The 10 Fashion Trends That Will Define 2021

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The 10 Fashion Trends That Will Define 2021. (Entertainment, News, Cinema, Fashion, Celebrities, Ephemeris and more in Dorian’s Secrets)

Hello LSDD Girls! Here I bring some of the most outstanding trends of this New Spring / Summer 2021 Season that will bring a somewhat more elegant version, ranging from miniskirts and baggy tailoring to transparencies and shorts.

Trend #1: The Return of the Mini Skirt

The 10 Fashion Trends That Will Define 2021 - The Return of the Miniskirt - Dorian's Secrets
Image Credit: La Reina de París

We will see this trend of miniskirts in leather and prints with pleated or plain cut, in matte colors ideal to combine with a white shirt. In a Parisian way, you can add an extra point by adding light or dark pantyhose, the color that you like best, a series of details accompany these miniskirts that are positioned as favorites in this 2021. Buttons, fringes and brooches will be the new focal point for this season, with a wide range of textiles that will be to your liking.

Miu Miu paraded in style in Paris SS21 seeming to be the guide of the Euphoria generation where she attracts dressing effortlessly. Model Lila Grace Moss, who made her successful runway debut, brought her maximum youthful energy into this 2021 TREND.

Trend #2: Baggy Tailoring

The 10 Fashion Trends That Will Define 2021 - Baggy Tailoring - Dorian's Secrets
Image Credit: Ziu Shop

The sleeves take center stage in this Trend with exaggerated and long dimensions that will stand out in plain and very loose dresses. The MOOD coming up with the Trends for 2021 has a more revealing focus than the broad silhouettes of past seasons that highlighted a perhaps more distressing side.

A symbol of unifying freedoms, Louis Vuitton’s baggy trousers hit the SS21 runway. In this area we find people who are giving themselves the freedom to dress as they want.

An area that provides elegance and comfort at the same time, approaching an intermediate point BETWEEN THE MALE AND THE FEMALE.

Trend #3: Theatrical Transparency

The 10 Fashion Trends That Will Define 2021 - Theatrical Transparency - Dorian's Secrets
Image Credit: Rosasorroche

PFW SS21 was a milestone to remind us of those of us who had lost the fast-paced theatricality of fashion during the middle of 2020. Maison Margiela and Loewe put it back in the forefront with this collection that explodes into a complete drama that is much more than ingenious and discovering. new silhouettes from LAYERS OF TRANSPARENCY.

Trend #4: Long Dresses

The 10 Fashion Trends That Will Define 2021 - Long Dresses - Dorian's Secrets
Image Credit: Luxi

With beautiful prints in any shape and style, colorful lengths and chiffon, these dresses promise a lot to talk about. They transport us to the 70’s and will continue to be at the forefront promoting once again the glamor and comfort to wear on occasions BOTH DAY AND NIGHT.

Trend #5: Polka Dots

The 10 Fashion Trends That Will Define 2021 - Polka Dots - Dorian's Secrets
Image Credit: Querubin

Polka dots are back this Spring / Summer 2021 season. Brands like Batsheva Halpern and Burberry provide us with excellent pieces where the polka dot design stands out from seductive and attractive, mind-blowing prints and stained biker pants worthy of a WEEKEND ADVENTURE.

Trend #6: Shorts

The 10 Fashion Trends That Will Define 2021 - Shorts - Dorian's Secrets
Image Credit: Angara Moda

Shorts take on a new starring role, abandoning vacations and trips to the beach to come to wear in the middle of the city. These shorts and bermudas that in past seasons were exclusive to summer now show us their most glamorous side in broad light of the City, permanently settling in the urban wardrobe. They will be worn on outings for walks and to work, complementing them with garments that will add a touch of distinction such as shirts or blazers that, together with high shoes, will create THE DESIRED BALANCE.

Trend #7: Comfy Designs

The 10 Fashion Trends That Will Define 2021 - Comfy Designs - Dorian's Secrets
Image Credit: Sandra Paiiva

Among the loose garment designs these, in particular, are practical for the daily. Perhaps by inspiration of the designers after so many days where we have been locked up at home with loose and comfortable clothes. This minimalist design comes to us and is one of the top trends for summer 2021. Plain and loose dresses with barely marked waist can be found in textiles such as cotton, linen and poplin. They’ll be great for a daytime look with LOW CUT SANDALS.

Trend #8: Sweet Colors

The 10 Fashion Trends That Will Define 2021 - Sweet Colors - Dorian's Secrets
Image Credit: Makale

After a somewhat intense year, this season brings colors that will bring us joy and light for next summer. Yellow, light blue and pink are tones that remain this summer 2021, but only this time they will do it in a more intense and leading way, exploiting our more feminine and cheerful side with a lot of ESTIVAL SPIRIT.

Trend #9: Lingerie Details

The 10 Fashion Trends That Will Define 2021 - Lingerie Details - Dorian's Secrets
Image Credit: Lily Naya

Paco Rabanne, Balenciaga and Kwaidan were the designers who added lingerie details to their collection.

Great designs seen in Paris for the Spring / Summer 2021 trends filled the catwalk with high doses of art, beauty and creativity. From slip dresses and silky fabrics to lace details come to us for hope to blossom once again. Worldwide brands with fabulous designs promise to caress our skins and mimic the transaction from night to day, managing to show affirmative and generous sensuality with a mixture of luxury, wearing lace tops and lingerie that allow us to embrace our FEMINITY TO THE LIMIT.

Trend #10: Neo Safari

The 10 Fashion Trends That Will Define 2021 - Neo Safari - Dorian's Secrets
Image Credit: KELLY PASSOS

Finally we have this trend, which walks hand in hand with military green who will be the main color of this style for this Season. It will include overalls, XXL shirts and long pants, a practical trend that is already succeeding in some parts of the planet, being by many the ideal choice to walk through the CONCRETE JUNGLE OF THE CITY.

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The 10 Fashion Trends That Will Define 2021. (Entertainment, News, Cinema, Fashion, Celebrities, Ephemeris and more in Dorian’s Secrets)

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