Full Moon and Mercury at its Maximum Elongation East - Today!

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Full Moon and Mercury at its Maximum Elongation. (Astrology, Cosmos, Stars, Astros, Tarot, Horoscopes ā€¦: Everything you need to know to take control of your Destiny Connect your mind with the Universe, learn today with Dorian)

On the 274th day of the year 2020 (Non-Biciesto Year) two phenomena come together that will mark a new beginning in our lives.

Every day we ask ourselves endless questions that we would like a heavenly entity to answer us, without knowing that the answers are at hand but we are not seeing them.

We are part of a Universe full of mysteries that it is difficult for us to unravel. We live a life in which we enjoy good luck at times while misfortune takes ove, plunging us into despair. That is when a spiral of bad luck begins that we do not know or manage to get out of.

Today the full Moon phase begins, at approximately 21:06 UTC, while Mercury will enter its maximum elongation East (in Astronomy: the angle between the Sun and a planet seen from Earth) at 16:00 UTC. The planet will be visible at sunset in a western direction. Magnitude of +0.1.

Full Moon and Mercury at its Maximum Elongation
Full Moon, a light in our lives.
It is no coincidence that this phenomenon has been coupled with the beginning of a new moon phase and, more importantly, with the Full Moon.

This is the closing of one phase of our lives and the beginning of another, in which memories, good or bad, will play an important role in our fate from now on.

The past is a three-walled Dungeon within a gigantic Prison.

  1. A wall represents good memories ā€¦
  2. The second wall represents bad memories ā€¦
  3. And the third represents the emotions, good or bad, that we feel when we remember the past, those that make us want to live them again or go back in time to change what we would not have wanted to live.
  4. The gigantic Prison is nothing more and nothing less than the fears, restrictions, laws and obligations that we impose on ourselves and that makes us prey to an even greater fear, a fear from which none of us can find a way to escape: Future!

Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun, so in a Natal Chart it will always be located in the same sign as the Sun. Mercury represents the archetype of the family mainly, but it also encompasses all of our social relationships. It is the sign of communication, intellect and learning.

This is the time to put an end to past problems and fill ourselves with a new energy to face a present that, if we know how to connect our mind with the Universe, will not only pave the way to a prosperous future, but will build a past for us. worth remembering.

Full Moon and Mercury at its Maximum Elongation
Luna Llena, camino hacia la Felicidad.
A new beginning!

Let’s pretend today as if we had just been born ā€¦ A baby that has just arrived in the world has no memories, neither bad to be suffered nor good to be longed for. It is important to know that in both cases ā€œRemembering constantly slows down our spiritual and material evolution”.

Let us fill ourselves with that energy that Mercury will bring us today in its maximum elongation, let us absorb that source of inspiration, illusion, learning capacity, fruitful intellect and a fluid and impeccable communication to achieve from now on everything we propose.

Let’s not continue to ignore all that energy that surrounds us, let’s learn to use it, only then can we take absolute control of our lives.

Learn every day with Dorian about how to visualize these signals, obtain them and own them for our own benefit.

Always remember:

Love with all your might the person you want to become: It is the beginning of a new life!

A big hug and best of luck!

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