Cancer Prediction October 15 with Dorian

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Meet the Cancer Prediction for Today with Dorian
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Cancer Prediction October 15
Ruling Planet: Moon.
From June 22 to July 21.

Cancer Prediction October 15 with Dorian:

A not very happy and even gloomy mood can be the common denominator of this day. Worries about different aspects, areas of your life, loved ones, etc., will occupy a large part of your thoughts. At work or business, financial matters will take on special importance, and you could be overwhelmed and desperate. This fatalistic vision and optics can cause you to take extreme and desperate measures, which are not entirely necessary, making life less pleasant for you and those around you.
Dorian asks him to delve beyond what appearances show. Use your deductive skills and your natural instincts to come up with that ideal solution, putting apocalyptic thoughts aside. You will realize that the key to solving the problem is not to worry, but to take care of it. Your love life can be affected by these fatalistic thoughts, which are causing you to distrust and see ghosts where there are none.
He imposes an approach to his loved ones without suspicion, showing them how much he loves them. Health should not have changes or major effects, although you may feel the need to visit your doctor and therapist. This never hurts.

“Learn to connect your mind with the Universe”

Lucky Fragrances:
Geranium, sandalwood, white rose, ylang ylang and bergamot.

Lucky Numbers:
2, 3, 9,11, 12, 18, 20, 21, 27, 29, 30, 36, 38, 45, 47,48, 54, 56, 57, 74, 75, 81, 83 y 84

Characteristics of those born under the sign of Cancer:

It is the fourth sign of the zodiac, the second of a negative nature and a cardinal quality. It symbolizes the family and its symbol represents a crab, it belongs together with Scorpio and Pisces to the water element, it is ruled by the Moon. His opposite sign is Capricorn.

Someone is considered to be Cancer when they are born between June 23 and July 25 (Tropical), or also from June 22 to July 23.

Loyal, emotional, constant, protective, traditionalist, sensual, intuitive and with a sweet tooth, this Water sign is associated with the need for security. In the crab that identifies it, that hard shell represents an introverted nature with armor that is difficult to penetrate since they present a need for self-protection.

It is the sign that everyone needs the most security and will always be waiting for a hug or show of affection, which they do not hesitate to express.

Cancer Predictions
This is the Cancer Prediction for Today…

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