of Florida.
  • 1815: the Governments of England, Prussia, Russia and Austria – enraged by the return of the former French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, from the island of Elba – declare him “enemy of the world.”
  • 1819: in Buenos Aires the Argentine Constitution of 1819 is promulgated.
  • 1833: the Political Constitution of the Republic of Chile of 1833 is promulgated.
  • 1865: an explosives depot explodes in Mobile (Alabama). 300 people die.
  • 1878: the operetta H.M.S. Pinafore, by Gilbert and Sullivan.
  • 1881: in Venezuela, President Antonio Guzmán Blanco makes the song Gloria al bravo pueblo official by decree as the national anthem.
  • 1887: in Paris (France), a fire destroys the Theater of the Comic Opera, and eighty people die.
  • 1891: in Rome, Pope Leo XIII publishes the encyclical Rerum Novarum.
  • 1895: in London (United Kingdom) the police arrest the Irish writer Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) for being homosexual (more exactly, for “committing acts of gross indecency with other men”). He will be sentenced to two years in jail.
  • 1895: the Republic of Formosa is founded in Taiwan, with Tang Ching-sung as president.
  • 1900: 15 km from the city of Bucaramanga (Colombia) ―in the framework of the Thousand Days War― the Conservative Party wins the war against the Colombian Liberal Party in the battle of Palonegro.
  • 1901: the FORA (Argentine Regional Workers Federation) is founded in Argentina.
  • 1901: the Club Atlético River Plate is founded in Argentina.
  • 1905: the Club Atlético Platense is founded in Argentina.
  • 1906: The Defensores de Belgrano Athletic Club is founded in Argentina.
  • 1908: in Buenos Aires (Argentina) the Colón Theater is inaugurated with the performance of the opera Aída by Giuseppe Verdi.
  • 1910: Argentina celebrates the centenary of the May Revolution.
  • 1911: in Mexico, President Porfirio Díaz resigns and Francisco León de la Barra takes over temporarily.
  • 1913: in Mar del Plata (Argentina) the Aldosivi Athletic Club is founded.
  • 1914: in the United Kingdom, the House of Peers formalizes the Act for the Return in Ireland.
  • 1925: in the United States, the Government pardons the teacher John T. Scopes, imprisoned for teaching Darwin’s theory of evolution to his students.
  • 1926: in Paris, Sholom Schwartzbard assassinates Symon Petliura, the mastermind of the Government-in-exile of the Ukrainian National Republic, who had carried out progroms in which some 50,000 Jews (including all Schvartzbard’s relatives) died.
  • 1927: in the United States, the Boeing B40 makes its first flights.
  • 1930: in Paraná (province of Entre Ríos) the Zionist Youth Center, current team of the National Basketball League, is founded.
  • 1938: in Alicante ―in the framework of the Spanish Civil War―, Francisco Franco’s fascist planes carried out the worst bombardment against the civilian population: 313 men, women and children were killed.
  • 1938: in Buenos Aires (Argentina) the Monumental Stadium of River Plate is inaugurated.
  • 1940: in Buenos Aires the La Bombonera stadium of the Boca Juniors club is inaugurated.
  • 1940: the stadium of Florencio Sola of the Club Atlético Banfield is inaugurated.
  • 1946: in Transjordan, the parliament names Abd Allah ibn Husayn king.
  • 1950: in Mar del Plata (Argentina) the Pueyrredón Rugby Club is founded.
  • 1951: in the Enewetak Atoll (in the middle of the Pacific Ocean) the United States detonates the atomic bomb Item (45.5 kilotons), the seventeenth in human history. It is the first bomb intensified with tritium.
  • 1952: In area 4 of the Nevada nuclear test site, the United States detonates the 11-kiloton Fox atomic bomb from a tower). Some 7,350 soldiers participating in the Desert Rock IV military exercise observe the explosion and are unwittingly exposed to radiation.
  • 1953 – At 8:30 AM (local time) or 3:30 PM (World Time) – In Area 5 of the Nevada Test Site, the United States fires the 15-kiloton Grable atomic bomb, the first nuclear artillery bomb ( fired from the M65 cannon). More than 21,000 soldiers participated on the ground in Exercise Desert Rock V, with the presence of a number of senior military officers.
  • 1953: the first broadcast of a public television station in the United States, KUHT, is made from the campus of the University of Houston.
  • 1955: In the town of Udall, Kansas, an F5 tornado kills 80 people and injures 273.
  • 1957: in Rome (Italy) the European Parliament is created.
  • 1961: In the United States, President John F. Kennedy announces after a special session of Congress that his administration is ready to begin the project that will take humans to the Moon before the end of the decade (Apollo Program) .
  • 1961: Prince Hussein of Jordan marries the British Antoinette Gardiner (called Princess Muna al-Hussein, b. 1941).
  • 1962: in an artificial well, 193 meters underground, in the area U9b of the Nevada Atomic Test Site (about 100 km northwest of the city of Las Vegas), at 7:00 (local time) United States detonates his atomic bomb # 246, White, of 8 kilotons.
  • 1963: in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) the Organization of African Unity is founded.
  • 1966: The first dazibao (huge political propaganda poster) is hung at Peking University during the Maoist Cultural Revolution.
  • 1966: As part of the Explorer program, the United States launches the Explorer 32 satellite.
  • 1967: In the town of Naksalbari, in the state of West Bengal, the Indian government orders the police to machine-gun protesting peasants, killing 3 men, 6 women and 2 children. This will give rise to the Naksalite insurgency, of Maoist extraction.
