Today: Conjunction of the Moon and the Aldebaran Star

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Today: Conjunction of the Moon and the star Aldebaran, in addition, the Moon will be entering the Last Quarter phase.

Hello and Good Morning to All the Friends of Dorian’s Secrets.

As I informed you yesterday, September is a month of great and constant changes.

Yesterday the Phenomenon of the Conjunction of the Moon and the Pleiades took place, today, the Moon continues at its peak, occurring since the early morning of Today September 10, 2020, the Conjunction with the star Aldebaran.

This Phenomenon will result in a Great Day for Scorpio and Taurus, while Aries will not have a good day.

Tarot Cosmos Horoscopo Predicciones
Tarot Cosmos Horoscopo Predicciones
Waning moon:

As the Moon will also be entering the Last Quarter phase, it is possible that some signs may experience a lack of energy, a feeling of emptiness or fatigue.

For what Dorian recommends for each and every one of them that, faced with this feeling, it is better to stop, leave everything as it is, and if you cannot resist, it will turn out to be the best time to start from scratch.

He also recommends everyone to pay close attention to the Predictions of their Zodiacal Signs, in order to be alert to any decision we make.

ARIES: Be very patient, that will be the key to think better and get out of the problems that may arise …
Remember that to deal with unpleasant matters it is better to be forewarned and focus to win, or, at least, not to be harmed.

PISCES: Be very careful with your mood swings today …
Try to contain yourself and not explode, remember that sometimes we say things that although they seem silly, they can cause a lot of pain to your loved ones, especially your partner.

Friends: I wish you a Happy Day and Good Luck! A big hug to All and All.

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