Dorian’s Secrets: The Eternal Youth Magazine | LSDD Style

Dorian’s Secrets: The Eternal Youth Magazine | LSDD Style
The New Lifestyle with the Revolutionary LSDD Method!
Make the Change! Life is One: It’s Yours!

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person Oscar Wilde
Man is least himself when he talks in his own person.
Give him a MASK and he will tell you the TRUTH!
— Oscar Wilde.

Dorian’s Secrets

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LSDD Method:
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LSDD Lifestyle

Pumpkin will be the new ally for your diet if you want to lose weight
Do you want to lose those extra kilos that weigh you down? …

LSDD Training

Reduce Abdominal and Get a Wasp Waist
How to get a sighting waist in a short time? What is …
Steel Abdomen in 10 minutes
Two simple poses or asanas that will do wonders if you stay …

Face & Skin LSDD

Proven Skincare: The Personalized Skincare Solution at the Reach of your Hand!
Proven SkinCare: The Personalized Solution to create your perfect skincare, combining its …
Distilled Water: Ground Gold for your Face
Have you ever noticed that after washing your face it is red, …
Eliminate acne and facial scars
A simple but effective secret that can come in handy in the …

Dorian’s Secrets

Miss Sibyl Chronicles

“A Space to Let Your Imagination Fly”

Gray MD: The Science Behind the Secret

Natural Remedies & Alternative Medicine

The Eternal Youth Magazine

10 Fashion trends for Fall / Winter 2021-2022
What are the trends set to shape next season? Discover with Dorian's Secrets! 10 fashion trends for Fall/Winter 2021-2022. A season …
The 10 Fashion Trends That Will Define 2021
From Shorts, Neo Safari Fashion, Polka Dots, Loose Tailoring to the Return of the Miniskirt…
Sunglasses: Trends for 2021
2021 brings us a wide range of designs and models for all tastes and styles when it comes to sunglasses. Today …


4 Benefits You Get When You Swim!
Did you know that when swimming, in addition …
Astronomical Calendar March 2023
Know Astronomical Events for March 2023 and their Influence on each Zodiac Sign.
A day as Today Ephemeris in Dorian's Secrets LSDD Magazine

Discover what happened A day as Today in the World!

Who was born on a Day as Today? What Celebrity meets the same day that you were born? Historical Events, Curiosities and Much More …

Astronomical Calendar March 2023
Know Astronomical Events for March 2023 and their Influence on each Zodiac …

LSDD Magazine

Your Daily Horoscope with Dorian

Horóscopo Semanal con Dorian Horóscopo Diario Horóscopo de Hoy Predicción Semanal Predicción Diaria Signo Zodiacal Astrología

The Weekly Prediction of your Zodiac Sign

Horóscopo Semanal con Dorian Predicción Signos Zodiacales Astrología

Who We Are?

3 Mask - Dorian's Secrets

We are a Magazine dedicated to the World of Entertainment!

In our Magazine you will find the most relevant News of Today, Horoscopes, Ephemeris, Stories, Home Remedies based on Alternative Medicine, as well as the Secrets of the Wonderful LSDD Method.

LSDD Method is based on The Union of Yoga Practice with The Universal Law of Attraction. With it you will know how to establish a Perfect Conjunction between your Mind, your Body and the Universe to achieve Everything that you Set Your mind to.

With this Method you will achieve:
1. Lose Weight in a healthy and gradual way, without stopping eating everything you like with Tips and Secrets to control and reduce excess calories …
2. Learn the Secrets of Burning Localized Fat with Simple but 100% Effective Routines …
3. Take care of the skin of your Face and your Body with Secrets and Daily Routines, making fun of the passage of time for your life with years of difference.

Because to love with all your strength the person you want to become:
It’s the Beginning of a New Life!

Any doubt or question, suggestion or comment, do not hesitate to Contact Us!

Our Team



Founder of Dorian’s Secrets: The Eternal Youth Magazine

Miss Sibyl


Writer and Novelist in Dorian’s Secrets

Gray MD


Dr. in Comprehensive General Medicine and Specialist in Alternative Medicine

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