  • 1973: In Argentina, Héctor Cámpora, the first elected president since the string of dictatorships and pseudo-democratic governments (who won elections because 60% of the voters had been banned since 1955), assumed the presidency.
  • 1973: At Cape Canaveral, the United States launches Skylab 2 (with Pete Conrad, Paul Weitz and Joseph Kerwin) to repair the damage to the Skylab space station.
  • 1973: in London (United Kingdom), the musician Mike Oldfield releases the album Tubular Bells.
  • 1977: The film Star wars is released (later renamed Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope).
  • 1979: in Chicago (United States), a DC-10 plane crashes during takeoff from O’Hare International Airport. All 271 people on board and 2 people on land die.
  • 1979: in Florida (United States) John Spenkelink is executed in the first non-voluntary legal execution in the last ten years.
  • 1981: an alliance is created in Riyadh between countries of the Middle East: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
  • 1982: in the Falklands War, the Southern Air Force of the Argentine Air Force sank the British destroyer HMS Conventry, and the Task Force 80 of the Argentine Navy caused irreparable damage to the container ship Atlantic Conveyor.
  • 1982: A musical based on the 1979 album The Wall is released in the UK.
  • 1983: The film Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi is released.
  • 1985: in Vatican City, Pope John Paul II grants the title of cardinal to 28 prelates, among which the Archbishop of Managua, Nicaragua stands out. Miguel Obando y Bravo, S.D.B. and the Nigerian Francis Arinze.
  • 1985: Bangladesh is hit by a tropical cyclone that kills more than 10,000.
  • 1992: in the cathedral of Palermo (Sicily), thousands of people attend the funeral of judge Giovanni Falcone (1939-1992), assassinated for initiating (on November 5, 1985) a macro-process against 709 gangsters.
  • 1992: The first episode of the series Shortland Street is released.
  • 1993: in Guatemala, a coup d’état overthrows Guatemalan President Jorge Serrano (el Serranazo). Later it will be known that it was a self-coup.
  • 1993: The Spanish singer-songwriter José Luis Perales, publishes the Wonderful People of him.
  • 1995: in the Bosnian city of Tuzla, the army massacres 72 young people.
  • 1997: in Sierra Leone, the militia replaces President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah with military chief Johnny Paul Koromah.
  • 1999: The United States Government publishes the Cox Report, which details China’s nuclear espionage against this country over the past two decades.
  • 2000: In Lebanon, the invading Israeli army withdraws from various areas after 22 years of occupation (Lebanon Liberation Day).
  • 2001: On Mount Everest (Nepal), Americans Erik Weihenmayer (32 years old) and Sherman Bull (64 years old) respectively become the first blind person and the oldest person to have climbed the highest peak of the world. world.
  • 2001: 100 years since the founding of River Plate.
  • 2002: in the Straits of Taiwan, a plane of the airline China Airlines disintegrates in the air and falls into the sea. All 225 people on board die.
  • 2003: in Buenos Aires, Néstor Kirchner assumes the presidency (in advance), replacing the interim president Eduardo Duhalde.
  • 2004: New versions of The Sims go on sale in the United States: The Sims more alive than ever, The Sims House Party and The Sims on vacation.
  • 2005: Liverpool FC wins the European Soccer Cup for the fifth time.
  • 2005: on Rufino González street, in the Simancas neighborhood, San Blas district (in Madrid), at 9:30 a.m. a car bomb of the terrorist group ETA explodes with about 20 kg of explosives.
  • 2007: in Moscow, the Ostankino Tower suffers a fire for the second time.
  • 2008: the Phoenix probe lands on the planet Mars in search of biological evidence.
  • 2009: North Korea conducts its second nuclear test.
  • 2010: Argentina celebrates the bicentennial of the May Revolution.
  • 2011: in Chicago (United States), the television program The Oprah Winfrey Show ends its broadcasts.
  • 2012: the Dragon ship settles on the International Space Station.
  • 2013: Lunar eclipse of May 2013.
  • 2013: Bayern Munich win the UEFA Champions League against Borussia Dortmund at Wembley 2-1.
  • 2014: Universitario de Sucre wins the 2013-14 Clausura Tournament after drawing against Sport Boys Warnes 1 to 1, obtaining his second LFPB title.
  • 2014: in Spain and in other countries of the European Union elections to the European Parliament are held. In them, for the first time, Podemos gets representation.
  • 2018: The movie Han Solo: A Star Wars Story is released, exactly 41 years after the premiere of Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.
  • 2018: Colombia becomes part of the OECD, becoming the 36th member to be part of this economic cooperation organization.
  • 2018: In the European Union, the General Data Protection Regulation is implemented.
  • 2018: Shawn Mendes releases his third studio album, Shawn Mendes (album).
  • 2019: in Seville, at the Benito Villamarín stadium, Valencia Club de Fútbol raises its 8th Copa del Rey in its centenary, after goals from Kevin Gameiro and Rodrigo Moreno defeating FC Barcelona 2-1.
  • 2019: Las Vegas hosts the inaugural All Elite Wrestling pay-per-view event titled “Double or Nothing.”
  • 2020: Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin suffocates African-American George Floyd, killing him.

