Insomnia vs Nature: The Linden

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Insomnia vs Nature: The Linden. (Dr. Gray: The Science Behind the Secret… Alternative Medicine, Scientifically Based Natural Remedies, Treatments and More…)

Hello Seeker of Secrets, we have not met for a long time. Yes, it was some time since we had entered the mysterious world of nature together to find the wisdom forgotten by modernity.

Since we discovered “The Secret of the Star” we had not been able to continue our search. But it has not been in vain, the practice of what we have learned solidifies us, and makes us stronger to face the future.

We will talk about that Future today …

Especially the “Rest”. Yes seeker, you got it right, REST. While there is exercising our muscles and our mind, it is also necessary to rest. Without 8 hours of restful sleep, our body will begin to fail, our reflexes will wane and our mental state will run out.

That is why rest is so important, to be able to continue our search, to assimilate The Secret.

But what if we have all the means to rest, spaces in our home entirely dedicated to this, but…. when it comes to falling asleep we can’t?

It is well known that the agitation of daily life wraps us in a blanket of stress, the anxiety to control our steps consumes us, the unfinished tasks due to lack of time contrast with the tasks that we must and have to carry out next, the work is accumulates, and all this damages our emotions creating tension, which leads to stress, and stress leads to anxiety, anxiety to insomnia and insomnia only appears when it is already dark.

A curious fact Seeker …

Did you know that sleep is lost and fatigue accumulates? This means that when you overcome sleep in a waking state, that is, staying awake by force, then you lose the ability to have sleep. However, not tiredness, fatigue is consuming you to the point of extreme fatigue.

So what to do to be able to rest in good manners, without insomnia bothering us?

Well there are those who prefer drugs, which are very varied, but … All these drugs have terrible adverse effects. From addiction to loss of concentration.

They all make it impossible to use machinery, you can’t drive, you can’t work, they don’t let you think. In fact, addiction to sleeping pills is so strong that for 20 days of use you have to spend more than 3 months detoxifying.

No Seeker, the way is in Nature.

There are natural means to achieve our purposes and this is the Secret that I bring in this session.

I mean the Tilo, yes, I know, it is very common … Yes, it is true, I am not talking about something new, we find it in many types of presentations in fact it is a very tasty infusion but we feel that it does not make us sleepy … and there is where we enter Search …

What have I called your attention? Because the truth is that it does make you sleepy, if it calms and relaxes, everything is in the preparation of the recipe, your ability to perform the infusion ritual and especially in the collection and obtaining of the plant.

Linden is a very common plant.

It grows in gardens and parks, at any time of the year, it can be sown directly in the ground, in a pot or in a pot. The fact is that it receives daily sun and adequate watering, this will not take us so much effort and the benefits will be very powerful. It also has no contraindications and has no drug interactions.

But of course it should not be abused because then there may be danger, especially for those with circulatory disorders. Once again, it all comes down to DISCIPLINE.

To reproduce it you just have to get a bud or simply a stem and you can automatically plant a mini garden in your home, you can also buy the plant in a nursery or order it through your digital platform of choice, for example: on Amazon.

We do not recommend the famous linden in sachets since they have a more commercial drying, more brought to a refreshing taste, but the sedative and sleeping effect is more attenuated.

Insomnia vs Nature: The Linden

Insomnia vs Nature: The Linden
Dr. Gray: The Science Behind the Secret… Alternative Medicine, Scientifically Based Natural Remedies, Treatments and More…
How will we proceed?

Well, as we said before Seeker, once the plant is collected we will proceed to make the Ritual of Infusion, but with a small variant.

Here is the secret we talked about at the beginning, the reason why you are looking for our article, that interesting little point …

This time we will not only collect the leaves, but also the stems, specifically from three nodes onwards, which we call a knot, simple: it is the part of the stem from which the leaves sprout, we can also (but not essential) include the flowers, but, as I said earlier, it is not a prerequisite for our potion. And we will have another variation on the ritual to achieve success that I explain below.

We collect the stems of 3 knots or more, with or without flowers, with a ratio of 3 fists or handfuls for each liter of water. In this case as a measure we use the fist since it is a particular body measure in each human being and would contain the exact portion of plant medicine for our body.

And then…

Well, we continue to put a metal container with the water on the fire, and we will let it reach the boiling point, that is, the liquid begins to boil. Once the water is boiling we will add the collected stems and leaves and… we will not cover and turn off, but let everything boil for 3 minutes, after this time will proceed add the lid and give the fire one more minute.

Turn off, wait for it to reach room temperature, filter and that’s it.

Will be obtained a bright, fragrant and very pleasant light green liquid. It can be sweetened to preference but we do not recommend any acidulant such as lemon drops, since our potion is intended to combat insomnia and acidulants comfort but also make you stay alert.

Those who want to drink this infusion a little colder or hotter can do so, the change in temperature will not affect our formula once prepared.

Did you like this secret Finder?

The best Secrets are always hidden in everyday simplicity, now you are free to try it, use it, comment on it and share it as you please, as always, you will not regret it and you will come again for more of those secrets that will make your life happier and more natural. , with wisdom and discipline.

Goodbye for now, our next meeting is near, right in this corner, the path continues …

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