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October 2 – A Day as Today - Ephemeris

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October 2 – A Day as Today – Ephemeris in Dorian’s Secrets (Ephemeris, News, Cinema, Fashion, Diets, Exercises, Face Care, LSDD Method 100% Free and Effective)

Events that Happened “A Day as Today”
  • 1924: In Buenos Aires (Argentina), in a soccer match between Argentina and Uruguay, the soccer player Cesáreo Onzari scores the first Olympic goal.
  • 1930: Gordon Stewart Northcott is hanged in San Quentin State Prison, for being the perpetrator of the serial murders called the Wineville Crimes.
  • 1941: In the Soviet Union (within the framework of World War II) Operation Typhoon begins: German Nazi troops carry out a massive attack on Moscow.
  • 1942: A self-sustaining chain reaction is achieved for the first time at the cyclotron at the University of Berkeley (California), the beginning of the birth of the atomic bomb.
  • 1944: In Poland, in the framework of the Second World War, the Nazi troops put an end to the Warsaw Uprising.
  • 1954: The Brussels Pact admits the Federal Republic of Germany as a member of NATO.
  • 1955: In the United States, the ENIAC computer is permanently shut down.
  • 1968: In Mexico City, a paramilitary group shoots against a group of civilians, mainly students (Matanza de Tlatelolco).
  • 1984: Three cosmonauts return to the Soviet Union, after spending 237 days in orbit, breaking the previous record.
  • 1993: In Ta He (Vietnam), about 320 km from Hanoi, 53 mountain tribesmen, members of the sect of the blind religious Ca Van Liem commit suicide with firearms and other simple weapons. Among the dead were 19 children.
  • 1996: A plane belonging to the Peruvian company AeroPerú crashes in the Pacific Ocean, off the Peruvian coast, killing the seventy people on board.
  • 1997: Signature of the Treaty of Amsterdam.
  • 2005: The Mexican soccer team wins the 2005 U-17 Soccer World Cup championship by a score of 3-0 against Brazil
  • 2007: The UN declares the International Day of Nonviolence.
  • 2007: In Chile, the Los Ríos Region is created with its capital in the city of Valdivia, thus recovering its autonomy that it had prior to the regionalization process of Chile’s regions in the 1970s.
Who was Born “A Day as Today”?
  • 1914: Jack Parsons, American scientist.
  • 1917: Charles Drake, American actor.
  • 1928: George McFarland, American actor
  • 1936: Dick Barnett, American basketball player.
  • 1942: Steve Sabol, American audiovisual producer.
  • 1943: Eduardo Serra, Portuguese director of photography.
  • 1945: Don McLean, American singer-songwriter.
  • 1948: Donna Karan, American fashion designer.
  • 1949: Richard Hell, American musician.
  • 1949: Annie Leibovitz, American photographer.
  • 1950: Mike Rutherford, British musician, of the band Genesis.
  • 1951: Romina Power, Italian-American actress and singer.
  • 1951: Sting (Gordon Sumner), singer, bassist and British multi-instrumentalist, of the band The Police.
  • 1954: Lorraine Bracco, American actress.
  • 1955: Philip Oakey, British singer, of the band The Human League.
  • 1967: Frankie Fredericks, Namibian athlete.
  • 1968: Range Murata, Japanese artist and designer.
  • 1969: Badly Drawn Boy, British singer-songwriter.
  • 1970: Kelly Ripa, American actress.
  • 1971: James Root, American guitarist, of the band Slipknot.
  • 1971: Tiffany, American singer.
  • 1972: Aaron McKie, American basketball player.
  • 1986: Camilla Belle, American actress.
Who Left Us “A Day as Today”?
  • 1968: Marcel Duchamp, French Dada artist.
  • 1985: Rock Hudson, American actor.
  • 1987: Peter Medawar, Brazilian scientist, Nobel laureate in physics in 1960.
  • 1987: Madeleine Carroll, British actress.
  • 1996: Robert Bourassa, Canadian politician and economist.
  • 1998: Gene Autry, singer and American actor.
  • 1998: Olivier Gendebien, Belgian driver.
  • 1999: Heinz G. Konsalik, German novelist.
  • 2001: Franz Biebl, German composer
  • 2007: Christopher Derrick, British writer.
  • 2007: Dan Keating, Irish politician.
  • 2016: Neville Marriner, British violinist and conductor.
  • 2017: Evangelina Elizondo, Mexican actress and singer.
  • 2017: Tom Petty, American musician.
What is Celebrated “A Day as Today”?
  • International Day of Nonviolence.
What Sign of the Zodiac Rules those Born “A Day as Today”?

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October 2 – A Day as Today

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