The Secret of the Star: Star Anise

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The Secret of the Star: Star Anise. (Dr. Gray: The Science Behind the Secretā€¦ Alternative Medicine, Scientifically Based Natural Remedies, Treatments and Moreā€¦)

Greetings warrior, tireless reader, seeker of secrets. Today we have reached our third article, our third step, the end of our first level.
In our first article, we discussed a bit of history about home remedies and clarified certain universal doubts about why they work for some and not for others. We decided then to release the secret to achieve success in our remedy. In the second article we established: “The Ritual of Infusion”, of course with some secret peculiarities, suitable only for you who have to receive the title of “Seeker of Secrets“.

The Secret of the Star: Star Anise
Star Anise: Illicium Verum
Today we will talk about the danger.

Yes Seeker, there are dangers along the way, the remedies are special but the more you delve into the secret you will understand that there is always a balance between good and evil, plants are very beneficial but they can also harm us, hence the need for discipline and mastery of science and tradition.

You will have the example today ā€¦ You will discover the secret of a millenary plant, a plant with origin in the Far East, which following the route of spices has come to us to be a blessing or ā€¦ A Punishment!
It is very simple, you know it, you have heard of it, it has a celestial shape, it is difficult to forget, in fact it is possible that in your childhood you have tried its benefits from the hand of your elders.

I mean the “Star Anise”. Do you see that I am not lying?

It is a plant from China, a magical place full of culture and tradition, with millennia of remedies and their practice. Our plant has a star shape and a very characteristic anise aroma, qualities that form its name. Throughout the East it is also used in the preparation of certain very specific and appreciated culinary dishes, in Europe specifically in France there is a very refined liquor made exclusively with this species. But it is to its healing properties where we will direct our search today.

This plant keeps inside a compound that undoes hollow viscus colic. What does this mean? Well, you have never seen the case or has it happened to you that after an opulent meal you feel gas in your abdomen? Or simply those spasms or cramps that make us writhe in pain, even in our children, who cry non-stop tempting our nerves for not being able to help them ā€¦
Well, science calls this hollow viscus pain, they are all those organs that keep air inside, the greatest example is the digestive system. Each condition in this system causes pain and spasms, with slow digestion and increased gas, which in turn also cause pain, bloating, and discomfort.

Continuing the theme I emphasize, this plant alleviates these pains, eliminates gases and helps expel them from our system, its forms range from simple ingestion, essential oils, fluid extracts to infusions, which is what we will talk about today, why ? Well, it is much more affordable, easy to prepare and above all and very important, control the dose to avoid the danger that we talked about at the beginning.

The Secret of the Star: Star Anise

Dr. Gray: The Science Behind the Secretā€¦ Alternative Medicine, Scientifically Based Natural Remedies, Treatments and More
Star Anise: Illicium Verum
Yes, this plant can be dangerous ā€¦

Its same active principle, the one that relieves us, is a toxic compound that can cause serious damage to our health, it turns out that “Anethole”, which is the name of the active principle when used in large quantities, can cause severe damage to our body , so people with stomach ulcers, and intestinal polyps, liver disorders such as cirrhosis and hepatitis should not consume our remedy, or should take only in exceptional cases very little doses, with a high dilution rate. Nor can children under one year of age ingest our remedy, with the particularity that they cannot ingest it UNDER ANY CONCEPT, for them Not a Sip! butā€¦ at first we talked about how we could help themā€¦ then how would we do it?

I promised you a secret Seeker Do you remember?

And here is what was promised, it turns out that the power of our remedy crosses the barriers of breast milk, so if we want to relieve gas or colic in our baby, we only have to give it to her mother to drink and automatically through breast milk Our little one will receive all the benefits of our potion, at the same time that the mother will also feel the calming and relaxing effect of our compound, it is as we say many times: two for one!

Interesting right? Then use it, comment on it and share it, and you will see how the people around you will appreciate your wisdom.

The formula as always is simple, discipline when preparing it is everything. We will need a metal container with a lid, running water and of course Star Anise, as we said it is a fruit that comes in the shape of a star if you do not have a patio or garden where you can grow your own postures for remedies, do not worry, you can get it in herbalists or even, order it online, an example of platforms is “Amazon” but you can use the one you prefer.

We continue with the recipe and for this particular potion we will use a star x for every 250 milliliters of tap water, how much are 250 milliliters, so simple a quarter of a liter.

The Secret of the Star: Star Anise

The Secret of the Star: Star Anise
Star Anise: Illicium Verum
Next: The infusion ritual!

We will put the water on the fire in the metal container with a lid, when we observe that the water begins to boil we will uncover and add the stars, cover and turn off the fire, now and very importantly the stars that we will use will be dry but they are neither leaves nor stems nor roots, they are fruits, so we will use the middle term of 10 seconds.

Then, we will do it as follows: We add the stars, cover, count 10 seconds and turn off the heat, we wait for it to get room temperature, filter with a strainer or a handkerchief and that’s it. We will obtain a transparent liquid of amber color and a pleasant smell and taste of Anise. When consuming it we can sweeten it, or add other flavors to make it even more pleasant.

This has been it for today: Seeker !, I am glad that we have reached this level together, I hope that our journey continues together in search of the secrets, which, yet to be discovered, involves the future.

See you in the next installment, which will be soon ā€¦ Always stay alert, comment and share.

The Path of the Brave LIES BEFORE YOU ā€¦

The Secret of the Star: Star Anise. (Dr. Gray: The Science Behind the Secretā€¦ Alternative Medicine, Scientifically Based Natural Remedies, Treatments and Moreā€¦)

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