November 28 – A Day as Today - ¡Events and Curiosities!

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November 28 – A Day as Today – Ephemeris in Dorian’s Secrets.

There are 33 days left to end the Year!

November 28 it is the 332nd (three hundred and thirty-second) day of the year on the Gregorian calendar and the 333rd in leap years.

Events that Happened “A Day as Today”

A Day as Today - Events and Happened - Dorian's Secrets -
Events that Happened “A Day as Today”

November 28 – A Day as Today – Events

  • 587: in Andelot-Blancheville (present France), by means of the Treaty of Andelot, King Gontrán I of Burgundy recognizes Childeberto II as his heir.
  • 1095: in Clermont (France), on the last day of the Council of Clermont, Pope Urban II sends Bishop Ademar de Monteil (f. 1098) and Raymond IV of Toulouse (1042-1105) to rescue the Holy Land in the First Crusade .
  • 1443: In Albania, Skanderbeg and his forces liberate the city of Kruja and raise the Albanian flag.
  • 1493: Christopher Columbus arrives in Jamaica and Puerto Rico (which were inhabited for centuries before), and circumnavigates a good part of the island of Cuba.
  • 1520: In southern Chile, after sailing through the Strait of Magellan, three ships under the command of the Portuguese explorer Fernando de Magallanes reach the Pacific Ocean, making them the first Europeans to sail from the Atlantic Ocean to the Peaceful.
  • 1582: In Stratford-upon-Avon, the writer William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway (three months pregnant) pay a tax of £ 40 to obtain a marriage license.
  • 1779: in the Mosquitia territory (west of Nicaragua) the Spanish colonel Matías Gálvez y Gallardo attacks the British.
  • 1811: Ludwig van Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5 in E flat major, Op. 73, by Ludwig van Beethoven is premiered at the Gewandhaus concert hall in Leipzig (Germany).
  • 1814: in Spain, King Fernando VII creates the Order of San Hermenegildo.
  • 1814: in London, The Times newspaper becomes the first in the world to be printed with a steam engine.
  • 1821: in the current city of Panama, the country of Panama becomes independent from Spain and voluntarily joins Greater Colombia.
  • 1838: in Cádiz (Spain) the construction of the Cathedral of Cádiz is finished.
  • 1840: In the province of Córdoba ―in the framework of the Argentine civil wars― the federal army (under the command of former Uruguayan president Manuel Oribe) defeats the unitary army (under the command of Juan Lavalle) in the battle of Quebracho Herrado.
  • 1843 – The Governments of the United Kingdom and France officially recognize the Kingdom of Hawaii as an independent nation. (Hawaii Independence Day)
  • 1848: Bern is recognized as the sole capital of the Helvetic Confederation.
  • 1885: the Bulgarian victory in the Serbo-Bulgarian War preserves the Unification of Bulgaria.
  • 1885: in Spain, the widow of Alfonso XII, María Cristina de Habsburgo-Lorena, swears fidelity to the heir to the Crown and to the Constitution.
  • 1893: in New Zealand, for the first time in human history, women vote in a national election.
  • 1905: in Ireland, the nationalist Arthur Griffith founds the political party Sinn Féin.
  • 1907: in Haverhill (United States), the scrap dealer Louis B. Mayer opens his first movie theater.
  • 1909: Sergei Rachmaninov premieres on the piano his Piano Concerto No. 3, considered one of the most technically difficult piano concertos in the pianistic repertoire of classical music.
  • 1910: in Greece, Eleftherios Venizelos, leader of the Liberal Party, wins the elections again.
  • 1911: in Mexico, Emiliano Zapata proclaims the Plan of Ayala, in which the rights of the peasants are vindicated.
  • 1912: Albania becomes independent from the Ottoman Empire.
  • 1925: in Barcelona, ​​the League of Catholic Action for Women protests the placement of the sculptural sketch of a statue in Plaça Catalunya.
  • 1925: in Nashville (United States) the country music program Grand Ole Opry begins to be broadcast.
  • 1930: in Spain, the philosopher José Ortega y Gasset publishes The Rebellion of the Masses.
  • 1936: in Paracuellos de Jarama (near Madrid, Spain), the playwright Pedro Muñoz Seca is shot. (Matanzas de Paracuellos).
  • 1939: in Arenaza (province of Buenos Aires) the Arenaza Sports and Social Club is founded.
  • 1942: in Boston (United States), the Cocoanut Grove nightroom burns down. 491 people are burned to death.
  • 1943: in Tehran (Iran), Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Iósif Stalin hold a conference.
  • 1951: in Syria, a coup d’état gives power to Colonel Chichakli.
  • 1954: general elections are held in Uruguay. The Colorado Party wins again, obtaining the majority in the National Government Council.
  • 1958: In a span of five days, five African countries become independent from the French colonial Empire: Mali, Senegal, Chad, Gabon and Congo-Brazzaville.
