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Sunglasses: Trends for 2021. (Entertainment, News, Cinema, Fashion, Celebrities, Ephemeris and more in Dorianā€™s Secrets)

Hello LSDD Girl! Welcome to the club for trendy and glamorous sunglasses addicts.

2021 brings us a wide range of designs and models for all tastes and styles when it comes to sunglasses. Today I will show you which trends are coming to sweep everything away.

We started!

Glasses colors for sunglasses in trend for 2021.

1. Yellow Sunglasses

This crystal trend is coming strong for 2021, thus being one of the most popular for next summer with a large number of brands presenting their designs with a warm tint. Also in an excellent color to be used on cloudy days since it increases the distinction and contrast between colors, helping to reduce visual fatigue.

2. Pink Lenses

To give a touch of tenderness in this coming year we will do it with this beautiful color, which exploits our femininity to the fullest.

3. Green Glasses: The Color of Hope

Spring glasses for 2021 so you can see the world in green tones, this color of lenses will help you get a good perception of the colors of the environment.

4. Lenses in Degrade

These timeless lenses return next summer, with lenses degraded due to gradual lightening from top to bottom, these glasses protect the eyes and allow you to see through the bottom, even when at some point in the day it may get dark.

Design and Shapes

1. Round sunglasses with large size

With a wide range of colors that give you different brands for girls with a sharp face, this model is the winner. This trend of lenses will soften your face and offer maximum protection, making you look much more elegant and stylized.

2. Aviator sunglasses

This unisex fashion is totally timeless, transmitting a feeling of adventure that is totally difficult to resist, this model can be found in all sizes, colors and materials. Dare with this style and you will be investing in Time.

3. Big square or Maxi square sunglasses

There is something very glamorous about this style of glasses that places it among the main eyewear trends for 2021. This style does not go with all faces but when it fits, it has an effect that draws attention, giving some drama to the style of divas like Audrey Hepburn or Jackie Kennedy. We can find them in all sizes but the ones that are hitting hard are the strong and vibrant colors from the pantheon palette.

4. Wrap-around sunglasses or steampunk style

With a circular metal frame, this design provides an extra touch of protection, it is a classic design that transmits peculiarity and originality creating a perfect mix between the futuristic and the retro.

5. Stretched oval glasses

Slim and classic glasses, this style continues for summer 2021, with an oval shape that looks like something straight out of the 90 ‘.

6. Top rim glasses

The trends of summer 2021 will provide us with a great focus on the upper part of the glasses that will have dominant upper edges.

7. Geometric shaped lenses

Breaking the mold, these hexagonal glasses with a superior bridge depending on how they are angled can slightly change the shape of the face, the angled triangular glasses also stand out in this style.

8. Rectangular glasses

These fashionable glasses refer to the cartoon of X-Men from the 90 ‘. If, on the contrary, from going unnoticed you want to stand out as much as possible, this style will achieve it without hesitation.

9. Sports sunglasses

Streetwear y urbano son las palabras que mejor describen este estilo personal, estas gafas deportivas vienen en una gama de colores bastante divertidos y elementos reflejados. Con Ć”ngulos agudos, este estilo serĆ” genial para los amantes del look deportivo.Ā 

Sunglasses frame trends for 2021

This next 2021 will provide us with a varied style of frames for sunglasses among which stand out ā€¦

1. Carey’s frame

Bringing an academic touch to the wearer, this warm-colored frame works great with the ’70s color palette, which will rule the runway in 2021.

2. White frames

This style of frame has come to obtain an iconic status becoming the favorites of celebrities like Kurt Cobain, who made it part of his daily style. Since then they have been appreciated by many other celebrities, and this is precisely what keeps them as a trend.

3. Black on black

Black frames on black lenses, we just love this combination and we are more than happy that they are back on the trend list for summer 2021.

4. Transparent frames with transparent lenses

This style of frame is translucent and they were quite a Bum in the spring of this year and, although it is a totally translucent design, we can come to think that it is discreet being the opposite, managing to stand out quite well.

Sunglasses: Trends for 2021. (Entertainment, News, Cinema, Fashion, Celebrities, Ephemeris and more in Dorianā€™s Secrets)

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