Gemini Prediction October 14 with Dorian

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Meet the Gemini Prediction for Today with Dorian
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Gemini Prediction October 14
Ruling Planet: Mercury.
From May 22 to June 21.

Gemini Prediction October 14 with Dorian:

New challenges and challenges are just around the corner, these will be rare. In other words, the type of challenge that you will have to face may not be in areas or topics that you normally deal with. Perhaps you should develop yourself in a different environment, address issues that test your personal convictions. You may be introduced to or meet with people who express controversial points of view on issues that you are not entirely happy to address, or you feel uncomfortable airing them, Dorian advises you not to avoid them.
Today will be a day when your mental acuity will be particularly exalted and you will come up with solutions and witty comments with which you will surprise everyone. New economic and financial challenges will arise, but you will be fully capable of facing them because today you will not have a linear vision of these, indeed, your approach to the challenges will be comprehensive, addressing and taking into consideration all the aspects that must be taken into account for give a successful solution.
Your relationship with your partner can be put to the test today. Maybe someone you can’t imagine will approach you with loving pretensions. Think well and do not make hasty decisions. You need to consider visiting your doctor and discussing with him any aspect of your health that you feel is not quite right, even if you don’t feel particularly ill.

“Learn to connect your mind with the Universe”

Lucky fragrances:
Basil, sandalwood, thyme, mint and lavender.

Lucky Numbers:
5, 6, 8, 14, 15, 17, 23, 24, 26, 32, 33, 35, 41, 42, 44, 50, 51 53, 68, 77 y 86

Characteristics of those born under the sign of Gemini:

It is the third sign of the Zodiac, the second of a positive (masculine) nature and of a mutable quality.

It symbolizes concrete consciousness and is represented by the Dioscuri, Castor and Pollux. Together with Libra and Aquarius it belongs to the air element and is ruled by Mercury, its opposite sign is Sagittarius.

Their assigned dates according to different astrologers are from May 21 to June 207 or from May 21 to June 21.

Gemini is the sign of the twins and as such its character is double and quite complex and contradictory. On the one hand it is versatile, but on the other it can be insincere. They tend to have elegance and fall into the mistakes of young people.
They have the happiness, self-centeredness, imagination and restlessness of children. Geminis begin new activities and challenges with enthusiasm, but often they lack the perseverance to carry them out. They consider life to be like a game and they seek fun and new situations.

Gemini Predictions
This is the Gemini Prediction for Today…

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