  • 1960: Mauritania becomes independent from the French colonial Empire.
  • 1963: the Spanish Courts approve the Statute of Autonomy for Fernando Poo and Río Muni.
  • 1964: at Cape Canaveral (United States), NASA launches the Mariner 4 probe towards Mars.
  • 1965: US President Lyndon B. Johnson designates this day “Day of National Prayer” in memory of the American victims of the Vietnam War.
  • 1965: In response to US President Lyndon B. Johnson’s request that he needed “more flags” in Vietnam, Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos announces that he will send troops to assist in the US invasion. (Eight years later Vietnam will win).
  • 1965: The United States launches the ionospheric survey satellite DME.
  • 1966: in Burundi, Michel Micombero (1940-1983) deposed the monarchy and became the first president of his country.
  • 1967: in South Yemen, the FNL proclaims the independence of the South Yemen People’s Republic, with the approval of the British authorities.
  • 1971: in Egypt, the Black September unit of the PLO (Organization for the Liberation of Palestine) assassinates the Jordanian Prime Minister Wasfi el-Tell.
  • 1971: general elections are held in Uruguay. Simultaneously, a plebiscite is held for the presidential reelection of Jorge Pacheco Areco, which fails. His “substitute” candidate Juan María Bordaberry is elected amid accusations of fraud by opposition candidate Wilson Ferreira Aldunate.
  • 1971: in British Columbia (Canada), members of the Mounted Police beat Fred Quilt (55), member of the Canadian native nation Chilcotin, who will die two days later.
  • 1971: in La Palma (Canary Islands) the eruption of the Teneguía volcano ends.
  • 1972: Japan Airlines Flight 446 crashes shortly after taking off from Moscow-Sheremetyevo International Airport in Russia due to an accidental activation of the Aircraft’s aerodynamic brakes
  • 1972: the last executions are carried out in Paris (France) in La Santé prison (Montparnasse): the mutineers and murderers Roger Bontems and Claude Buffet are guillotined. The executioner is Andre Obrecht (1899-1985).
  • 1973: in Colombia, the territory of Casanare, through law 19 of 1973, is separated from the department of Boyacá and becomes a national quartermaster.
  • 1975: East Timor becomes independent from Portugal.
  • 1979: Air New Zealand flight 901, a DC-10, crashes on Mount Erebo (Antarctica). All 257 people on board die.
  • 1980: In Iraq ―in the framework of the Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988) – the Iranian Navy and Air Force launch Operation Morvarid (‘pearl’), which destroys more than 70% of the Iraqi air force .
  • 1982: Internal elections are held in Uruguay, starting a process that, two years later, would put an end to the civil-military dictatorship.
  • 1983: the Spanish writer Francisco Ayala is awarded the National Narrative Prize.
  • 1987: Northeast Mauritius catches fire and South African Airways Flight 295 falls. All 159 people on board die.
  • 1990: Margaret Thatcher’s term as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom ends.
  • 1991: South Ossetia gains independence from Georgia and becomes a republic.
  • 2000: CA Boca Juniors, from Argentina, are proclaimed Intercontinental Champion for the second time in their history by defeating Real Madrid CF from Spain by 2 to 1 with two goals from Martín Palermo, at the National Stadium in Tokyo, Japan.
  • 2002: in Mombasa (Kenya), several suicide bombers blow up a hotel (owned by an Israeli). His companions fail to blow up Arkia Israel Airlines Flight 582 with surface-to-air missiles.
  • 2005: Tropical storm Delta crosses the Atlantic Ocean, affecting the islands of Madeira and the Canary Islands, where it causes power outages lasting more than a week.
  • 2010: in Spain, the CiU wins the elections to the Parliament of Catalonia after two tripartite legislatures.
  • 2012: in Ecuador, the Barcelona SC soccer team becomes champion of the 2012 season after 15 years.
  • 2015: its last Dassault Mirage III aircraft are withdrawn from service by the Argentine Air Force, with 43 years of service.
  • 2016: LaMia Flight 2933, carrying the Brazilian soccer team Chapecoense, crashes in the municipality of La Unión, Antioquia, (Colombia); 71 people die and 6 are injured.
  • 2020: Events surrounding the death of Diego Armando Maradona:
    • Fourth day without Diego Armando Maradona. Shrines are erected in various parts of the world in his honor.
    • In Newcastle, Australia, in the match between the Pumas and the All Blacks, before the haka, the New Zealand rugby team gave the Argentine team an All Blacks shirt with Maradona’s 10.
    • In Brazil, Santos, the club where Pelé shone, announced that the T-shirt 10 instead of saying Yeferson Soteldo (forward who usually wears it) will say Maradona in the match against Sport Recife.