Who was Born “A Day as Today”?

A Day as Today - Births - Dorian's Secrets
Who was Born “A Day as Today”? / Image Credit: Susanne Jutzeler

May 25 – A Day as Today – Births

  • 1048: Song Shenzong, Chinese emperor (d. 1085).
  • 1320: Toghon Temür, Mongol Emperor (d. 1370).
  • 1334: Sukō, Japanese emperor (d. 1398).
  • 1458: Mahmud Begada, Indian Sultan (d. 1511).
  • 1485: Blas Ortiz, Spanish inquisitor and author (d. 1552).
  • 1625: Gaspar Téllez-Girón y Sandoval, Spanish aristocrat and military man (d. 1694).
  • 1713: John Stuart, British politician and prime minister (d. 1792).
  • 1749: Gregorio Funes, Argentine priest and politician (d. 1829).
  • 1787: José María Bocanegra, Mexican politician (d. 1862).
  • 1803: Edward Bulwer-Lytton, British novelist, playwright and politician, author of The Last Days of Pompeii (d. 1873).
  • 1803 – Ralph Waldo Emerson, American poet and philosopher (d. 1882).
  • 1812: Filippo Pacini, Italian physician (d. 1883).
  • 1818: Jacob Burckhardt, Swiss historian and academic (d. 1897).
  • 1818: Louise de Broglie, essayist, biographer and French aristocrat (d. 1882).
  • 1826: Ralph T. H. Griffith British Indianologist (d. 1906).
  • 1846: Naim Frasheri, Albanian-Turkish poet and translator (d. 1900).
  • 1853: Elena Maseras, Spanish physician (d. 1900).
  • 1856: Louis Franchet d’Espèrey, Algerian-French general (d. 1942).
  • 1860: James McKeen Cattell, American psychologist and academic (d. 1944).
  • 1865: John Mott, American religious and diplomat, main promoter of the Young Men’s Christian Association, and Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1946 (d. 1955).
  • 1865: Pieter Zeeman, Dutch physicist and academic, 1902 Nobel Prize winner for physics (d. 1943).
  • 1866: Digno Núñez, Ecuadorian businessman and politician (d. 1949).
  • 1867: Anders Peter Nielsen, Danish sports shooter (d. 1950).
  • 1874: Abraham Oyanedel, Chilean politician (d. 1954).
  • 1878: Bill Robinson, American actor and dancer (d. 1949).
  • 1882: Marie Doro, American actress (d. 1956).
  • 1886: Rash Behari Bose, Indian military and activist (d. 1945).
  • 1887: Pio of Pietrelcina, Italian religious and priest canonized by the Catholic Church (f. 1968).
  • 1897: Gene Tunney, boxer and American military man (d. 1978).
  • 1888: Miles Malleson, British actor and screenwriter (d. 1969).
  • 1889: Günther Lütjens, German admiral (d. 1941).
  • 1889: Igor Sikorsky, Russian aviation pioneer and engineer (d. 1972).
  • 1899: Kazi Nazrul Islam, Bengali poet, musician, revolutionary and philosopher (d. 1976).
  • 1903: Binnie Barnes, British actress and singer (d. 1998).
  • 1905: Antônio Caringi, Brazilian sculptor (d. 1981).
  • 1907: U Nu, Burmese politician and prime minister (d. 1995).
  • 1908: Theodore Roethke, American poet (d. 1963).
  • 1910: Concha Linares-Becerra, Spanish novelist (d. 2009).
  • 1912: Isidro Lángara, Spanish soccer player (d. 1992).
  • 1913: Heinrich Bär, German colonel and pilot (d. 1957).
  • 1917: Steve Cochran, American actor (d. 1965).
  • 1918: Ángel de Andrés, Spanish comic actor (f. 2006).
  • 1918: Henry Calvin, American actor and baritone, Sergeant García in the television series El Zorro (d. 1975).
  • 1918: Horacio Casarín, Mexican soccer player (d. 2005).
  • 1918: Manolín, Mexican comedian (d. 1977).
  • 1920: Urbano Navarrete, Spanish cardinal (d. 2010).
  • 1921: Hal David, American singer-songwriter (d. 2012).
