Master your mind with a posture

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Master your mind with a posture (Everything you need to know to burn localized fat, lose weight and strengthen muscles in 10 minutes)

  • Dorian, August 20, 2020.
    Images Credits: Pixabay

In my previous post, I indicated the first move you should make on the first day of your life, yes, that’s what I call the first day you decide to change your life and follow the LSDD method that, without effort or suffering, you will achieve a figure how long have you been dreaming The method that I implemented and that I managed to lose almost 30 kilos in a healthy way in 8 months.

Before continuing, I would like to tell you something that, if you have already read my previous posts, it will be redundant and tiring, but if not, (and hence a saying that says: “What abounds does not harm” ā€¦ ooooojo, this saying It is only applicable to knowledge and information, ok?) And the key to success and speed in achieving your goals in the LSDD method is not to rush and go step by step implementing everything that I will share here in this blog.

Have you already seen the image of this post?

Well, that is the new posture that you are going to implement in your diary, 1 minute, only 1 minute with each foot ā€¦ and what is 2 minutes of your time within the 1,440 minutes that the day has?

The best thing about all this is that you don’t have to set a schedule, you can do it when you want the most, when you get up, when you go to the bathroom at work, while you cook, before going to sleep ā€¦ that decision is yours. and only yours because there is not, there is no key moment during the day in this exercise.

Nor does it matter that your posture is perfect on the first day, everything is a matter of practice, you just stretch your whole body towards the sky, towards the universe, and in those 2 minutes you will receive all the energy your body needs to start change and break with the processes that until now had been doing.


We are connected with the Universe and just by raising your hands as if you wanted to reach the sun, the moon, the stars, everything that you see and that you do not have in your hands, you absorb all that positive energy and YES, YES you can and YES you will be able to achieve everything you want.

Well, you already have this second routine in your life! I say goodbye to you with: Until now! to continue providing you with all the details of this miraculous method.

A big hug and I wish you and happy day!

Master your mind with a posture (Everything you need to know to burn localized fat, lose weight and strengthen muscles in 10 minutes)

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