Who was Born “A Day as Today”?

A Day as Today - Born - Dorian's Secrets
Who was Born “A Day as Today”?

November 28 – A Day as Today – Births

  • 1628: John Bunyan, British religious and writer, known for his work The Pilgrim’s Progress (d. 1688).
  • 1632: Jean-Baptiste Lully, French composer (d. 1687).
  • 1640: Willem de Vlamingh, Dutch captain (d. 1698).
  • 1757 – William Blake, British poet and painter (d. 1827).
  • 1774: Francisco de Paula y Marín, Spanish botanist (d. 1837).
  • 1792: Victor Cousin, French philosopher (d. 1867).
  • 1793: Carl Jonas Love Almqvist, Swedish poet (d. 1866).
  • 1795: Gregorio Aráoz de Lamadrid, Argentine unitary and military leader (d. 1857).
  • 1805 – John Stephens, American explorer, writer, diplomat, and archaeologist (d. 1852).
  • 1810 – William Froude, British architect and engineer (d. 1879).
  • 1820: Friedrich Engels, German philosopher and revolutionary (d. 1895).
  • 1829: Anton Rubinstein, Russian pianist and composer (d. 1894).
  • 1836: Amelia Denis de Icaza, Panamanian poet (d. 1911).
  • 1837: John Wesley Hyatt, American inventor. Renowned for perfecting the use of celluloid (d. 1920).
  • 1839: Elise Honegger, Swiss journalist, editor and activist for women’s rights (d. 1912).
  • 1856: Belisario Porras, Panamanian politician and writer (d. 1947).
  • 1857: Alfonso XII, King of Spain between 1874 and 1885 (d. 1885).
  • 1880: Aleksandr Blok, Russian poet (d. 1921).
  • 1881: Stefan Zweig, Austrian writer (d. 1942).
  • 1887: Ernst Röhm, German Nazi officer (d. 1934).
  • 1894: Henry Hazlitt, American philosopher and economist (d. 1993).
  • 1895: José Iturbi, Spanish pianist and conductor (d. 1980).
  • 1895: Juan Artola, Spanish footballer (d. 1937).
  • 1901: Óscar Diego Gestido, Uruguayan general, politician and president (f. 1967).
  • 1904: Nancy Mitford, British novelist and biographer (d. 1973).
  • 1907: Rose Bampton, American opera singer (d. 2007).
  • 1907: Alberto Moravia, Italian writer (d. 1990).
  • 1908: Claude Lévi-Strauss, Belgian-French anthropologist and linguist (d. 2009).
  • 1909: David Miller, American filmmaker (d. 1992).
  • 1912: Morris Louis, American painter (d. 1962).
  • 1916: Ramón J. Velásquez, Venezuelan politician, jurist, historian and former president (f. 2014).
  • 1918: Kiko Ledgard, Peruvian presenter and actor (d. 1995).
  • 1923: Gloria Grahame, American actress (d. 1981).
  • 1923: James Karen, American actor (d. 2018).
  • 1923: Emilio Rodríguez Barros, Spanish cyclist (d. 1984).
  • 1925: Umberto Veronesi, Italian physician, politician, surgeon and oncologist (d. 2016).
  • 1925: József Bozsik, Hungarian footballer (d. 1978).
  • 1927: Joan Ponç, Spanish painter (d. 1984).
  • 1929: Berry Gordy, American music entrepreneur, founder of Motown Records.
  • 1929: Eliecer Ortega, Chilean merchant, politician and mayor (f. 1986).
  • 1930: Carlos Figueroa Serrano, Chilean lawyer and politician.
  • 1931: Tomi Ungerer, French illustrator and writer (f. 2019).
  • 1932: Víctor Alderete, Argentine lawyer and politician, auditor of PAMI.
  • 1932: Gato Barbieri, Argentine jazz saxophonist (d. 2016).
  • 1933: Hope Lange, American actress (f. 2003).
  • 1935: Jorge Lafforgue, Argentine writer, literary critic and professor.
  • 1936: Gary Hart, American politician.
  • 1938: José Antonio González Caviedes, Spanish politician (f. 1996).
  • 1938: Alicia Maguiña, Peruvian singer and songwriter.
  • 1940: Alberto Gallardo, Peruvian soccer player and coach (d. 2001).
  • 1940: Javier Sádaba, Spanish philosopher.
  • 1941: Laura Antonelli, Italian actress.
  • 1943: Randy Newman, American composer, pianist and singer.
  • 1944: Rita Mae Brown, American writer, poet and screenwriter.
  • 1944: Marta González, Argentine actress.
  • 1946: Joe Dante, American filmmaker and film producer.
  • 1947: Maria Farantouri, singer and Greek politician.
  • 1948: Beeb Birtles, Australian-Dutch guitarist, of the Little River Band.
  • 1949: José Manuel de la Sota, Argentine politician.