  • 1921: Jack Steinberger, German-American physicist, 1988 Nobel laureate in physics.
  • 1922: Enrico Berlinguer, Italian communist leader (d. 1984).
  • 1925: Rosario Castellanos, Mexican poet and writer (d. 1974).
  • 1925: Aldo Clementi, Italian composer (d. 2011).
  • 1925: Jeanne Crain, American actress (f. 2003).
  • 1925: Berto Fontana, Uruguayan actor and theater director (d. 2017).
  • 1925: José María Gatica, Argentine boxer (d. 1963).
  • 1925: Claude Pinoteau, French filmmaker and screenwriter (d. 2012).
  • 1925: Alekséi Túpolev, Soviet aeronautical designer (d. 2001).
  • 1926: Claude Akins, American actor (d. 1994).
  • 1926: Phyllis Gotlieb, Canadian writer and poet (d. 2009).
  • 1926: Bill Sharman, American basketball player (d. 2013).
  • 1927: Robert Ludlum, American novelist and military man (d. 2001).
  • 1927: Norman Petty, American singer, songwriter, pianist, and producer (d. 1984).
  • 1929: Beverly Sills, American soprano and actress (d. 2007).
  • 1931: Irwin Winkler, American filmmaker and producer.
  • 1932: John Gregory Dunne, American novelist, screenwriter and critic (d. 2003).
  • 1932: K. C. Jones, American basketball player and coach.
  • 1938: Rodolfo Bebán, Argentine actor.
  • 1938: Franco Bonisolli, Italian tenor (f. 2003).
  • 1938: Raymond Carver, American short story writer and poet (d. 1988).
  • 1939: Ferdinand Bracke, Belgian cyclist.
  • 1939: Dixie Carter, American actress and singer (d. 2010).
  • 1939: Ian McKellen, British actor.
  • 1941: Vladimir Voronin, Moldovan economist and politician, 3rd president of his country.
  • 1942: Marcos Mundstock, Argentine comedian and musician, member of the Les Luthiers group (f. 2020).
  • 1943: Jessi Colter, American singer, songwriter and pianist.
  • 1943: John Palmer, British keyboardist.
  • 1943: Leslie Uggams, American actress and singer.
  • 1944: Frank Oz, Anglo-American actor, director and puppeteer.
  • 1947: Lluís Pujol, Spanish footballer.
  • 1948: Klaus Meine, German rock singer and songwriter, of the band Scorpions.
  • 1949: Vicente Pernía, Argentine footballer.
  • 1949: Víctor Palomo, Spanish motorcycle racer (d. 1985).
  • 1949: Jamaica Kincaid, Antigua novelist, short story writer, essayist and poet.
  • 1949: Barry Windsor-Smith, British painter and illustrator.
  • 1950: Robby Steinhardt, American violinist and rock singer.
  • 1951: Bob Gale, American director, producer and screenwriter.
  • 1952: Jeffrey Bewkes, American businessman.
  • 1952: Susana Pérez, Cuban actress.
  • 1952: Petar Stoyanov, Bulgarian politician and president.
  • 1953: Eve Ensler, American playwright.
  • 1953: Daniel Passarella, Argentine footballer.
  • 1953: Stan Sakai, American-Japanese cartoonist, creator of Usagi Yojimbo.
  • 1953: Gaetano Scirea, Italian footballer (d. 1989).
  • 1955: Carlos Lobo, Argentine soccer player.
  • 1955: Gustavo Garzón, Argentine actor.
  • 1955: Connie Sellecca, American actress.
  • 1957: Alastair Campbell, British journalist and writer.
  • 1957: Robert Picard, Canadian ice hockey player.
  • 1958: Adolfo Fernández, Spanish actor.
  • 1958: Paul Weller, singer, musician and British rock composer, of the band The Jam.
  • 1959: Daniel Francisco Cabeza de Vaca, Mexican politician.
  • 1960: Amy Klobuchar, lawyer and American politician.
  • 1963: Mike Myers, Canadian actor, singer, producer and screenwriter.
  • 1963: Adela Micha, Mexican journalist and host.
