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October 4 – A Day as Today - Ephemeris

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October 4 – A Day as Today – Ephemeris in Dorian’s Secrets (Ephemeris, News, Cinema, Fashion, Diets, Exercises, Face Care, LSDD Method 100% Free and Effective)

Events that Happened “A Day as Today”
  • 1940: It is produced in Brennero (Italy), in the framework of the Second World War, they meet Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.
  • 1945: In the framework of World War II, General Douglas MacArthur proclaims the law of civil liberties in Japan.
  • 1957: the Soviet Union puts Sputnik, the first artificial satellite of the Earth, into orbit.
  • 1959: the Soviet Union launches the lunar probe Luna 3.
  • 1965: The Pope of the Catholic Church Paul VI makes a visit to the United Nations.
  • 1966: In southern Africa, Lesotho becomes independent from the British Empire but becomes part of the Commonwealth.
  • 1990: The United States and the Soviet Union reach an agreement on conventional disarmament in Europe.
  • 1994: The Chinese and US governments agree to non-proliferation of missiles.
  • 2011: The iPhone 4S goes on sale in the United States, a day before the death of Steve Jobs.
  • 2014: About 70 miles east of the town of Saint Augustine (United States), the Coast Guard rescues a certain Reza Baluchi in the middle of the sea, who tried to reach the Bermuda Islands by flying a balloon inflated with hydrogen.
  • 2015: In Argentina the first presidential debate of its Political and Democratic History is held.
Who was Born “A Day as Today”?
  • 1916: George Sidney, American filmmaker.
  • 1921: Francisco Morales Bermúdez, Peruvian president.
  • 1924: Charlton Heston, American actor.
  • 1941: Anne Rice, American writer.
  • 1946: Susan Sarandon, American actress.
  • 1947: Fernando Betancourt, historian, Romanist and prominent academic.
  • 1953: Tchéky Karyo, French actor.
  • 1959: Chris Lowe, British keyboardist, of the Pet Shop Boys band.
  • 1961: Kazuki Takahashi, Japanese manga artist.
  • 1961: Jon Secada, Cuban singer.
  • 1967: Liev Schreiber, American actor.
  • 1976: Alicia Silverstone, American actress.
  • 1979: Rachael Leigh Cook, American actress.
  • 1988: Derrick Rose, American basketball player.
  • 1988: Melissa Benoist, singer and American actress.
  • 1989: Dakota Johnson, actress and American model.
Who Left Us “A Day as Today”?
  • 1970: Janis Joplin, American singer.
  • 1982: Glenn Gould, Canadian pianist.
  • 1984: Osvaldo Terranova, Argentine actor.
  • 1989: Graham Chapman, British comedian.
  • 1990: Jill Bennett, British actress.
  • 1995: Victor Levi Sasso, Panamanian professor, civil engineer and writer, first rector of the Technological University of Panama.
  • 1997: Gunpei Yokoi, creator of the Metroid series (from Nintendo) and the Game & Watch, Game Boy and Virtual Boy consoles.
  • 2000: Michael Smith, Canadian chemist, Nobel laureate in Chemistry in 1993.
  • 2013: María Elena Sagrera, Argentine actress.
  • 2016: Mario Almada, actor.
  • 2016: Juan de Ribera Berenguer, painter.
What is Celebrated “A Day as Today”?
  • World Animal Day.
What Sign of the Zodiac Rules those Born “A Day as Today”?

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October 4 – A Day as Today

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