  • 1949: Alexander Godunov, Russian dancer.
  • 1950: Ricardo Arroyo, Spanish actor.
  • 1950: Ed Harris, American actor and filmmaker.
  • 1950: Russell Alan Hulse, American astrophysicist, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1993.
  • 1951: Barbara Morgan, American astronaut.
  • 1953: Alistair Darling, British politician.
  • 1955: Alessandro Altobelli, Italian footballer.
  • 1957: Gaspar Llamazares, Spanish politician.
  • 1959: Judd Nelson, American actor.
  • 1959: Stephen Roche, Irish cyclist.
  • 1960: Víctor Fernández, Spanish soccer coach.
  • 1960: John Galliano, British-Gibraltarian fashion designer.
  • 1961: Martin Clunes, British actor.
  • 1961: Alfonso Cuarón, Mexican screenwriter and filmmaker.
  • 1961: Ramón García, presenter of Spanish television and radio.
  • 1961: Daniel Hadad, Argentine journalist and businessman.
  • 1961: Jane Sibbett, American actress.
  • 1962: Davey Boy Smith, British professional wrestler.
  • 1962: Matt Cameron, American drummer, of the bands Soundgarden and Pearl Jam.
  • 1962: Jon Stewart, American comedian.
  • 1963: Johnny Newman, American basketball player.
  • 1964: Roy Tarpley, American basketball player.
  • 1965: Ilse, Mexican singer.
  • 1967: José Guillermo Del Solar, Peruvian soccer player.
  • 1967: Sergio Pezzotta, Argentine soccer referee.
  • 1967: Anna Nicole Smith, American model and actress (f. 2007).
  • 1967: Dubravko Pavličić, Croatian footballer (f. 2012).
  • 1970: Álex López Morón, Spanish tennis player.
  • 1970: Édouard Philippe, French politician.
  • 1971: Rob Conway, American professional wrestler.
  • 1971: Ricardo Andrade, was a Guatemalan singer, guitarist and composer.
  • 1971: Fenriz, Norwegian singer and drummer, of the band Darkthrone.
  • 1972: Paulo Figueiredo, Angolan soccer player.
  • 1972: Vera Fogwill, Argentine actress.
  • 1972: Jesper Strömblad, Swedish guitarist, of the band In Flames.
  • 1973: Jade Puget, American alternative rock guitarist, of the band AFI.
  • 1974:, Filipino-American rapper and producer, of the band Black Eyed Peas.
  • 1974: Styles P, African-American rapper.
  • 1974: Kristian Schmid, Australian actor.
  • 1975: Juan Martín Díaz, Argentine-Spanish padel player.
  • 1975: Sunny Mabrey, American actress.
  • 1975: Sigurd Wongraven, Norwegian musician, from the band Satyricon.
  • 1976: Juana Acosta, Colombian actress, nationalized Spanish.
  • 1976: Ryan Kwanten, Australian actor.
  • 1976: Lucía Puenzo, Argentine film director.
  • 1976: Aitor Ocio Carrión, Spanish footballer.
  • 1977: Fabio Grosso, Italian footballer.
  • 1977: Acer Nethercott, British rower (f. 2013).
  • 1977: Gavin Rae, British footballer.
  • 1978: Mayré Martínez, Venezuelan singer, winner of Latin American Idol.
  • 1978: Mehdi Nafti, Tunisian footballer.
  • 1979: Chamillionaire, American rapper.
  • 1979: Daniel Henney, American model and actor with South Korean nationality.
  • 1982: Leandro Barbosa, Brazilian basketball player.
  • 1983: Rostam Batmanglij, American composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, of the bands Vampire Weekend and Discovery.
  • 1983: Nelson Haedo Valdez, Paraguayan soccer player.
  • 1983: Edouard Roger-Vasselin, French tennis player.
  • 1983: Carlos Villanueva, Dominican baseball player.
  • 1984: Andrew Bogut, Australian basketball player
  • 1984: Trey Songz, American singer.
  • 1984: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, American actress.
  • 1984: Naoko Yamada, Japanese animator and director.
  • 1985: Álvaro Pereira “Palito”, Uruguayan soccer player.
  • 1986: Mouhamadou Dabo, French footballer.
  • 1987: Karen Gillan, British actress.
  • 1988: Adrián Rodríguez, Spanish actor and singer.
  • 1990: Dedryck Boyata, Belgian footballer.
  • 1992: Gabriel Graciani, Argentine soccer player.
  • 1992: Adam Hicks, American actor and singer.
  • 1992: Jake Miller, American singer.
  • 1997: Thor Salden, Belgian singer.
  • 2016: Liam of Nassau, prince of Luxembourg.

