The Cranberries dedicates moving message to Dolores O’Riordan


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The Cranberries dedicates moving message to Dolores O’Riordan. (Entertainment, News, Cinema, Fashion, Celebrities, Ephemeris and more in Dorian’s Secrets)

Three years after the death of Dolores O’Riordan, the lead singer of the successful band The Cramberries, who died in a London hotel from drowning from alcohol poisoning, was remembered by her band members with a moving message. On Instagram.

“It’s hard to believe that three years have passed since Dolores passed away. She is always in our thoughts and in our hearts. So many years of good memories. Wherever she wants she to be D, we hope she is bringing joy with her unique voice from hers.

So wrote Fergal Lawler and Noel and Mike Hogan, members of the group that made history in the 90s.

But … who was Dolores O’Riordan? I invite you to take a look at the life of one of the icons of genres such as Alternative Rock, Indie rock, Post-grunge, Celtic rock, folk rock, Jangle pop, pop rock and Post-punk.

Dolores Mary Eileen O’Riordan was born on September 6, 1971 in Ballybricken, County Limerick. She was the youngest of nine siblings, two of whom died in her infancy. Her six siblings are Terence, Brendan, Donal, PJ, Joseph and Angela. Her father, Terence (1937-2011), was a farmer, but was unable to work due to a brain injury caused by a motorcycle accident in 1968. Her mother, Eileen, was a school food provider. Dolores studied at Laurel Hill Coláiste FCJ School in Limerick. At that time, the O’Riordan lived in an agricultural area, in a very small house, with only two rooms for the nine members of the family.

In 1983, at age 12, Dolores wrote her first song, which she titled “Calling.” She was talking about her first love, a man much older than her and who was also her teacher at her school. At school, little Dolores was always considered a strange girl and was nicknamed The girl who writes songs (‘the girl who writes songs’). She never had many friends.

When she Dolores was a teenager, she was very fond of sacred music, so she was also part of the choir of the church she attended. Pop was a very important part of her tastes; she loved listening to the music of groups like Duran Duran and The Smiths, and she admired Sinéad O’Connor and Patsy Cline.

In 2013, Ella O’Riordan recounted that at the age of eight, she was the victim of sexual abuse for four years by someone she trusted.

The Cranberries dedicates a moving message to Dolores O’Riordan

The Cranberries dedicates moving message to Dolores O'Riordan - Los Secretos de Dorian
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Solo career:

Dolores signed a contract with the independent record company Sanctuary Records, and released her album as a solo artist in May 2007. The album is called Are you listening? In Dolores’s words, this album “is completely different from The Cranberries. She would not have written something as dark and personal as this with the boys. ”19

Dolores O’Riordan had to cancel seven presentations due to illness, ending the tour early, which included Asia, Europe and America (she visited South America for the first time), adding almost fifty presentations. The reception of the Spanish speakers was very pleasant for her, says Dolores: «I have many pleasant memories […]. I have promised to return to South America next year, to places like Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Peru… I have been totally amazed. I am very sorry not to have come before with my usual companions, The Cranberries ».

In June 2007, Sanctuary Records was acquired by Universal Music Group. For this reason, the promotion of the second single, “When we were young” from Are you listening? it was suspended, even though the video clip had already been recorded. According to Don Burton, they had not been able to communicate with representatives of Universal to try to reach an agreement.

Noteworthy is her participation in the film Click: in the scene of the wedding of Adam Sandler’s son in the film, Sandler and Kate Beckinsale dance their love song, “Linger”, sung by a band and vocalist, Dolores.

In August 2009, O’Riordan released her second solo album, titled No baggage, and her first single was titled “The Journey.” This new album was a new immersion in her personal experiences, with experimental sounds and very intimate themes. This same year she joined forces with Andy Rouke and Ole Koretsky to bring out songs with the band D.A.R.K.

The Cranberries dedicates a moving message to Dolores O’Riordan

The Cranberries dedicates moving message to Dolores O'Riordan - Los Secretos de Dorian
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Return of The Cranberries:

A day after the publication of No baggage, in a radio interview, the singer announced the return of The Cranberries after six and a half years of inactivity. In the interview, she explained that the world tour in the United States and Europe would begin in November. A new album by the band was also announced, entitled Roses, which would be recorded in the months of April and May 2011, to be finally released in February 2012.

However, at this stage the group encountered many problems. In October 2013 the news broke that Dolores O’Riordan was taking legal action against her partner Noel Hogan, co-author of most of the band’s songs. However, the case was shelved in July 2015 and the motive was not disclosed.

In April 2017 the group released a new album, Something Else, consisting of acoustic versions of the group’s hits as well as three new songs. Thereafter, they continued working on the recording of a new album, a task that was interrupted due to the unexpected death of the singer.

In January 2019, a year after Dolores’ death, the other members of The Cranberries announced the release of a new and final single, All Over Now, the last song Dolores wrote and managed to record in her lifetime. However, they had enough material from the recording sessions to put together a new album. In fact, they had the vocal part of 11 songs. After consulting with Dolores’s family, they decided to finish and publish the album as a tribute to the singer. This is how In the End saw the light on April 26, 2019, the band’s posthumous album that, once its work was finished, dissolved.

