Jerusalema: Bound and Hope Beyond Religion

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Jerusalema: Bound and Hope Beyond Religion (Entertainment, News, Cinema, Fashion, Celebrities, Ephemeris and more in Dorianā€™s Secrets)

  • Dorian, May 6, 2021.
    Videos from: Youtube

The music starts and even with a low volume it draws attention. The rhythm begins to flow without even understanding what he is talking about ā€¦ The rhythm continues and something wonderful is observed, three people who have only known each other a couple of hours begin a simple and sticky choreography, while the laughter is heard almost louder than their own melody.

One foot in front and one behind “Jerusalema” is the first word heard, the dance continues while a state of peace and joy is manifested in the atmosphere.

Jerusalema: Bound and Hope Beyond Religion

Master KG – Jerusalema [Feat. Nomcebo] (Official Music Video)

Spreading Faith!

Originally written by South African DJ Master KG in conjunction with singer Noomcebo Zikode, “Jerusalema”, the song was released on the YouTube platform on November 19, 2019, then the song was included in the second album titled Master KG released in January 2020.

The contagious melody that comes from the musical genre “Gospel-house disco dance” floods the different social networks. “I have faith” is one of the phrases that can be heard repeatedly as the song progresses until it reaches the point where you really feel that: “I HAVE FAITH.”

Jerusalema: Bound and Hope Beyond Religion

Jerusalema Dance Challenge @Hilti France

Global Success!

With more than 420 million views on Tik Tok where people have recorded themselves dancing and following his simple but charismatic steps, which everyone can achieve without so much effort, motivated by the happy rhythm and the voice of the singer that transmits a tranquility that invades your entire body at the same time as an enormous state of well-being.

With the best song award at the MTV Europe Awards, already one of the most searched songs on Google, ā€œJerusalemaā€ is one of the most searched for on Shazam, with more than 47 million views on YouTube, being the best-selling digital song and staying at # 1 this 2021 in Spain.

Jerusalema: Bound and Hope Beyond Religion

Jerusalema Everest School

“Jerusalema”: Hymn of Hope!

Between December 12 and 19, 2019, the first cases of Covid-19 pneumonia were detected in Wuhan, just a month after ā€œJerusalemaā€ came out on YouTube. Is “Jerusalem” a DIVINE MESSAGE?

This is something that many wonder who, when looking for its lyrics, and after listening to it repeatedly and dancing it until exhaustion, still do not know what the song says that puts us all in such a good mood.

Sung in the Zulu language, very unknown to the world in general, you must click on the “Translate” button and find a totally religious letter is the least expected that could happen to you, however, this fact has not made it less heard but quite the opposite, it has been interpreted as a “Hymn of Hope.”

Jerusalema: Bound and Hope Beyond Religion

Jerusalema Dance Challenge by Swiss police

“Jerusalem”: Viral Network!

A movement has started for a few months now and to which more and more people are added every day, the ā€œJerusalema Challengeā€.

It consists of Internet users representing, with their various choreographies, the dance of the song, bringing with them a sea of ā€‹ā€‹people. This has happened in just a few months ā€¦ if you go to YouTube and type “Jerusalema” countless videos will appear in front of your eyes.

Jerusalema: Bound and Hope Beyond Religion

Mombasa, Kenya – Jerusalema Dance Challenge ft Joho by Master KG – Jerusalema [Feat. Nomcebo]

Whoever Joins Creates THE BOUND!

Doctors and nurses, “True Heroes“, in full night shifts imitate the steps in short videos of Tik Tok, transmitting a “We Stand Firm and We Have Faith“.

Children from all over the world who smile as they move to the rhythm of the music, from rooftops of buildings, stadiums and school gardens or simply surrounded by nature.

Uniformed fire brigades and police officers have also recreated the steps, while behind you can see fire trucks and police patrols with their sirens on and in overdrive.

With pink balloons in their hands, all the staff of the Metropolitan Polyclinic as well as of multiple hospitals and health centers completely dance to the song “Little Moments of Happiness” while enjoying and giving a “I HAVE FAITH“.

Jerusalema: Bound and Hope Beyond Religion

šŸŽ¼JERUSALEMA šŸŽµšŸ‘‡šŸ»šŸ‘šŸ»šŸ’–Ministerio ‘La Gloria de Dios’ Hnas Agustinas Recoletas del CorazĆ³n de JesĆŗs

Flights of Faith and Peace!

Airlines from all over the world have participated in this challenge. AirBaltic, FlySafair, Turpial Airlines, American Airlines and Austrian Airline are some of those that joined such an emotional challenge and where ordinary people without being dancers manage to perform the ā€œBound Choreographyā€.

The spiritual world has not been left behind either, just as great music stars and footballers have joined this challenge by recording their own home videos, priests and cloistered nuns have joined with their own, promoting hope and faith for all equally.

Jerusalema: Bound and Hope Beyond Religion

Air Transat Jerusalema Challenge

Just What We Need!

Save me” is another of the most repeated words in the song and one of the most used verbs since the beginning of Covid-19. Will “Jerusalema” be a clear premonition of the vicissitudes that we would face after its premiere in 2019?

Unknowingly, this song has brought thousands of people to join. Perhaps because of its simple steps? Or because of its catchy melody? It is the question that many of us ask ourselves, along with the confident and deep tone of voice of the singer Noomcebo that, being simply perfect for this song, fills us with security and tranquility as well as joy.

Jerusalema: Bound and Hope Beyond Religion

THEY ARE SO CUTE IN šŸ‡®šŸ‡¹ ITALY āš«JERUSALEM – MASTER KG Dance Challenge ā¤ – 2020

Spiritual Bound!

Or because it is a message of spiritual bound! It is the response of many who still continue to upload their videos, where at first glance you can see the happiness of the participants, which is perceived even wearing mouth covers.

The truth is that, whatever the real reason that this movement of world union has been created, beyond steps, music and religion, what really matters is the hopeful airs that are experienced when listening to this beautiful song with the which without a doubt, while it is and will remain as a hymn in the history of the world of music, whenever you listen to it it will leave in your mind an “I HAVE FAITH“.

Jerusalema: Bound and Hope Beyond Religion

#ZusammenGemeinsamWirā€‹ – Jerusalema in der St. Barbara-Klinik Hamm GmbH #barbarajosefhamm


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Jerusalema: Bound and Hope Beyond Religion (Entertainment, News, Cinema, Fashion, Celebrities, Ephemeris and more in Dorianā€™s Secrets)

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