The Natural Enhancement of a Natural Element

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The Natural Enhancement of a Natural Element. (Dr. Gray: The Science Behind the Secretā€¦ Alternative Medicine, Scientifically Based Natural Remedies, Treatments and Moreā€¦)

Welcome Seeker of Secrets!

Today our paths cross once again in search of nature. Yes, I said it well, Nature, because our objective is to rescue the knowledge we have about her, that really is our search.

Modern society has guided us down a technological, compact, artificial path. But our bodies and souls are not like that, we humans have natural bodies and souls, from nature we come and towards it we will go in the end, and nature as a good mother has devised everything to protect her children.

But the advance of time has blinded us Seeker, and we have lost the ability to hear nature, to nourish ourselves with it and above all: To Heal with Her.

That is why your mission is so important, why our paths cross more and more often. Our duty is to find and rescue those natural secrets that have been forgotten, or fallen into the routine of disuse, replaced by modern advances that only solve our ills in the very short term.

With this in mind, today we will start to heal our daily walk. What? Are you intrigued by the search engine? Perhaps in your walk you have not suffered the attacks of the road? Have you never suffered the effects of what they call “Fatigue”?

Today we will talk about that Seeker, about a symptom that in everyday life they call “Fatigue” but that science has dubbed “Dehydration” and that can have fatal consequences if it is not treated in time.

Butā€¦ what am I saying! Dehydration is just intense thirst! You have a soda and that’s it, the matter is solved! Well, no!

Dehydration is a very serious issue andā€¦ IT IS NOT REMOVED WITH REFRESHMENT, on the contrary, IT WORSENS! But let’s go slowly Search engine, we will begin by explaining what it is and what its symptoms are in order to talk about the solution.

The Natural Enhancement of a Natural Element

The Natural Enhancement of a Natural Element
Definition and Symptoms of Dehydration

Dehydration: Definition and Symptoms

The human body is composed of 70% water, therefore it is very important that fluid levels are maintained for the proper functioning of our organs and, moving a little further, of our cells, which are really what make all the work.

So when the level of fluid required by our cells begins to drop, they send a signal, captured by a system of advanced sensors, which are distributed throughout our entire body. The most famous are the so-called “Carotid Bodies” which, as their name suggests, are located in the carotid arteries, on each side of the neck.

Well, these sensors have the mission of capturing every signal sent by our cells, whether it is the need for liquid food, etc., in the case that concerns us: the lack of liquids.

These sensors capture the signal and send it directly to the boss or “The Brain”, who processes the signal and orders our senses to provoke “Thirst”. Yes, thirsty, that simple, and that is the first symptom.

Dehydration can be “Mild”, “Moderate” and “Severe”, and everything begins with thirst, as it progresses, decay, blurred vision, muscle cramps, mirages, delusions, mental confusion, until reaching functional impotence. and loss of consciousness. Yes Searcher, this is how severe it can be if we don’t take the appropriate measures.

The Natural Enhancement of a Natural Element

LSDD. The Natural Enhancement of a Natural Element
Dr. Gray: The Science Behind the Secret

A soft drink contains, in addition to liquid, many other chemical compounds: flavorings, acidulants, preservatives, colorings, among othersā€¦ What happens then? All these compounds create a false sensation of hydration that literally fool our sensors into believing that we are already hydrated, our brain takes the issue for granted and ā€¦ “Stop making us thirsty.”

By skipping our first symptom, the others mask themselves and we blame the sun, stress, working hours, in short, anything except what really happens to us and we feel worse as dehydration progresses.

Well, we already know the symptoms, we know what causes our ills in walking, and the solution is very simple. Seeker What cures Thirst? This answer is even simpler:


Yes, that terrible thing that we have described above causes laughter, that evil that can cause us such terrible symptoms is cured with something as simple as “Water”. That colorless, odorless, tasteless liquid, so common and underestimable, is the definitive cure, there is no other, the ideal proportion in which we should ingest it is at the rate of 4 liters per day, with only ingesting an 8-ounce glass every hour while we are awake prevents dehydration and causes a feeling of general well-being that helps in all the functions of our body and in our daily performance, that simple.

Butā€¦ You are a Seeker of Secrets, right? This is all very interesting butā€¦ And the secret? Do not be in a hurry, it is coming, everything has not been in vain, you have to persevere to achieve wisdom. Water is the solution, but the empowerment of it is The Secret!

The Natural Enhancement of a Natural Element

The Natural Enhancement of a Natural Element
Alternative Medicine, Scientifically Based Natural Remedies, Treatments and More

The Secret!

Yes, we can definitely enhance it in every way, improve its properties and increase its benefits. There are industrial formulas such as Oral Rehydration Salts, but we do not always have them on hand, I propose a homemade formula, because, as you have to consume 4 liters a day, you are not going to carry a jug of water in the bag, it is uncomfortable and it weighs a lot, but how about a light container, with a maximum of a quarter of a liter of enhanced water? That just taking small sips will replace what you have lost?

To understand how we can enhance water, we will need to know that dehydration has two variants.

  • We lose more fluid than salts, for example: sodium, magnesium, potassium, etc.
  • We lose more of these salts mentioned above than liquids.

So the empowerment of our water will be aimed at solving this deficit. We will prepare the recipe at the rate of one liter of water, then we can place our already enhanced water in a smaller container to be able to transport it all day.

We will therefore need:

  • A liter of water,
  • Sugar,
  • Common table salt,
  • 2 lemons (if we don’t have them, an orange, or half a grapefruit).

The water we will use must be clean and suitable for human consumption, whether boiled, filtered, or bottled.

Preparation mode:

We will start by adding two level tablespoons of sugar and one level tablespoon of common table salt to a liter of water. How do we get a breed scoop? Simple, we load a tablespoon and slide the straight part of a table knife along the edge of the spoon, what remains in the cup of the spoon is the measure we need.

Once the sugar and salt have been added, we will squeeze the indicated portion of the citrus of our choice, making sure that neither the seeds nor the pulp fall into our mixture, only the juice, for this we will use a strainer or a handkerchief. Then we stir our ingredients until they are completely dissolved in the water.

The Natural Enhancement of a Natural Element

LSDD. The Natural Enhancement of a Natural Element
Dr. Gray: The Science Behind the Secret

Finder ready! In these few steps we have just prepared a natural and home remedy with simple and easy procedures, extremely powerful. Our preparation will acquire the faint color of the citrus that we use, and if we want an extra transparency we can, when we finish diluting everything, re-filter our potion with a handkerchief to eliminate the remaining particles that have not been dissolved correctly.

We will place it in a smaller container using one part with us and the other we will place in the refrigerator to use it the next day, we will ingest it at the rate of one sip every two minutes until the first symptom of “Thirst” disappears, or until let us regain the feeling of general well-being and energy.

Try it Searcher, you will be able to verify the veracity of my words, and after achieving well-being, comment on it and share it, first with your loved ones, then with THE WORLD.

Until the next Secret Seeker!

The Natural Enhancement of a Natural Element. (Dr. Gray: The Science Behind the Secretā€¦ Alternative Medicine, Scientifically Based Natural Remedies, Treatments and Moreā€¦)

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