The Cranberries dedicates a moving message to Dolores O’Riordan

The Cranberries dedicates moving message to Dolores O'Riordan - Los Secretos de Dorian
Images from Instagram

Personal life:

On July 18, 1994, Dolores O’Riordan married Don Burton, a former artistic representative of the Duran Duran tour, at the Abbey of the Holy Cross in Tipperary. Her first child, Taylor Baxter, was born on November 23, 1997, during the break between the albums To the Faithful Departed and Bury the Hatchet. Molly Leigh was born on January 27, 2001 and Dakota Rain on April 10, 2005.

In 1998, the couple bought a 200 acre farm called Riversfield Stud, located in Kilmallock, County Limerick, and sold it in 2004. Then they moved to Howth, County Dublin, and spent summers in a log cabin. located in Buckhorn, Ontario (Canada), which had been purchased in 1994. In 2009, they would completely move into their home in Buckhorn.

In August 2013, she returned to live in Ireland. She and Burton ended their relationship in late 2014 after 20 years together. Then they got divorced.

O’Riordan was raised Catholic. She kept vestiges of her faith in her adult life, claiming that she had left scars, that she was “embedded.” Her mother is a devout Catholic who chose her daughter’s name in reference to the Virgen de los Dolores.

O’Riordan was also a great admirer of Pope John Paul II. She had seen it during his visit to Ireland when she was eight and when she was invited to sing for him at the Vatican in 2001, she described it as the most rewarding moment of her life. “I was glad to see inside the Vatican,” she said. “But the best thing was taking my mother to meet the pope. She’s jaw dropped. He was charming, very holy. I thought she really cared about the poor and I was crazy about him.

She also performed for Pope Francis in 2013 at the Vatican’s annual Christmas concert and said that if she had not had a life as a singer, she would have become a missionary.

O’Riordan had also stated that she was pro-life, saying, “I’m not in a position to judge other women, you know, but I mean why do they get pregnant? It is not a good thing for women to go through the entire abortion procedure and have something living inside their bodies sucked out. This devalues ​​women, even though some women say “I don’t mind doing it.” Every time a woman has an abortion, she crushes her self-esteem, making her smaller, smaller and smaller.

In November 2014, O’Riordan was arrested and charged in connection with air rabies on an Aer Lingus flight from New York to Shannon. During the flight she became verbally and physically abusive to the crew. When the police arrested her after landing, she resisted, reminding them that her taxes paid her salary and yelling “I am the Queen of Limerick! I am an icon! ‘, Hitting one Garda officer and spitting on another. She later told the media that she had been stressed about living in New York hotels after the end of her 20-year marriage. The judge she heard about her case agreed to dismiss all charges if she apologized in writing to the aggrieved and contributed € 6,000 to the court’s alms box.

In May 2017, she spoke publicly about her bipolar disorder, which had been diagnosed two years earlier. That same month, The Cranberries mentioned her back problems as the reason for canceling the second part of the group’s European tour. In late 2017, O’Riordan said she was on the mend and performed at a private event.

The Cranberries dedicates a moving message to Dolores O’Riordan

The Cranberries dedicates moving message to Dolores O'Riordan - Los Secretos de Dorian
Images from Instagram


On January 15, 2018, at the age of 46, the artist she passed away suddenly in London, where she was doing recording sessions for a new version of Zombie with the American metal band Bad Wolves. The place of her death was at the London Hilton on Park Lane hotel, located in the Mayfair neighborhood of west London. The cause of her death was not immediately made public, although the London Metropolitan Police said she was not considered a suspect at the moment. The results of the autopsy would be released in April, for the moment they would not be made public and would only be shared with the family. The investigation was unexpectedly canceled on that date and rescheduled for September 6, the day it was announced that her death was due to a drowning accident in the bathtub after having previously ingested a large amount of alcohol.

Irish President Michael D. Higgins was among the first to pay tribute to him. Soon tributes from the world of music began to emerge, among others, those of Dave Davies (of The Kinks), Hozier, Ciro Pertusi, Kodaline, The Corrs or Bono (of U2) with Johnny Depp. The Taoiseach of Ireland, Leo Varadkar, as well as Polish President Andrzej Duda also paid tribute to him. Later, the Avett Brothers recorded a cover of the song “Linger.” On January 28, a New York children’s choir sang the song “Dreams” in memory of O’Riordan.

Among the plans for her funeral was a religious service reserved for her family and her closest friends. A three-day act with O’Riordan in a burning chamber in an open coffin was held from January 20 to 22 at the Church of San José in his hometown, where his songs were heard, while photographs of the singer on stage , and one with Pope John Paul II, were placed on the walls.

On January 23 she was buried after a mass at Saint Ailbe Catholic Church in Ballybricken, County Limerick; she began with the song Ave Maria, sung by O’Riordan and Luciano Pavarotti. At the end of the service, The Cranberries song “When You’re Gone” was heard. Among those attending her funeral were her mother, Eileen, her three children, Taylor, Molly, and Dakota, and their father, O’Riordan’s ex-husband, Don Burton; her sister, Angela, and her brothers Terence, Brendan, Donal, Joseph and PJ; The Cranberries members Noel Hogan, Mike Hogan and Fergal Lawler; former rugby player Ronan O’Gara, and her boyfriend Olé Koretsky. Dolores was buried alongside her father in Friarstown, County Limerick.

The Cranberries dedicates moving message to Dolores O’Riordan. (Entertainment, News, Cinema, Fashion, Celebrities, Ephemeris and more in Dorian’s Secrets)

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