  • 1964: Ivan Bella, Slovak colonel, pilot and astronaut.
  • 1964: Ray Stevenson, British actor
  • 1965: Amparo Llanos, Spanish music, from the band Dover.
  • 1965: Harris Whitbeck, Guatemalan communicator.
  • 1965: Simon Fowler, British musician.
  • 1965: Yahya Jammeh, Gambian colonel, politician and president.
  • 1967: Poppy Z. Brite, American writer.
  • 1968: Kendall Gill, American basketball player, boxer and sportscaster.
  • 1969: Glen Drover, Canadian guitarist, of the band Megadeth.
  • 1969: Joxemi, Spanish guitarist, of the bands Ska-P and No-Relax.
  • 1969: Anne Heche, American actress.
  • 1969: Stacy London, American journalist and writer.
  • 1969: Josu Uribe, Spanish soccer coach.
  • 1970: Jamie Kennedy, American actor, producer, and screenwriter.
  • 1971: Stefano Baldini, Italian runner.
  • 1971: Justin Henry, American actor.
  • 1972: Karan Johar, Indian actor, director, producer and screenwriter.
  • 1972: Octavia Spencer, American actress and writer.
  • 1973: Daz Dillinger, American rapper and producer.
  • 1973: Molly Sims, American model and actress.
  • 1974: Dougie Freedman, British footballer and coach.
  • 1974: Frank Klepacki, American drummer and composer.
  • 1974: Christian Riganò, Italian footballer.
  • 1975: Chris Durán, French singer.
  • 1975: Victoria Foust, Russian pianist
  • 1975: Keiko Fujimori, Peruvian politician.
  • 1975: Lauryn Hill, American singer.
  • 1976: Sandra Nasic, German singer, of the band Guano Apes.
  • 1976: Erki Pütsep, Estonian cyclist.
  • 1976: Ethan Suplee, American actor.
  • 1976: Miguel Zepeda, Mexican soccer player.
  • 1977: Alberto Del Rio, mixed martial artist and Mexican fighter.
  • 1977: Alberto Rodríguez, Mexican wrestler.
  • 1978: Adam Gontier, Canadian singer and guitarist
  • 1978: Brian Urlacher, American footballer.
  • 1979: Hideaki Sorachi, Japanese mangaka.
  • 1979: Carlos Bocanegra, American soccer player.
  • 1979: Monica Keena, American actress.
  • 1979: Nacho Novo, Spanish footballer.
  • 1979: Jonny Wilkinson, British rugby player.
  • 1979: Martin Jiránek, Czech footballer.
  • 1980: David Navarro, Spanish footballer.
  • 1981: Michalis Pelekanos, Greek basketball player.
  • 1982: Daniel Braaten, Norwegian footballer.
  • 1982: Roger Guerreiro, Polish footballer.
  • 1982: Ezekiel Kemboi, Kenyan runner.
  • 1984: Marion Raven, Norwegian singer-songwriter, of the band M2M.
  • 1985: Luciana Abreu, Portuguese singer and actress.
  • 1985: Joe Anoa’i, professional wrestler.
  • 1985: Demba Ba, Senegalese footballer.
  • 1985: Roman Reigns, American football player and American wrestler.
  • 1985: Alexis Texas, American porn actress.
  • 1986: Yoan Gouffrán, French footballer.
  • 1986: Neon Hitch, British singer and songwriter.
  • 1986: Geraint Thomas, British cyclist.
  • 1987: Timothy Derijck, Belgian footballer.
  • 1988: Cameron van der Burgh, South African swimmer.
  • 1990: Bo Dallas, American wrestler.
  • 1991: Guy Lawrence, British musician, of the band Disclosure.
  • 1993: Timo Letschert, Dutch footballer.
  • 1994: Aly Raisman, American gymnast.
  • 1995: José Luis Gayà, Spanish footballer.
  • 1998: Go Hatano, Japanese footballer.
  • 1998: Jorge Carrascal, Colombian soccer player.
  • 1998: Javi Puado, Spanish footballer.
  • 1999: Brec Bassinger, American actress.
  • 1999: Vitali Mykolenko, Ukrainian footballer.
  • 2001: Chloe Lukasiak, American actress and model.

