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October 11 – A Day as Today - Ephemeris

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October 11 – A Day as Today – Ephemeris in Dorian’s Secrets (Ephemeris, News, Cinema, Fashion, Diets, Exercises, Face Care, LSDD Method 100% Free and Effective)

Events that Happened “A Day as Today”
  • 1962: In Vatican City, Pope John XXIII inaugurates the Second Vatican Council, which modernized the spirit and structures of the Catholic Church.
  • 1990: Mexican Octavio Paz wins the Nobel Prize for Literature.
  • 1995: Mexican Mario Molina wins the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
  • 2000: James J. Heckman and Daniel L. McFadden win the Nobel Prize in Economics
  • 2004: In Chile municipal elections are held.
  • 2006: In Manhattan (New York), a piper plane crashes into a building, leaving 21 injured and two dead.
  • 2009: In Vatican City, Pope Benedict XVI canonizes five new saints: Juana Jugan, Damián de Veuster, Rafael Arnáiz Barón, Zygmunt Szczęsny Felinski and Francisco Coll Guitart.
  • 2012: Pope Benedict XVI opens the Year of Faith, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the Second Vatican Council and the twentieth anniversary of the publication of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
Who was Born “A Day as Today”?
  • 1937: Bobby Charlton, British footballer.
  • 1939: Maria Bueno, Brazilian tennis player.
  • 1941: Lester Bowie, American trumpeter and composer.
  • 1946: Daryl Hall, American musician, of the band Hall & Oates.
  • 1947: Al Atkins, British singer, of the band Judas Priest.
  • 1948: Peter Turkson, Ghanaian cardinal.
  • 1951: Jean-Jacques Goldman, French singer and songwriter.
  • 1953: David Morse, American actor.
  • 1962: Joan Cusack, American actress.
  • 1965: Sean Patrick Flanery, American actor.
  • 1965: Luke Perry, American actor.
  • 1968: Jane Krakowski, American actress.
  • 1969: Stephen Moyer, American actor and director.
  • 1973: Takeshi Kaneshiro, Japanese actor and singer.
  • 1976: Emily Deschanel, American actress.
  • 1977: Matthew Bomer, American actor.
  • 1983: Bradley James, British actor.
  • 1992: Cardi B, American rapper.
  • 1993: Brandon Flynn, American actor.
Who Left Us “A Day as Today”?
  • 1961: Chico Marx, American actor and comedian.
  • 1963: Jean Cocteau, French writer, painter and filmmaker.
  • 1963: Édith Piaf, French singer.
  • 1996: Renato Russo, Brazilian musician and guitarist, of the bands Legião Urbana and Aborto Elétrico.
  • 1998: Richard Denning, American actor.
  • 2000: Irma Prego, Nicaraguan writer.
  • 2007: Sri Chinmoy, Bengali American spiritual leader and writer.
  • 2008: Jörg Haider, Austrian politician.
  • 2008: Ernst-Paul Hasselbach, Dutch television producer.
  • 2008: Neal Hefti, American trumpeter and composer.
  • 2009: Angelo DiGeorge, American endocrinologist.
  • 2011: Frank Kameny, American LGBT activist.
  • 2012: Frank Alamo, French singer.
  • 2012: Helmut Haller, German footballer.
  • 2014: Carmelo Simeone, Argentine footballer.
  • 2019: Robert Forster, American actor.
What is Celebrated “A Day as Today”?
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October 11 – A Day as Today

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