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Aries Prediction “2022 SPECIAL”. Forecast to love, money, healthā€¦ Horoscope 2022.

Meet the Aries Prediction with Dorian
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Aries Yearly Horoscope 2022
Planeta Regente: Marte.
Element: Fire.
Symbol: The Ram.
Del 21 de Marzo al 20 de Abril.

Aries Forecast for 2022

Dorian Foresees:

2022 can become prosperous and experience growth in your financial health. In other words, you will be successful in monetary planning. It’s a good time for long-term investments, but don’t be fooled by greedy plans. There will be some phases where your expenses will be higher, so you may experience a bit of financial restriction. So stay away from adventurous speculation in the stock market this year. During the final months of this year, you may have better opportunities for profit and growth.
In mid-2022, certain planetary situations may bring new challenges on the professional front. Please keep control of your negative thoughts during this period. During the second half of 2022, your main career ambitions are likely to be fulfilled. It is vitally important that you control your temperament, otherwise you may lose certain relationships and affect your work and financial environment.
When it comes to your love and relationship, you will be blessed with positive cosmic powers. Your focus this year should be only on enjoyment rather than expectations. You will continue to receive the support and love of your partner most of the time this year. You will also notice that your partner will be more active than before and this will also give you good morning intimacy. However, there will also be days when love and intimacy may be a little less but remember that this is only a passing phase.
You will be full of positive energy most days. Your mind will be very sharp and therefore your energy will be spent behind reflections as seen in the Aries predictions for 2022. However, there will be some days when you will feel very depressed. But your thoughts and vibrations will surely be positive. On those days, you should try to stay calm and composed when dealing with anything. In general, your mental, physical and emotional quotients will remain high for most of 2022, leaving you free from negative changes in your health.

“Learn to connect your mind with the Universe”

Lucky Days:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday

Lucky Stones:
Red coral, carnelian, pearl, yellow sapphire, golden topaz and garnet

Lucky fragrances:
Rose, ylang ylang, jasmine, rosemary, pine, sage.

Lucky Numbers:
9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54 1, 10, 19, 28, 37, 46 3, 12, 21, 30, 48, 57.

Characteristics of those born under the sign of Aries:

It is the first sign of the zodiac, the first of a positive nature and of a cardinal quality. It belongs together with Leo and Sagittarius to the fire element. It is ruled by the planet Mars. Its opposite and complementary sign is Libra.

The sign is associated with the ram, the constellation Aries (at least from the 1st century BC) and the Greek myth of Jason and the Argonauts.

He is a person full of energy and enthusiasm. Pioneer and adventurer, he loves challenges, freedom and new ideas. Aries like to lead and prefer to give instructions to receive them. They are independent and concerned with their own ambition and goals. They have an enviable energy that sometimes leads them to be aggressive, restless, argumentative, stubborn. It’s easy to offend Aries, and when they are offended, it’s hard to make amends with them.

Aries Prediction

Aries Prediction Lucky fragrances Lucky numbers
Aries Prediction with Dorian

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Aries Prediction “2022 SPECIAL”

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