Who Left Us “A Day as Today”?

A Day as Today - Deaths - Dorian's Secrets
Who Left Us “A Day as Today”? / Image Credit: Katrina

May 25 – A Day as Today – Deaths

  • 615: Boniface IV, Pope of the Catholic Church (b. C. 550).
  • 675: Li Hong, Chinese prince (b.652).
  • 709: Aldhelm, bishop, poet and English scholar (b. 639).
  • 916: Flann Sinna, Irish military man, King of Meath (b. 847).
  • 939: Yao Yanzhang, Chinese general.
  • 986: Abd Al-Rahman Al Sufi, Persian astronomer (b.903).
  • 992: Miecislaus I, first Polish prince (b. 935).
  • 994: Fujiwara no Michinobu, Japanese poet and courtier (b.972).
  • 1085: Gregory VII, Italian pope (b. 1020).
  • 1261: Alexander IV (Rinaldo de Segni), pope between 1254 and 1261 (b. C. 1199).
  • 1555: Henry II, King of Navarre (b.1503).
  • 1552: Blas Ortiz, Spanish author and inquisitor (b. 1485).
  • 1555: Regnier Gemma Frisius, French astronomer, cartographer and mathematician (b.1508).
  • 1595: Valens Acidalius, German poet and critic (b. 1567).
  • 1595: Felipe Neri, Italian priest canonized by the Catholic Church (b. 1515).
  • 1681: Pedro Calderón de la Barca, Spanish playwright and poet (b. 1600).
  • 1693: Madame de La Fayette, French writer (b.1634).
  • 1786: Pedro III of Portugal, Portuguese King (b. 1717).
  • 1789: Anders Dahl, Swedish botanist and physician (b. 1751).
  • 1805 – William Paley, British utilitarian philosopher, priest and theologian (b. 1743).
  • 1848: Annette von Droste-Hülshoff, German poet, writer and composer (b. 1797).
  • 1849: Benjamin D’Urban, British general and politician, Governor of British Guiana (b. 1777).
  • 1862: Juana Azurduy, Bolivian independence guerrilla patriot (b. 1780).
  • 1865: Magdalena Sofía Barat, French nun (b. 1779).
  • 1899: Rosa Bonheur, French realist painter and sculptor (b. 1822).
  • 1899: Emilio Castelar, Spanish politician (b. 1832).
  • 1903: Mayía Rodríguez, Cuban military man (b. 1849).
  • 1917: Maksim Bahdanovič, Belarusian poet and critic (b. 1891).
  • 1919 – Madam C. J. Walker, American businesswoman and philanthropist (b. 1867).
  • 1924: Federico Boyd, Panamanian politician and president (b. 1851).
  • 1924: Lyubov Popova, Russian painter and illustrator (b. 1889).
  • 1926: Symon Petlura, Ukrainian politician (b.1879).
  • 1932 – Franz von Hipper, German admiral (b. 1863).
  • 1933: José María Vargas Vila, Colombian novelist (b. 1860).
  • 1934 – Gustav Holst, British trombonist, composer and educator (b. 1874).
  • 1934: Julio Martín, Swiss-Argentine businessman, industrialist and pioneer (d. 1934).
  • 1937 – Henry Ossawa Tanner, American painter and illustrator (b.1859).
  • 1939 – Frank Watson Dyson, British astronomer and academic (b. 1868).
  • 1940: Corisco, Brazilian cangaceiro (b.1907).
  • 1940: Joe De Grasse, American filmmaker (b. 1873).
  • 1942: Emanuel Feuermann, Ukrainian cellist and teacher (b.1902).
  • 1945: Rafael Estrella Ureña, Dominican president (b. 1889).
  • 1946: Marcel Petiot, French serial killer (b. 1897).
  • 1948: Witold Pilecki, Polish officer and leader of the resistance against the Nazis (b.1901).
  • 1948: Mercedes Sirvén Pérez, Cuban pharmacist and military man (b. 1872).
  • 1951: Paula von Preradović, Croatian poet and writer (b. 1887).
  • 1952: Ettore Tolomei, Italian nationalist (b.1865).