Who Left Us “A Day as Today”?

A Day as Today - Who left us - Dorian's Secrets
Who Left Us “A Day as Today”?

November 28 – A Day as Today – Deaths

  • 741: Gregory III, Roman pope.
  • 1058: Casimir I the Restorer, Polish King (b. 1016).
  • 1680: Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Italian sculptor, architect and painter (b. 1598).
  • 1794: Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, American military man born in Prussia (b. 1730).
  • 1822: Francisco Antonio Zea, Colombian scientist and politician (b. 1766).
  • 1841: Manuel de Salas, prominent Chilean educator and patriot (b. 1754).
  • 1859 – Washington Irving, American writer (b. 1783).
  • 1870: Frédéric Bazille, French painter (b.1841).
  • 1878: Orson Hyde, American religious leader (b.1805).
  • 1889: Richard Volkmann, German surgeon and writer (b. 1830).
  • 1907: Stanisław Wyspiański, Polish playwright (b. 1869).
  • 1921: `Abdu’l-Bahá, Persian religious leader (b. 1844).
  • 1939: José Agustín Pérez del Pulgar, Spanish priest and physicist (b. 1875).
  • 1945 – Dwight Davis, American tennis player and politician (b. 1879).
  • 1947: Jacques Leclerc, French military man (b.1902).
  • 1952: Elena Petrovich Niegos, Italian aristocrat and queen (b. 1873).
  • 1954: Enrico Fermi, Italian-American physicist, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1938 (b. 1901).
  • 1960 – Richard Nathaniel Wright, American writer (b.1908).
  • 1962: Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, Dutch aristocrat (b. 1880).
  • 1966: José Isbert, Spanish actor (b. 1886).
  • 1968: Enid Blyton, British writer (b. 1897).
  • 1972: Ángel Tacuarita Brandazza, Argentine social activist assassinated by the Army (b. 1949).
  • 1972: Sibyl of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, German aristocrat (b. 1908).
  • 1974: Miguel Odriozola, Spanish geneticist and trade unionist (b.1903).
  • 1976: Rosalind Russell, American actress (b.1907).
  • 1978: Antonio Vespucio Liberti, Argentine sports leader (b.1902).
  • 1985 – John McNally, American football player (b.1903).
  • 1987: Pablo Pérez Zañartu, Chilean engineer and politician (b. 1915).
  • 1990: Francisco Godia, Spanish Formula 1 driver (b.1921).
  • 1992: Sidney Nolan, Australian painter (b.1917).
  • 1993: Roberto García-Peña, Colombian journalist and lawyer (b.1910).
  • 1993: Garry Moore, American comedian (b.1915).
  • 1994: Vicente Enrique y Tarancón, Spanish cardinal (b.1907).
  • 1994: Jeffrey Dahmer, American serial killer (b.1960).
  • 1994: Venancio Pérez, Spanish footballer (b.1921).
  • 1994: Jerry Rubin, American social activist (b.1938).
  • 2000: Alfonso De Grazia, Argentine theater, film and television actor (b.1932).
  • 2004: Raúl Troncoso, Chilean politician (b. 1935).
  • 2006: Max Merkel, Austrian footballer and coach (b.1918).
  • 2008: Leonel Roberto Carrillo, Mexican politician (b. 1974).
  • 2010: Samuel Cohen, American physicist (b.1921).
  • 2010: Leslie Nielsen, Canadian actor (b.1926).
  • 2011: Patrice O’Neal, American actor and comedian (b. 1969).
  • 2014: Roberto Gómez Bolaños, actor, comedian, playwright, writer, screenwriter, director and Mexican producer (b. 1929).
  • 2016:
    • Ananias Elói Castro Monteiro, Brazilian soccer player for Chapecoense (b. 1989).
    • Bruno Rangel, Brazilian footballer for Chapecoense (b.1981).
    • Caio Júnior, ex-footballer and Brazilian coach of Chapecoense (b. 1965).
    • Cléber Santana, Brazilian footballer for Chapecoense (b. 1981).
    • Dener Assunção Braz, Brazilian soccer player for Chapecoense (b.1991).
    • Everton Kempes dos Santos Gonçalves, Brazilian footballer for Chapecoense (b.1982).
    • Filipe José Machado, Brazilian soccer player for Chapecoense (b. 1984).
    • Guilherme Giménez de Souza, Brazilian soccer player from Chapecoense (b.1995)
    • José Gildeixon Clemente de Paiva, Brazilian soccer player for Chapecoense (b.1987).
    • Josimar Rosado da Silva Tavares, Brazilian soccer player for Chapecoense (b. 1986).
    • Marcelo Augusto Mathias da Silva, Brazilian soccer player for Chapecoense (b. 1991).
    • Mateus Lucena dos Santos, Brazilian soccer player from Chapecoense (b. 1994).
    • Matheus Bitencourt da Silva, Brazilian soccer player for Chapecoense (b. 1995).
    • Tiago da Rocha, Brazilian soccer player from Chapecoense (b.1994).
    • Willian Thiego de Jesus, Brazilian soccer player for Chapecoense (b. 1986).
    • Delfim Pádua Peixoto Filho, president of the FCF (b.1941).
    • 2020: Maria Piechotka, Polish architect and politician (b.1920).

