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Cancer Prediction from May 16 to 22 - by Dorian

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Meet the Cancer Prediction by Dorian
Learn to Connect your Mind with the Universe
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Cancer Prediction from May 16 to 22
Ruling Planet: Moon.
Element: Water.
Symbol: The Crab.
From June 22 to July 21.

Dorian Foresees:

It is likely that this week there will be events that increase your anxiety levels, Dorian knows that you have even gotten angry about matters that anyone else would consider silly, but for you they are of the utmost importance. The importance in life is based on your own perception, so in this case you must ignore the opinions of others. The important thing is that excessive worry does not harm your health and your general well-being, so Dorian advises you that if you see that you are exceeding the limit of normal, put a stop on it. You are a talented person and you could receive fruitful results this week that will improve your economy and lift your mood. Avoid excesses in terms of your digestive system, since the planets do not favor the natives of the Sign of Cancer during this week in terms of health.

“Learn to connect your mind with the Universe”

Lucky Days:
Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays

Lucky Stones:
Moonstone, pearl, yellow topaz, red coral, garnet and white jade

Lucky Fragrances:
Geranium, sandalwood, white rose, ylang ylang and bergamot.

Lucky Numbers:
2, 3, 9,11, 12, 18, 20, 21, 27, 29, 30, 36, 38, 45, 47,48, 54, 56, 57, 74, 75, 81, 83 y 84.

Characteristics of those born under the sign of Cancer:

It is the fourth sign of the zodiac, the second of a negative nature and a cardinal quality. It symbolizes the family and its symbol represents a crab, it belongs together with Scorpio and Pisces to the water element, it is ruled by the Moon. His opposite sign is Capricorn.

Someone is considered to be Cancer when they are born between June 23 and July 25 (Tropical), or also from June 22 to July 23.

Loyal, emotional, constant, protective, traditionalist, sensual, intuitive and with a sweet tooth, this Water sign is associated with the need for security. In the crab that identifies it, that hard shell represents an introverted nature with armor that is difficult to penetrate since they present a need for self-protection.

It is the sign that everyone needs the most security and will always be waiting for a hug or show of affection, which they do not hesitate to express.

Cancer Prediction from May 16 to 22

Cancer Prediction Lucky fragrances Lucky numbers
Cancer Prediction with Dorian
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