  • 1954: Robert Capa, Hungarian war photographer and journalist (b. 1913).
  • 1955: Juan Vigón, Spanish military man (b. 1880).
  • 1965: Aleck Rice Miller (Sonny Boy Williamson II), American blues singer-songwriter (b. 1899).
  • 1968: Georg von Küchler, German field marshal (b. 1881).
  • 1972: Asta Nielsen, Danish actress (b. 1881).
  • 1974: Arturo Jauretche, Argentine politician and writer (b.1901).
  • 1975: Eudoro Melo, Uruguayan writer and politician (b. 1889).
  • 1977: Eugenia Ginzburg (72), Russian writer who spent 18 years sentenced in the Gulag (b.1904).
  • 1981: Armando de Armas Romero, Cuban painter (b.1914).
  • 1981: Ruby Payne-Scott, Australian physicist and astronomer (b.1912).
  • 1985: Raúl Borrás, Argentine politician, Minister of Defense of Raúl Alfonsín (b. 1933).
  • 1988: Ernst Ruska, German physicist, Nobel laureate in physics in 1986 (b.1906).
  • 1990: Vic Tayback, American actor (b.1930).
  • 1992: Javier Basilio, Spanish journalist (b.1928).
  • 1994: Sonny Sharrock, American jazz guitarist (b.1940).
  • 1995: Élie Bayol, French racing driver (b.1914).
  • 1995: Krešimir Ćosić, Croatian basketball player and coach (b.1948).
  • 1996: Renzo De Felice, Italian historian and writer (b. 1929).
  • 1996: Bradley Nowell, singer and guitarist American, of the band Sublime (b. 1968).
  • 1996: Barney Wilen, French jazz musician (b.1937).
  • 2000: Nicholas Clay, British actor (b. 1946).
  • 2003: Sloan Wilson, American writer and poet (b.1920).
  • 2005: Zoran Mušič, Slovenian painter and illustrator (b.1909).
  • 2006: Desmond Dekker, Jamaican musician (b.1941).
  • 2006: Aída Luz, Argentine actress (b.1917).
  • 2007: Charles Nelson Reilly, American actor, comedian and director (b.1931).
  • 2008: Geremi González, Venezuelan baseball player (b. 1975).
  • 2008: Ítalo Argentino Luder, Argentine politician (b.1916).
  • 2010: Alexander Belostenny, Ukrainian basketball player (b.1959).
  • 2010: Rafa Galindo, Venezuelan singer (b.1921).
  • 2010: Gabriel Vargas, Mexican painter and illustrator (b.1915).
  • 2011: Lillian Adams, American actress (b.1922).
  • 2011: Leonora Carrington, surrealist painter and Mexican writer of British origin (b. 1917).
  • 2012: Edoardo Mangiarotti, Italian fencer and sports leader (b.1919).
  • 2012: Beatrice Sparks, American writer and therapist (b. 1917).
  • 2013: Mahendra Karma, Indian politician (b.1950).
  • 2013: Marshall Lytle, American bassist and composer (b.1933).
  • 2013: Nand Kumar Patel, Indian politician (b.1953).
  • 2014: Wojciech Jaruzelski, Polish military and politician, President of Poland between 1889 and 1990 (b.1923).
  • 2014: Herb Jeffries, American singer and actor (b.1913).
  • 2014: Matthew Saad Muhammad, American boxer and trainer (b.1954).
  • 2015: John M. Murphy, American military and politician (b.1926).
  • 2017: Emili Vicente Vives, Spanish soccer coach (b.1965).
  • 2020: Vadão, Brazilian coach (b.1956).
  • 2020: Ricardo Barreda, Argentine dentist and lawyer (b.1936).
  • 2020: George Floyd, security guard and American rapper (b.1973).
  • 2020: Marcelo Campanal, Spanish footballer (b.1932).
  • 2020: Edith Aron, German literary writer and translator (b.1923).
  • 2021: John Warner, American politician (b.1927).