What is Celebrated “A Day as Today”?

A Day as Today - Celebrated - Dorian's Secrets
What is Celebrated “A Day as Today”?

November 28 – A Day as Today – Celebrations

  • Albania:
    • National day for the celebration of the Independence of Albania from the Ottoman Empire.
  • Spain:
    • World Homeless Day.
  • Mauritania
    • Mauritania Independence Day.
  • Panama:
    • National Holiday for the celebration of the Independence of Panama from the Spanish Empire.

Catholic Santoral “A Day as Today”

A Day as Today - Catholic Santoral - Dorian's Secrets
Catholic Santoral “A Day as Today”

November 28 – A Day as Today – Catholic Santoral

  • Saint Andrew Tran Van Trông
  • Saint Basil (martyr)
  • Saint Catherine Labouré
  • San Crescenciano
  • Saint Edelboldo
  • Saint Stephen the Younger
  • Saint Eustace (bishop)
  • Saint Felix
  • San Florenciano
  • Saint Honest of Nimes
  • Saint Hortelano (bishop)
  • San Irenarco
  • Saint James of the Mark
  • Saint Lamano
  • Saint Mansueto of Uruci
  • Saint Papinian of Vita and companions
  • Saint Peter (monk)
  • Saint Rufus (martyr)
  • San Sosthenes
  • Santa Teodora de Rossano
  • San Urbano (bishop)
  • Blessed Grace of Cattaro
  • Blessed Jacobo Thomson
  • Blessed Juan Jesús Adradas Gonzalo and companions
  • Blessed Luis Campos Górriz

What Sign of the Zodiac Rules those Born “A Day as Today”?

Sagittarius Predictions - Lucky Days and Numbers - Dorian's Secrets
Sagittarius Predictions – Lucky Days and Numbers – Dorian’s Secrets

November 28 – A Day as Today – Zodiac sign

♐ Sagittarius:

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