Do not Sell my Personal Information

Do not sell my personal information
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However, we are required by law to show the options to which you are entitled. If you wish to expressly state your desire Not to Sell your Personal Information, we are offering you this form that allows California Residents to opt out of “not selling” their personal information, which is defined by the California Consumer Privacy Act as the disclosure of personal information to another company or third party.

We, Dorian’s Secrets, may share the following categories of information about our media users with our advertising partners in a way that enables them to target more relevant ads to these users and that may constitute “sales”:

  • Internet Protocol (IP) addresses
  • Advertising ID
  • Information about how users associated with the above identifiers interacted with the features and content of our media.

At Dorian’s Secrets we do not associate the above categories of information with names, accounts or other personal information about our users.

What do you have to do to be excluded from “Sales”?

In order to exclude you from “sales” more efficiently, we ask that you provide your specific IP address or advertising ID.

Then complete the form that we put at your disposal. In this way, we will exclude you from “selling” based on the information you provide. Please click “Contact Us” when you are done.

Do not Sell my Personal Information

Please complete the form below:

We will process your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. For more information on the use of personal information by California residents, see the California Consumer Privacy Act.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, or any other concern, You can contact us:

We also suggest you consult our Cookies Policy as well as our Terms and Conditions.

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