Science and Beauty: The Secret of Aniseed Caisimon

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Science and Beauty: The Secret of Aniseed Caisimon. (Dr. Gray: The Science Behind the Secret… Alternative Medicine, Scientifically Based Natural Remedies, Treatments and More…)

Home remedies: DO THEY WORK?

Hello friends! In this section we will start with home remedies and the question we all ask ourselves, do they really work?

The human being is a friend of the natural and whenever we need something we ask, we search and why not, we also investigate how to solve our problem … bringing up natural remedies, the internet is full of them, just by putting a word we get hundreds, but the question remains: DO THEY WORK? The answer is very simple, Yes, they do work, but not for all, why?

Let’s do a bit of history regarding this …

Always in our childhood, whether in a neighborhood, town, town or simply in movies and TV series, we always see that someone has a problem and everyone recommends a home remedy, and … there comes the heart of the matter:
“Only the centennial old lady knows how to make this remedy” Why? Witch? OR…. It is an ancestral wisdom only achieved with years of practice in these matters.

The good news is that that sweet old lady who used concoctions to remedy our sorrows is not a witch. And yes, it is ancestral wisdom, with a dose of talent and above all, a lot of discipline when it comes to following the correct recipe.

For years science has investigated popular cultures in search of the secrets of preparing remedies that are effective, and they have managed to dissect them to understand how they work and the benefits they provide.

Today Dorian will share with you one of these secret remedies, a remedy that, following the recipe and the principles that science has found in them, the corresponding discipline when preparing and consuming it, will relieve your physical pain.

Yes, those pains that exercises cause you, those that come with the stress of a hard day at work, those that when you get up in the morning make you question whether you can have a productive day, in short, a natural home remedy from which you They have spoken and in whom you do not trust.

Science and Beauty: The Secret of Aniseed Caisimon

Aniseed Caisimon
It is the “Aniseed Caisimon, Anison, or Holy Grass”.

This beautiful plant in the form of a bush, with large leaves, an intense green color, inhabits our patios and gardens, solariums, wastelands and forests in general.

It has a lot of foliage and to grow it does not need extraordinary care … it is a warrior plant, it grows in any place, climate and conditions, what does this tell us? in culinary preparation as a condiment, but today especially we are going to delve into its healing powers.

According to the local culture there are many and very varied recipes, ranging from cooking to the mystical complement, so we are going to clarify with science to delve into the secret.

This plant has been declared the anti-inflammatory par excellence of the natural world, it reduces inflammation and relieves pain, but be very careful! It also presents compounds that could harm us, for example one of the recipes asks us to macerate the leaf in a mortar, and apply it directly to the skin in the area of ​​the injury, which in most cases can cause irritation in the skin with severe complications of blood and lymphatic circulation, (this is an example of occasions in which we see that the remedy does not work), that is why we insist that preparation and discipline are EVERYTHING.

How to prepare it then, what is the Secret?

We will start by saying that only the leaves have the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect that we are looking for, so we will only harvest the leaves.
An interesting fact about working only with the leaves is that the leaves are fragile and therefore the medicine they contain is also fragile, so the care when preparing.

Dorian will give the formula of the remedy for the proportion of one liter of water. We can use any type of water, be it bottled or tap water.
We will collect the leaves in a proportion of 8 leaves for each liter of water, we will try to make them large, but of the 8 leaves at least 4 of them as tender as possible, and the rest, the already adult leaves of the plant. This can be appreciated by the color, the more intense the green of the leaf, the more adult it will be.

So we have a liter of water and 8 leaves of Caisimón de Anís, of which 4 are tender and 4 are adult. Well, we will start by placing the water on the fire in a saucepan or jar that has a lid, and in the meantime we will wash our leaves well. Once washed we will proceed to chop them, we can use a kitchen knife or our own hands, we will also need a container where to put our final product. Once the water that we previously put on the fire comes to a boil, that is, it begins to boil, we will add the leaves and….

Here’s the Secret!:

We will add the leaves with the water to the fire, we will put the lid on the container and turn off the fire, this is the most important step, those seconds it takes to add the leaves, cover and turn off the fire, this is the secret step, the way that our remedy will be successful, since the medicine contained in the leaves is very fragile, so if we leave it in the fire for a longer time it will end up being diluted.

Once the fire is off, we will let it rest until it reaches room temperature and we will proceed to filter our infusion, using a strainer or a handkerchief so that there are no leaf residues. We will have in our hands a magical liquid of bright green color, with a very pleasant smell, and above all powerful.

The way to consume it is interesting too, many recommend taking it like plain water, but it really is a medicine, so we should not abuse it. The correct way to consume it would be a glass of approximately 8 ounces every 6 hours, we can sweeten it or add a flavor of our choice, but our remedy itself has a pleasant smell and taste …

Friends who have followed our recipe with the Caisimón de Anís prefer it with a few drops of natural lemon and a sugar cube … the flavor and enjoyment is yours alone! The truth is that you will feel benefits in a very short term, and you can prepare a sufficient quantity for 3 days, which is how long our remedy lasts once prepared.

Try it!

You will not regret! You will see how your fatigue and pain will diminish until they are non-existent.

The secret is now also yours, share it and comment on it, and if you have any other questions or concerns write to us, Dorian will have the answer and …
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Science and Beauty: The Secret of Aniseed Caisimon. (Dr. Gray: The Science Behind the Secret… Alternative Medicine, Scientifically Based Natural Remedies, Treatments and More…)

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