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How to control your appetite without health risks. (Everything you need to know about dieting, losing weight, increasing muscle mass and more) LSDD Method 100% Free and Effective.

  • Dorian, September 25, 2020.
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Anxiety is in our day to day and is usually on the rise, something that is a concern for many of us, since in addition to its negative effect on our health, it makes us feel uncontrollable desires to continue eating even with our full stomach.

Let’s remember two important points:
  1. The feeling of satiety tends to arrive late in the brain and this is due to the fact that the nutrients we eat take time to be processed in our body. When this happens it is too late and we have finished with our pantry.
  2. The process of digestion begins in the mouth, so the food that we are consuming and proper chewing of it will depend on how fast it is processed by our digestive system and, in the same way, the signal that it sends to our brain of: Enough!

Losing weight can be an idea that torments many in this 21st century, however the remedy that I come to share with you today can also be used for those people who enjoy a good line or who perhaps are lacking in weight, since its components They will be of vital importance for your health because of the nutrients it contains.

Without further ado I start with today’s formula:

In a jar of approximately a quarter of a liter (250 ml) we will put half of olive oil (preferably extra virgin) and the other half of honey (if it is propolis much better).

How to control your appetite without health risks
How to control your appetite without health risks

To this bottle you will add a few drops of Complex B, depending on what you have on hand, add until you reach about 1000 mg. If you have it in pills, you can marinate them and add them until you reach the amount that I recommend.
In the same way you will do it with magnesium pills, mixing the amount equivalent to 1000 mg.

Finally, you will add a tablespoon of turmeric powder.

I know that when it comes to supplements, doubts tend to invade our brain, but don’t worry, below I will explain in detail the function that each of them will perform in your body in an effective and safe way for your health.

The olive oil:

It is rich in nutrients, especially it contains Vitamin E, considered the ground gold for our skin. (Canola Oil can also be used, they contain the same and it is easier to digest) In addition, we tend to forget that both are a good fatty acid, so they will help burn saturated fats.
They produce a feeling of satiety and also protect our digestive system by forming a film that helps to prevent food remains on the walls, something that prevents our body from eliminating all free radicals.

Everything you need to know about dieting, losing weight, increasing muscle mass and more) LSDD Method 100% Free and Effective.
How to control your appetite without health risks
Honey from bees:

Or instead propolis, it contains numerous antioxidants and vitamins such as B, C, D and E, as well as minerals such as iron, copper, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc and manganese that are crucial to boost our immune system, provide us with energy and eliminate tiredness, fatigue and stress.

Complex B:

It is wonderful for preventing anemia, as well as having an analgesic effect for the treatment of neuropathic and muscle pain.


It is responsible for regulating blood sugar levels and blood pressure. In addition, it helps to form protein, essential to nourish our body and contributes to the function of muscles and the nervous system, the latter translates into a drastic reduction of anxiety and control appetite, a factor that drives us to eat excessively.

How to control your appetite without health risks
How to control your appetite without health risks

In addition to all the antioxidant effects it has, (you can see them in this article), it helps digestion, detoxifies the liver, regulates intestinal flora and facilitates weight loss, among its many other benefits.

The taste of this wonderful compound to control anxiety and appetite will not be a concern for you, the sweet taste of honey will predominate in its entirety. Also do not forget that our body works with placebos effects, so the sweet taste will be an added factor that will help our brain feel satiated throughout the day.

And the question that you must be asking yourself for a while:

How to take this miracle compound?

Well pay attention because here is the secret to achieve the goal you have set yourself:

If you are one of those people who seek to lose weight fast and control hunger throughout the day, you will take a teaspoon before each meal, preferably between 5 and 15 minutes before.

If, on the other hand, you enjoy being on the line, you are underweight or looking to increase your muscle mass, you will take it after each meal, within 15 minutes after each one of them.

The recommended dose is a dessert-type teaspoon, and do not ingest it more than 3 times a day. Remember the motto that I always put in my post: Less is More! This means that if you exceed the recommended dose, your body can create a tolerance to it (as it does with medicines), and not reach the goals you set before starting this treatment.

Everything you need to know about dieting, losing weight, increasing muscle mass and more) LSDD Method 100% Free and Effective.
CĆ³mo controlar el apetito sin riesgos para la salud.

The jar can be left out of the refrigerator, at room temperature for up to a year, but away from heat sources such as ovens and stoves. Also remember to shake the container well before pouring the contents into a teaspoon, as the components will never mix completely.


Although this is a natural, nutritious and beneficial mixture for our health, it is also suitable for all ages (adults of course). However, I always recommend consulting with your doctor.

For people with a delicate stomach, irritability problems, etc., I recommend substituting Olive Oil for Canola Oil, since they contain the same nutrients but the latter is easier to digest. In the case of honey, I recommend using a quarter of that suggested in the post and the rest complete with boiled and filtered water.

And this is all for today, dear friends of Dorian’s Secrets.

Remember to comment if you liked this article and if you were able to control your appetite with the secret formula that I brought you today. Do not hesitate to share it, remember that unity is strength and together we can help other people to get rid of those extra kilos, or to gain 100% lean muscle mass.

I send you a hug and wish you: A Happy Day!

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