Autumn / Spring Equinox - Today September 22

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Equinox: word that comes from Latin and means (equal and night) so that night and day have approximately the same duration: 12 hours each.

This happens only twice a year: on the autumnal and vernal equinox, which marks the beginning of spring and fall in each hemisphere.

For various cultures around the world, the autumnal (in the northern hemisphere) spring equinox (in the southern hemisphere) is a great holiday. It is also known as “Harvest Festival”, “Harvest Festival” or “Festa de Avalon”, and was celebrated in Celtic and Anglo-Saxon cultures by European peasants.

Around the world, the arrival of the equinox is celebrated by focusing on the abundance and balance it represents.

It is the closing time for a new beginning, letting go of the past and connecting with what the present proposes. It is a time of rest and reflection, in the same way that trees do, (the oldest living beings on the planet and wise ones connected to the rhythms of nature), which drop their withered leaves, we must get rid of all that which is unnecessary to us.

We have been waiting for the Equinox for a long time.

Many things in our lives have been stagnant and have not prospered as we would have liked, but from this astronomical event, all the pieces will take their place.

The balance will begin to reign in our homes and family discord will dissipate more and more. Business will begin to bear fruit and creativity will begin to flow from deep within us.

The mood in people will begin to improve and it will be the time when those who are alone find a partner. Also health will improve and those treatments that seemed tortuous and without effects will begin to give results.

For those people who suffer from depression, a recovery stage will begin, they will take a new breath of life and hope, since everything that until now seemed dark will cease to be dark when seeing the light of a door that begins to open.

Dorian recommends that all people embrace the arrival of the equinox as a new stage in life full of abundance and prosperity, and wishes everyone Good Luck!

Happy Equinox!

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