Aquarius Prediction October 31 with Dorian

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Meet the Aquarius Prediction for Today with Dorian
Learn to Connect your Mind with the Universe
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Aquarius Prediction October 31
Ruling Planet: Uranus.
From January 21 to February 19.

Aquarius Prediction with Dorian:

When admiration for what you see in someone, what that person has or is, turns into a desire for possession and this is manifested in a superlative degree, ā€œEnvyā€ becomes evident. A more common feeling than we imagine and that in many cases becomes the driving force, the ulterior reason that pushes some people to become part of our most intimate environment. They approach us and intoxicate us with bad energies, opinions and even actions, the most worrying thing is that we cannot detect, much less warn in time the damage they cause us until it is too late. Usually our inner self knows that something is wrong with that person, however pleasant it may seem, however, our instinctual reaction is to ignore these alerts, we do not enjoy thinking that someone close without a rational justification seeks our misfortune and we do not take the object into consideration of this prediction: the very nature of “envy,” which by definition is impulsive and irrational. Dorian would like to invite you so that this day, taking advantage of that very specific astral conjunction of Uranus, Saturn, Venus and Mercury on your sign, which enhances what is related to affections, desires, possession, sincerity, personal acceptance and towards third parties, make a review, Conscientious evaluation and study of the way we relate to our loved ones and how sincere and healthy are the human relationships and interactions that we maintain, this will allow you to significantly improve your personal and work development and quality of life in general.

“Learn to connect your mind with the Universe”

Lucky Fragrances:
Star anise, lavender, rose and pine.

Lucky Numbers:
4, 5, 6, 13, 14, 15, 22, 23, 24, 31, 32, 33, 40, 41, 42, 50, 51, 53, 58, 60, 67, 68,77, 78, 86, 87 y 88

Characteristics of those born under the sign of Aquarius:

The eleventh sign of the zodiac symbolizes revolution and its symbol represents wisdom in being. The sign is represented by the water carrier or bearer of water since in ancient Sumeria this was a symbol of spreading wisdom (water); it belongs together with Gemini and Libra to the air element. Its opposite sign is Leo.

Aquarius was traditionally ruled by the planet Saturn, however, since the discovery of the planet Uranus, it has been considered its ruler. Being the eleventh sign of the zodiac, Aquarius is associated with the astrological 11th house.

A person born between January 21 and February 19 is considered under the sign of Aquarius.

Aquarius Prediction October 31 with Dorian

Aquarius Predictions
Aquarius Prediction with Dorian
This is the Aquarius Prediction for Todayā€¦

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