Conjunction of the Moon and Saturn - Today!

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Conjunction of the Moon and Saturn Today September 25, 2020. (Everything you need to know about Astrology, Cosmos, Horoscope, Tarot and much more)

This phenomenon will be occurring at dusk in a southerly direction. The maximum approach will be at 22:00 UTC. Magnitude of Saturn of +0.4.

Conjunction of the Moon and Saturn
How does this phenomenon influence the Zodiac Signs?

The conjunction of the Moon and Saturn will bring relative tranquility for almost all zodiac signs. It will be a day that will pass for many without pain or glory.

However, there will be some who may feel low, even have Anxious – Depressive episodes.

Dorian recommends letting the hours of the day go by and avoiding making big decisions. For those who are suffering from anxious or depressive pictures, he advises them to stay at home and not make an effort in any type of work, in any case, the stars are well aligned and they will not suffer economic losses or problems with their superiors.

If you want to know the details of the prediction that Dorian has for you, consult it in: Your Daily Horoscope

Happy Night Friends of Dorian’s Secrets!

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