Shocking, Stressing and Striking

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Shocking, Stressing and Striking.
The Dorian Chronicles: A place to let the imagination run wild…

How did you find the love of your life? How was it for you? Or… you haven’t yet. Well, yes, I invite you to know how it was in my case, perhaps things were different for you, or perhaps not so much. For me it was just like that … Come and join me for this short story and relive that encounter with me, that without other words that better describe it I tell you that it was “Shocking, Stressing and Striking”.

Shocking, Stressing and Striking.

— How do you find it?

— Well, you don’t.

— Does she find you?

— Neither.

— What comes first?The first thing is to stop looking. The second thing? Not planning … And the third thing is already a matter of fate …

— And how does it have to be? …

— It has to be Shocking, Stressing and Striking..

— Is that what happened to you?

— Yes.

— And how did you know?

— I did not know, nor did I expect it because I was not looking for it, and I did not know what was happening because I did not plan it, I just lived it …

— It all started, when my arrogance led me down a path that could end badly. I embarked on an adventure from which I could not escape, and after 28 years and without a formal partner I ended up married and in love with a woman that did not exist and that I had never seen.

— As well?

— Yes, you see. Due to a small lie, for not recognizing that I had no control of my life at that time, it led me to invent a girlfriend, a false girlfriend, who later I did not know how to get out of it and just a few months later I fell in love, and just like that, I was about to marry someone who didn’t exist.

— But you got married, didn’t you?

— Well, yes, but I didn’t know that! Listen, do I tell you or not?

— Yes, yes please.

— As I already told you, the bigger my lie got, the more willing I was to show that my story was true, that’s how it all started, because I needed to make it happen as soon as possible, at all costs the media didn’t matter, what mattered was the end, they would see me married and happy.

— And that’s how you ended, right?

— Yes! Are you a little intense did you know?

— Yes they told me, so what happened?

— Well, that afternoon I went out for a ride in the car, driving relaxed me, and I was trying to compose that puzzle that was missing certain necessary pieces and that did not fit me when suddenly …

— You saw her! Not?

— Well no, I didn’t see anyone. I actually saw very little! Well, when I parked to get some air, I moved about 4 meters away from my car, and out of nowhere a driver came out and rammed his car against mine. When I saw the disaster that had occurred, I ran to the happy car and when I arrived, she was there, sitting, arguing with herself, and saying the insults that even though I was the victim I could not have told her.

— And how was it?

— Well, I already told you! You can think of something that is more shocking, shocking and shocking, than to leave your car, the one they made for you, almost useless!

— Well no, I can’t think of anything else, now I understand that phrase better. And what happened to her?Nothing happened to the condemned woman! That is tough as her alone. Well seeing the disaster, I go straight to her car and open the driver’s door as best I could, and she was still there, even telling herself about the evil she was going to die of. Seeing her, she seemed the most natural and charming being I had ever seen. She spoke like crazy, and also fluently, without subtlety. When I saw her, she caught my attention, and amused by her words, which never ended, I spoke to her.

— Excuse me miss! Are you okay?

— One moment sir, please, don’t see what just happened to me! … I just knew it! Since you woke up today, I knew you were dumber than normal, the least I can think of to tell you is an idiot! Now what are you going to do? MORON! No, no, stupid is what I am, if better, besides being blind, because the “Stop” well that you took it, and you didn’t even see it, well, very well, it is that I have everything. — She kept telling herself without stopping talking.

— Excuse me —I interrupted once more — Miss, I see you very busy, if you like, when you finish insulting yourself, you can get out of the car, and we discussed the subject of Insurance.

— Insurance? — she asked.

— Yes. How your insurance will pay for the repair of my car — her face transformed, she swallowed dryly and prepared to get out of the car, without abandoning her madness, nor her sensuality, her long wavy hair fell for her bare shoulders and her more than 15 bracelets, which sounded like the slightest of her movements.

— Are you the owner of this wonderful car? — She said between saddened and smiling — Poor as they have left it …When I saw her, I noticed that small smile that she tried to hide with her hand, as she played with a lock of her long hair and looked at the car from the corner of her eye again.

— You will say, how you have left it. And yes, I am the owner of this car, which is no longer as wonderful as you just said. Can you give me the insurance details, please? — The girl’s face paled.

— “You see, I don’t have any insurance,” he said, putting his hands to his face.

— But hey, this was what I was missing! Then I’ll call the police, so they can at least give you a huge fine, or take away your driving license — I shouted angrily at the poor thing who by then was almost shaking, and when I looked at her well I asked her.

— Because you have a license, right?

— Mmm, you see! She murmured.

— But hey, what kind of person goes out without a license and without insurance! Are you crazy?

— Well yes, I think so, but or I’ll pay you, I swear, every penny the fix could cost.

— Seriously? You are crazy! you are a danger to society, I will call the police — I yelled at him blinded by my anger — I started taking my phone out of my pocket to dial the emergency number and when he realized he pounced on me, snatching my cell phone from me in one fell swoop.

— What do you do? Crazy!

— Listens! Stop saying what we already know — He yelled at me while threatening to throw my phone in the water.Seeing her in that warrior pose, I was captivated, I did not believe what was happening, her sensual legs were driving me crazy, which a small denim shorts with fringes showed the world without hesitation and with great impudence.

— What matters is knowing how we are going to solve this problem, don’t you think? — She continued — If you call the police you sink me and what do you gain with that? You will also have an enemy for your whole life.

— Now you threaten me? You crash my car, you steal my phone, and you threaten me! — Those words I had to say very seriously, but I was really crazy about her and I held back so she wouldn’t notice …

— And you think she didn’t notice? I think so, even if you think not!

— You had endured a long time without speaking! … about five minutes I think?

— I do not speak more! Please continue, you stayed in that she threatened you and your drooling you responded firmly, like a whole man, although you had a crazy desire to kiss her.

— Hahaha well yes, something like that …

— When she realized what she had said, she took a step back.

— Ufff no, no please, I just don’t even know what I’m saying. You do not see that I am desperate, please tell me how I can pay off this debt and I will pay you little by little of what I earn. Excuse me please. Believe me I’m so sorry. Here is your cell phone, call whoever you want, you are in your right — he said as he approached me the object.

— Listen, what’s your name? — Hearing that question he approached me.

— Hi! How are you? I am Alma, enchanted — she said calmly and with the greatest seduction, as she rushed towards me and planted a kiss on each cheek that did nothing more than make me smile.

— I don’t need money, nor do I need you to pay me to fix the car, that’s not what I need.

— So what do you need, tell me and I’ll pay you. I know how to do many things, I can fix your garden.

— I don’t have a garden. I need a wife!

— A wife? Every minute that passes I distrust you more. — Alma said — and … for how long?

— Only 15 days!

— And if I accept, don’t you report me?

— Well no, I’m not reporting you.

— Mmm I accept — Alma answered.

— And that’s how you met the love of your life.

— Well yes, that’s how I met that crazy seductress …

— I love!

— Can we sleep now honey?

— Yes my life, until tomorrow.

— See you tomorrow, my soul!

  • Shocking, Stressing and Striking.
    The Dorian Chronicles: A place to let the imagination run wild…

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