What is Celebrated “A Day as Today”?

A Day as Today - Celebrations - Dorian's Secrets
What is Celebrated “A Day as Today”? / Image Credit: Sakkanan Norkaew

May 25 – A Day as Today – Celebration

  • International Africa Day, commemorating the founding in 1963 of the Organization for African Unity, the forerunner of the African Union.
  • African Liberation Day: in Chad, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
  • Week of Solidarity with the Peoples of Non-Self-Governing Territories
  • Towel Day, in tribute to Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
  • Geek Pride Day, in tribute to the 1977 Star Wars release.
  • International Tap Dance Day, in honor of the birth of Bill Robinson
  • Argentina: May Revolution (first national government).
  • Bolivia: Civic anniversary of the Department of Chuquisaca, in commemoration of the First Libertarian Cry of Latin America, given in the Revolution of Chuquisaca in 1809.
  • Colombia: Day of the victims of sexual violence.
  • Spain:
    • Geek Pride Day.
    • Fair and Festivities in honor of Our Lady of Health in Córdoba, Andalusia, Spain.
  • El Salvador: Cosmetologist Day.
  • Honduras: Day of the Honduran Journalist, since 1830.
  • United States: National Wine Day.
  • Latvia: Urbanas Diena festival.
  • Lebanon: Liberation Day (2000).
  • Mexico: Day of the Public Accountant, remembering the delivery of the first title of “commercial accountant” to Fernando Díez Barroso in 1907.
  • Yugoslavia: Youth Day.
  • Venezuela: Day of the national anthem.
  • World day against fascism.

Catholic Santoral “A Day as Today”

A Day as Today - Saints - Dorian's Secrets
Catholic Santoral “A Day as Today” / Image Credit: Peter H

May 25 – A Day as Today – Catholic Santoral

  • Saint Aldelmo
  • Saint Bede the Venerable
  • Saint Canion of Atela
  • Saint Dionysius of Milan
  • Saint Denis Ssebuggwawo
  • Saint Genadius of Astorga
  • Saint Gregory VII, pope
  • Saint Leon de Troyes
  • Saint Magdalene Sofia Barat
  • Saint Mary Magdalene de Pazzi
  • Saint Peter Doan Van Van
  • Saint Zenobius of Florence
  • Blessed Gerardo Mecatti
  • Blessed Gerio de Montesanto
  • Blessed Jacobo Felipe Bertoni
  • Blessed Nicholas Cehelski
  • Saint Emma of Altea

What Sign of the Zodiac Rules those Born “A Day as Today”?

A Day as Today - Zodiac - Dorian's Secrets
Prediction your zodiac sign with Dorian / Image Credit: p2722754

May 25 – A Day as Today – Zodiac Sign

♊ Gemini:

The Last Ephemeris of the Week:

July 22 – A Day as Today
A Day as Today: Events, Births, Commemorations and more …
July 21 – A Day as Today
A Day as Today: Events, Births, Commemorations and more …
July 20 – A Day as Today
A Day as Today: Events, Births, Commemorations and more …
July 19 – A Day as Today
A Day as Today: Events, Births, Commemorations and more …
July 18 – A Day as Today
A Day as Today: Events, Births, Commemorations and more …
July 17 – A Day as Today
A Day as Today: Events, Births, Commemorations and more …
July 16 – A Day as Today
A Day as Today: Events, Births, Commemorations and more …

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